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    The Barbershop ~ MLK vs MX The Dream vs The Nightmare Part 2 THE SAGA CONTINUES!

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    Two generations have passed since the assassinations of two of the Black communities most heralded heroes--and a race of people still struggle with direction. Whose legacy shall we uphold? That of the eloquent Baptist minister, peaceful in his disposition, arguably socialist and all inclusive in his economy, flexible in his social choices? Or that of the fiery Muslim preacher, militant in his disposition, arguably capitalist and separatist in his economy, rigidly conservative in his social choices? Both? Neither? Let's sort it out Sunday--in The Barbershop!

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    RePLAY: Meet Kareesh Forreal An Indie Artist Industry Leader

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    Blazing out of the Carolinas, (yet having the opportunity to experience international and city flare of New York City –as a second home), this exotic beauty was born with a fire in her breast that fuels her passionate drive to excel.  Embodying the spirit of a true artist, this fearless muse began theater arts training while in high school, in addition to writing and directing several plays & concert productions at various local churches, she soon discovered that she could sing every not on the piano w/more octaves than she knew to do with; and the power, precision & passion to back it all up!  Having both broke & set regional records in various events at the Junior Olympics & Division I in Track & Field competitions that found the natural born athlete in her element. Combining her love for adventure, proven athletic abilities and the dynamically sculpted feline physic it has afforded her, this onetime church soloist has rightfully opted to pursue a career in the arts.

    Certified Entertainment discovers and launches the careers of new Artists. Our philosophy is not only to shape, distribute, and sell a music product, but to help Artists create careers that can last a lifetime. Certified Entertainment does not just follow trends, we have developed a long-term, flexible approach to the music industry. We only accept leaders with a knack for creativity and provide high quality songs for our listeners’ pleasure. 

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    Millennial Party.

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    The United States is ill-served by only two mainstream parties and desperately needs a legitimate third party representing a more diverse set of views. Over 300 million people with unbound diversity, and we have two parties? This is archaic.
    We support thinking over ideology. And we obviously (and thankfully!) don’t share all the same views- that would be boring. But we support each other and seek collaboration and honest cooperation. To support the Millennial Party, one does not need to be doctrinaire or agree 100% with what’s written here. We are dynamic and flexible; homogeneity and staleness are bad.
    It almost goes without saying, but we demand full and equal rights and treatment for people of all races, genders, ethnicities, religions/belief systems (so long as they basically follow the Golden rule), sexualities and any other thing that is part of who a person is. We support gay marriage across the nation and world. We support a woman’s right to choose about when and if to give birth.  We think these stances are self-evidently moral and the basis for law.Globalization is good. 

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    The Growing Trend of Flexible Workplaces – Benefits & Challenges

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    Sande Golgart will discuss the growing trend of businesses and entrepreneurs using flexible workspace options instead of investing in real estate. He will discuss the benefits and challenges of employees working remotely, and solutions for businesses that want to implement flex work options.

    In the role of Regional Vice President, Sande Golgart oversees all strategic and operational aspects for nearly 90 Regus business centers throughout the western United States.  Prior to his current role, Golgart held the same position at Regus with responsibilities for more than 125 business centers in the northern United States and Canada.  Prior to joining Regus in 1999, Golgart was responsible for establishing and overseeing western region operations for two major start-ups. 

    Today's show is sponsored by Bizapalooza and Shann Vander Leek. The best small business experts are giving away their secrets on July 9-11 At Bizapalooza! These folks charge thousands of dollars a day - and from July 9-11 they are sharing their secrets on getting, customers, keeping customers and making more money with YOU! Register today at www.smallbizapalooza.com

     If you're wanting to step up the professionalism of your virtual events, radio shows, book trailers or podcasts, hire Shann Vander Leek. Shann is the announcer for Accelerate Your Business Growth. Visit www.shannvanderleek.com and click on the VOICE button for testimonials and samples of Shann's voice over projects.


  • WorldBeyondBelief128 Exposing the Elite's Patterns, Time Travel & Teleportation

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    Exposing the Elites’ Patterns, Time Travel and Teleportation

    Starting with the tragedy in Shanghi New Years Eve and how the matrix likes to portray humans – they are wrong. Optimistic look at new journalism and hoaxipedia – new organic journalism (patterns of the False Flags, James Corbett and open source journalism (we are all journalists).  How the Elites stay in power. The control system only have a few tricks because they are a monolithic force, reptilian brain dominant, and must use contingency plans to be flexible. Must steal from the creative (story of Seven).  Three basic tactics of the overlords of the Matrix. In the second hour focus shifts to why it is important to explore the Fringe. We look at this concept by looking at what is going on with Time Travel and Teleportation.

    The World Beyond Belief is hosted by Paul Marko, author of Belief Magic, available from Amazon.com or from http://pineconeutopia.yolasite.com home of Un-University where you can find links to many researchers exposing the matrix as well as Paul and Mindy's Entertainment channel and more, incuding articles and all our videos. We invite you to email us at pineconeutopia@gmail.com   We'd love to know who's tuning in and welcome you personally to our family of listeners to the world beyond belief. Happy 2015. Thanks for listening.




