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    Jaime And Loco Project Holiday Fling

    in Comedy

    Special Saturday night show talking wrestling, entertainment, and Christmas wishlist, tell us have you been naughty or nice? 

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    Yawa Don Gass!!! My Ex-Fling Is Pregnant, My Mom Is Shopping For Aso-Ebi!!

    in Relationships

    Sowing your royal oats can get one in a lot of trouble especially if you're not ready to deal with them. Such is the case of a friend of mine, here is his tale....

    I'm a single guy of marriage age but I still haven't found that special woman to settle down with, while waiting, I have been playing the field. Recently I got a cold call from an Ex-fling who happens to be a Family Friend (we've messed around a few times) saying she is pregnant for me. 

    I do not want to marry her but at the same time I don't want to have a child out of wedlock. My mom is ecstatic about the news because the girl's mom is one of her BFFs. Matter of fact she is already shopping for Aso-ebi and planning a quick wedding. Thing though is I do not love this girl. My mom is awaiting my go ahead to plan things in full gear, what do I do or say??

    There we have it folks!!! What should this brother do??? Join us on Tuesday as we swap tales and learn a thing or 2??

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    Is Online Dating Getting Old?

    in Lifestyle

    How you ever tried online dating? 

    Ever scroll through all the dating websites, looking at all the single beautiful people? 

    It seems that it is a revolving door of new and old profiles. The same people on many different sites all claiming they are looking for the one, a fling, an activity partner, or a whole host of other reasons. 

    Does online dating make finding a partner easier or does it make it more complicated? Does it promote a real human connection or does it prevent people from being real?

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    Ask FlyLady: The New Year

    in Family

    We have lots to discuss! Reclaiming our homes after the holidays. Reclaiming our routines! Reclaming our bodies!

    Did you make any resolutions?

    Our new motto!


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    Conversations with Sapphire JBlue with Author Laurel Cremant

    in Writing

    Midnight Mistletoe (A Paranormal Romance) (The Golden Pack Alphas Book 1)-

    All were-hybrid, Georgia Walker wants for Christmas is to spend some time away from her pack and in particular, away from one increasingly dangerous enforcer turned Beta. She has every intention of spending her days basking in the warm Caribbean sun and indulging in an island fling, or two. Anything to forget the way a certain were made her pulse race and skin tingle. 

    Marcus Legrand has only one goal this holiday season, bring Georgia home and finally claim her for his own. Convincing the strong willed ice princess will take all of his skill and patience, but Marcus is no stranger to hunting prey. He has every intention of putting both his rank and heart on the line. 

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    The Spring Fling

    in Entertainment

    Its springtime! The weather is getting warmer and the big winter clothes are changing to smaller lighter wear. With the spring comes the rage of emotions that create the flings. Why does this time of year bring out this emotion in us? Call in to let us know what you think?

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    Can we just be friends? How to survive an incumbent supplier breakup

    in Business

    Today Buyers Meeting Point welcomes two members of the Source One Management Services team. Tracey Horrocks recently wrote a post on How to Successfully Break up with Your Incumbent Supplier.

    Tracey is a Senior Project Analyst with years of experience in procurement and strategic sourcing in an array of categories including Professional Services, Marketing, and Facilities Maintenance. Tracey serves as a pundit for developing RFPs and executing strategic sourcing strategies.

    Diego de la Garza is a Senior Project Manager and a regularly sourced pundit for sourcing issues in Latin America. As Senior Project Manager, he leads a team of internal resources in the development of strategies to reduce costs and increase service levels for clients; tasks that benefit from his abilities with complex analytics and subject matter expertise in areas ranging from professional services, to MRO, to finance.

    In this conversation we discuss:

    How procurement can prepare to have the best possible breakup conversation
    What to do when jealous suppliers (who know their market) demand to know who's come between you
    What role others in the organization need to play in the breakup
    If breaking up with a long term supplier has anything in common with breaking up after a fling (or an RFP...)

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    Middle-of-the-Week Pick-Me-Up Energy Show - Heads or Tails

    in News

    In these days of drama, the news media headlines that are constantly creating danger messages, constant crisis, keeping our minds filled with horrific and devastating events, we need to be reminded that there is "the rest of the story" - as an old broadcaster, Paul Harvey, use to say!

    I call it the other side of the story.

    Remember, our earth is always in balance.  Our earth is spinning on its axis perfectly as it goes around the sun perfectly, every day, every day, every day, 365 days a year.   If all the bad stuff was all there was, then the earth would be off-balance and would go spinning out into the Universe in a hap-hazard fling of emotion.  But it doesn't.   So, tune in today and get a dose of balance!!




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    Spring Fling Friday Edition

    in Spirituality

    Ok, so Spring is here!     Today!    Let's get metaphysical.     I will be on hand to give you a little psychic insight.     Join me on the first day of spring .     I will be taking your calls,  and I hope to uplift your spirits!!      Psychic Tuesday on a Friday.      You heard it here first..............

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    The Prayer Motivator Minute #746

    in Christianity

    Charles H. Brent. He said, "Those alone labor effectively among men who impetuously fling themselves upward towards God."

    Our prayer motivator verse from the Word of God today is Psalm 4:1 which says: "Hear me when I call, O God of my righteousness: thou hast enlarged me when I was in distress; have mercy upon me, and hear my prayer." 

    Our prayer motivator quote today is from Chuck Colson. He said, "We should always pray with as much earnestness as those who expect everything from God; we should always act with as much energy as those who expect everything from themselves."

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    Spring Break = Spring Fling!

    in Environment

    Jesse Minor, Interim Manager, Office of Sustainability and
    Jared Jeffrey Young, Spring Fling Executive Director, Associated Students of the University of Arizona (ASUA)

    After 40 years, ASUA’s Spring Fling is coming back to the University of Arizona campus. Spring Fling is the largest student-run carnival in the nation attracting over 25,000 guests. Attendees will enjoy over 35 rides and games and over 20 different food booths. So how will they make it sustainable?  Jared and Jesse will have LOTS to share!  This show sponsored by the Office of Sustainability, The University of Arizona.