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    Flaws in a Cause || Don't Be a Terrorist

    in Motivation

    Violence in the name of someone/something. Hmm. Sound familiar? Don't be a terrorist! LISTEN IN!



    NICK speaks, listens, and instructs you how to fly! Rise above your gravity!

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    Freaky Flaws Friday

    in Relationships

    Welcome, Welcome, Welcome everyone to The ChickS.H.Y.T. & Real Talk Radio Show

    Did you have big eyes or lips...a funny looking mole or freckles? Were you the really, really skinny kid or the really, really fat kid or short or tall kid? Were you teased? Was there some feature you had back then that was down-right ugly or unbearable, then all of a sudden...you grew up! That flaw doesn't seem quite so freakish now...

    We are talking about what made you a big ole NOT, back then...being the very thing that makes you HOT, right now!

    Join the Divas as we share our stories of when we were NOT so HOT!

    SJ's got another Freak Friday Fun Story to share and a whole lot of other shyt is goin down with the Divas tonight. Make sure you tune in! 

    Call and join the convo at (347) 857-4326

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    Classic Movies/ Flaws in movies

    in Social Networking

    In this episode hosts DJ MagicSpinnz and the Illustrious SB cover the biggest movie flaws, mistakes in some of our favorite classic movies,

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    Mirror Mirror On The Wall - Am I SEXY With All These Flaws? - LADY JAZ LIVE Show

    in Radio

    The LADY JAZ LIVE Show on KLJN 107.7 Radio

    EVERYONE is self-conscious about something.  So now, take out your hanky and group-hug all the rest of the world in the knowledge that you’re not perfect. And you never will be. Your problems are not the problem. It’s when you are INSECURE about them that things go wrong.

    CONFIDENCE is extremely sexy. In fact, it’s probably the most attractive attribute anybody can have. It can trump any and every flaw you have.  

    Now realize that NO ONE cares about your so-called FLAWS as much as YOU. 

    Your flaws are not the problem, it is your associated behavior that sabotages you. If you spend your time imagining how a disability will cause you to fail, you’ve done nothing but prepare yourself for failure.

    Actively improve yourself in areas where you feel lacking. Think you’re overweight? Hit a gym – . Simply being proactive can change your attitude in a hurry.  Feel illiterate in intellectual waters? Read some books, take a class, do something to improve your confidence.

    The real key to all of this is remembering that your shortcomings JUST DON’T MATTER AS MUCH AS YOU THINK. It’s your insecurities that do you in.  Simply knowing that everyone has something they are self-conscious about is the first step

    Be relaxed in your own skin and be prepared to show off your shiny new attitude that all the most successful people have.  www.KLJNradio.com

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    060: How To Be Resilient When Times Are Rough

    in Entrepreneur

    When all you want to do is hide under the covers, what if you could immediately increase your confidence, productivity and success?  Sharon Sayler, MBA, ACC will share with us the system for getting unstuck and how to keep yourself motivated through the rough times. With How To Be Resilient When Times Are Rough you will discover:

    Why you should TOSS your “To-Do” list
    Why you absolutely must STOP hiding your flaws
    The 3 simple questions that TRANSFORM any situation
    How to OVERCOME any situation to stay focused on what you want
    The shocking truth about how past failures expand your odds for future SUCCESS

    Sharon Sayler, MBA, ACC is a behavioral communications expert, author, speaker and executive coach who’s best known for training professional women to enhance their leadership and relationship skills through self awareness and verbal and non-verbal communication skills.   She’s also the host of eWomen’s Network Radio’s popular show "Life Interrupted Radio: Helping you thrive after the unexpected" here every Friday night at 7PM eastern.

    And once you get to know Sharon like we have, you’ll find her real passion is in discovering how the beliefs we hold and the choices we make create the life we have. Sharon’s diverse training and her own experience with a rare medical condition gives her a unique perspective on How To Be Resilient When Times Are Rough which is why we invited her here to share with us what she has discovered.

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    Black Lives Series Pt10: Pan-Africanism with Dr. Shalem Coulibaly

    in Culture

    The World of Ideas Show tonight 6/28/15 @8:30PM EST. After the weekly review of the week, host Kasaun Henry introduces Part 10 of the “Black Lives Series.” On this episode, Kasaun interviews Dr. Shalem Coulibaly, who will discuss his vision of Pan-Africanism in the twenty-first century.

    Dr. Shalem Coulibaly has a doctor of philosophy degree from the the University of Paris I, Pantheon-Sorbonne. He has taught at several high schools in France as well as in the universities of Tel Aviv, Jerusalem and Ougadougou. He was former collaborated with YIISA and Yale University. He wrote articles focused on globalization, modern African political and social history (regional focus: West Africa, East Africa, Southern Africa). Coulilbaly authored a the novel Dialogue With the Neck, which deals with the problem of Negros moral rearmament and investment in their cultural fundamental in the current context of globlalization.