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    On this ongoing series of bi-weekly episodes, we pick it back up on WEEK #2 IN REVIEW @ (PART 7: MACHINES & MONSTERS) talking about some of the latest NEWS UPDATES ON TOPIC #5: LASER TECHNOLOGIES with TRAIN TRACK LASERS and the HIGH TECH REDNECK ROBOCROW LASERS for crop fields. Also the latest updates on the NAVIES BATTLESHIP LASERS... Then we move onto TOPIC #6 CYBORGS & ROBOTS talking about BIOMETRIC ID for Google Glass; Prosthetic Limbs with ARTIFICIAL SKIN that is FLEXIBLE, ABLE TO SENSE PRESSURE, TEMPERATURES OF HOT & COLD, WET & DRY SENSATIONS, CAN EMULATE BODY HEAT, REFERRED TO AS "SMART SKIN"; ROBOT UPDATES on ROBOCROW LASERS, Google Calms Future Fears, PROJECT TO PREVENT ROBOT WORLD DOMINATION, FFA allowing Commercial Drone Flights, Army Airport built just for Drones, Drone Revolution Coming, FEDS want Robots for Retirees, ROBOTUNA SPY FISH for the Navy, Japan bets its Revival on Humanoid Robots, ... @ TOPIC #7: FRANKEN FOODS & FRANKENSTEIN FACILITIES we talk about "Europes Rejection of American FrankenFoods", "SYNTHETIC LIFE FROM OIL DROPLETS", "... ALL THIS AND MORE ON TONITES SPECIAL SUNDAY EVENING EDITION... DONT MISS IT! STAY TUNED! STAY INFORMED! GET IN THE KNOW! ENJOY THE SHOW!... 

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    Capitalism, Communism, Socialism! Which offers the best chance for freedom?

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    I'm not a PHD! All I want is a chance to be a successful and happy musician. I think I have a great opportunity and I feel I can be whatever I want in America. I appreciate the fact that there are programs that will help me and others when we're down on our luck,(a lot of times due to our own decisions in life). I agree there is racism and prejudice etc. But that is not my number 1 obstacle. Capitalism says, hey create your opportunity, I'm an individual, I can be a star! Work hard, be flexible, win some battles, lose some battles! I can make it! Communism says we're all one, collectively we are whatever the collective or state says we are.I'm sure there's still racism and prejudice and only the state and who runs the state is the boss. Socialism is similar in practice if not the same idea. As I said, I'm just a regular guy, stimulating the thought process. So let's listen to a song and talk about it. 

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    Ultimate Athleticism Review

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    Ultimate Athleticism Book by Max Shank Review. In this guide you'll discover how easy it can be to build muscle, enhance your movement, and become the ultimate athlete–capable of anything, all in less time than you already spend at the gym. What people say about Ultimate Athleticism? Let's take a look:

    Holly Mersy says: "Ladies, don’t be intimidated! Before I started working with Max Shark I could not do a single pushup or pullup. I used to switch training methods on a monthly basis. Some of them delivered results and some didn’t, but I never stay interested in any of them over time. Since following Max’s instruction I have become very strong (10 chin ups, ½ bodyweight airborne lunges, etc), flexible, and much more confident! I have not even considered changing my training because there are so many variations and progressions to try and I have fun every time I learn something new or get an inch closer to the ground on my handstand pushups. Max Shark has a gift of taking complicated movements and breaking them down into simple steps, so we can all benefit".

    Click Here to learn more about Ultimate Athleticism Book by Max Shank

    We wish you all the success today and always! 

    Thank you!


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    Co-Working for Collaboration and Productivity

    in Environment

    Host Kathy Sipple speaks with Eric Zosso from Zoseco Co-working in Valparaiso, Indiana, a new space designed to allow small businesses to get ahead without the overhead. They provide flexible memberships and include benefits like ultra-fast internet and complimentary coffee and tea to keep members energized and on point. 

    Learn what co-working is about and whether it may be right for you.

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    Relationship Strategy: Marketing Automation vs. Personal Touch 2015

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    As entrepreneur's, we are all familiar with Ron Popeil's infomercial catch phrase, "Set it and Forget it," right? We are also equally familiar with "Push-Button" this and "Easy Button" that, right? So who wins between marketing automation or practicing a personal touch customer relation process? Who casts the final vote on this all-essential head-to-head battle between woman/man vs. robot relative to sustaining a connective love affair between company and consumer? To survive in business today, you have to be flexible and postured to adopt technology and processes that elicit efficiency. People and processes have to move quickly if you want to exceed the needs and demands of customers. That’s why across the business landscape we’re using marketing automation more than ever before. It’s the only way to keep up with expectations and demands; or is it? That is our focus on this edition of, “The Strategist Radio LIVE."

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    Be Positive with Shannon Marie ~ Don't be a Scrooge!!!

    in Health

    Please join Shannon Marie this Saturday night for a dose of Positive attitude, which is often a challenge for many. Let's turn things around and learn how to make lemonade out of all the "lemons" you have gotten in life!!!  Becky Stewart Hale is a special guest tonight who is talking about the subject of bullying at school and the workplace as well as on social media. We'll be rocking and rolling to the tunes of indie artist's Jimmy G and Nate Leslie.  Be sure and tune in!!!

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