    The "Black Lives Series" is an exploration of a number of significant Black-American themes and issues that shed light on the state and future of black people in the twenty-first century. Some of these are, black identity, black solidarity, black culture and its triumphs and flaws, black education, incarceration, leadership and more. Kasaun attempts to clear the midst of the flawed perception of race and culture in America and lay down a path for positive change.

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    SRWM ~ Got ta Give it UP!

    in Blogs

    What some Lifestyle habits that you have that you know you need to GIVE UP?

    How often do you tell others their faults and flaws, but you can't see your own? Be Careful of the things you say you will never do or tolerate because sometimes that is the very thing you are TESTED in!

    Welcome to So Real WIth Madelyn Blog Radio Show! We would like for you to Continue to Join us Each week as we grow! if you are interested in being a Guest Please connect with Madelyn Bass your Host at www.SoRealWithMadelyn.wix.com/madelyn-bass

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    The Art of Giving in Romantic Relationships

    in Relationships

    I wanted to speak on the art of giving. I have always been a giving person since I was a little girl. I was not perfect and I had my flaws, but in many cases I always put others first. Sometimes foolishly. This continued into my adult life, but because I did not have any boundaries and did not understand the art of giving, it caused a lot of issues in my relationships with men. A lot of times I got taken advantage of and then I because a very bitter, angry, resentful person. At one point I even started becoming a "taker" where I started thinking what can a man give to me and how he could meet my needs without thinking of what I needed to bring to the table. I became very cold and figured what was the point of being nice, loving, giving, honest, committed and all if I am going to get played anyway.

    As I have been going through my healing journey, I have realized that it was nothing wrong with my giving, love, kindness. It was more so with how I was giving, how much I was giving, how soon I was giving, and to whom I was giving. I also started seeing the motives I had with the men of my past and how tainted it was. It was not out of true love as I thought because I did not love myself and was walking in unhappiness. 

    I would like to speak on some of these things because I see so many men and women who are at their wits end. They feel as if it makes no sense to be loving or a giver anymore when in fact it has nothing to do with their love. We need more loving people who are eager to give and put others before themselves.

    2 Corinthians 9:6-7 "But this I say, He which soweth sparingly shall reap also sparingly; and he which soweth bountifully shall reap also bountifully. Every man according as he purposeth in his heart, so let him give; not grudgingly, or of necessity: for God loveth a cheerful giver."

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    flaws and song , twitter show at 11pm in 19 mnutes

    in Music

    i will admit my flaws and twitter show

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    "Peek-a-Boo,God SEES you!"

    in Religion

     TITLE: "Peek-a-Boo,God SEES you!"

    SAYING that we walk with God is ONE thing,but SHOWING it is ANOTHER.There HAS been MANY and STILL ARE Many that SAY that theY "TALK TO God daily",and that they LOVE GOD AND FOLLOW HIM.Let The TRUTH BE TOLD,YOU'D BE SURPRISED at HW MANY folk DON'T EVEN KNOW HIS VOICE.There are some PASTORS RIGHT IN THE PULPITS that some of YOU look UP to,that GOD DID NOT SEND OR set up. Bad ENOUGH that the UNsaved,(that AREN'T saved FROM Hell),rebel AGAINST GOD'S WORD,but WE SAINTS that ARE BELIEVERS NEED to check OUT selves,whether WE be of the Faith.We CAN'T KEEP blaming the devil for OUR flaws and OUR mistakes,because IF WE HAVE the TYPE of closeness with GOD that we CLAIM to have,then the devil CAN'T MAKE us do ANYTHING. WE fall because OUR relationship with God ISN'T as DEEP as WE SAY! WE fall,because WE AREN'T as "sold out" as WE PROFESS to be. the devil KNOWS WHAT will MAKE us fall,because WE ONCE SERVED him. he will have us walking WRONG and we'll be thinking that we're RIGHT.We're living IN a day where "COMPROMISE" seems to be THE STYLE. ONE day,we're going to HAVE to give an account for WHAT we've DONE, AND SAID SECRETLY AND OPENLY,and it will be too late IF we DON'T enter INTO God's REST. MINISTRY'S SHOULD be Teaching that the devil has a hard time with someone who WILL ALLOW The Holy Ghost to LEAD them because he knows that THE HOLY GHOST makes NO mistakes! And neither will WE,when we ALLOW The Holy Ghost to LEAD us,in Jesus' Name. Let's delve into this and see what The Lord is trying to tell us...
    let's get into:
                             "Peek-a-Boo,God SEES you!"

    Get your Bibles, a notebook and a pen,and let's examine this BOOK of Truth...in Jesus' Name,Amen.

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    Reach Out America: The Voice Of America's Veterans

    in Current Events

    Jon Wolf hosts. Talking about the flaws with the VA, support groups and places our Vets can look for real help. Not just medication that doesn't work. You are the solution. Not a Dr or counselor. Get informed right here on WINN

    Tonight We will hear more about Veterans Horizon and meet Jon's new Co-Host JT Hawk

    Suprises are in thw works as the show is expanding, more things to come



    Join us and help our Veterans