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    Mirror Mirror On The Wall - Am I SEXY With All These Flaws? - LADY JAZ LIVE Show

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    The LADY JAZ LIVE Show on KLJN 107.7 Radio

    EVERYONE is self-conscious about something.  So now, take out your hanky and group-hug all the rest of the world in the knowledge that you’re not perfect. And you never will be. Your problems are not the problem. It’s when you are INSECURE about them that things go wrong.

    CONFIDENCE is extremely sexy. In fact, it’s probably the most attractive attribute anybody can have. It can trump any and every flaw you have.  

    Now realize that NO ONE cares about your so-called FLAWS as much as YOU. 

    Your flaws are not the problem, it is your associated behavior that sabotages you. If you spend your time imagining how a disability will cause you to fail, you’ve done nothing but prepare yourself for failure.

    Actively improve yourself in areas where you feel lacking. Think you’re overweight? Hit a gym – . Simply being proactive can change your attitude in a hurry.  Feel illiterate in intellectual waters? Read some books, take a class, do something to improve your confidence.

    The real key to all of this is remembering that your shortcomings JUST DON’T MATTER AS MUCH AS YOU THINK. It’s your insecurities that do you in.  Simply knowing that everyone has something they are self-conscious about is the first step

    Be relaxed in your own skin and be prepared to show off your shiny new attitude that all the most successful people have.  www.KLJNradio.com

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    Classic Movies/ Flaws in movies

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    In this episode hosts DJ MagicSpinnz and the Illustrious SB cover the biggest movie flaws, mistakes in some of our favorite classic movies,

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    flaws and song , twitter show at 11pm in 19 mnutes

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    i will admit my flaws and twitter show

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    Fresh Manna: Recognizing Generational Traits and Flaws that hinder our growth

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    Today’s Topic: Recognizing Generational Traits and Flaws that hinder our growth and potential.

    Sub Topic: Get rid of the negative, accentuate the positive.

    STRENGTHENING THE FAMILIES:  Apostle Williams is available for Conferences, Seminars and Workshops that will build your ministry or church group.  Our Ministerial Team is comprised of educational and motivational speakers for your church meetings and special events to strengthen members, individuals and families, within the community or church. 

    Her goal is to provide Educational Seminars and resources for victims and families dealing with domestic violence, mental and emotional stress, and substance abuse that weaken the family structure and values.  These seminars are to help improve parenting skills, promote abstinence among our youth, and provide Christian counseling relating to family values and issues.  To strengthen, encourage and motivate men and women.

    Apostle Loretta Williams is also on Facebook, Google + and Linkedin.

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    Women Showing Their Flawed Bodies/Street Cred is Overrated/Random News

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    For the pass few months women have been taking pride in showing off their flaws. Will this change the minds of men or society ? Also, do some people go overboard regarding street cred ? Then let's talk about the latest stories in the news. A lot of stuff has been going on. Join me on Thursday :o)



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    Who We Got Wednesday - Calculating Success with Michelle Barbetta

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    Nick and Erik have done it again! This week on "Who We Got Wednesday" they will have teacher, mentor, and motivator Michelle Barbetta. They will discuss what it takes to be suuccesful academically, but also on a diffrent note,they will discuss what the biggest flaws are of our youth inside and outside of the walls of the schools. Tune In, she knows her stuff! #HeatiingUpp

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    Acquiring an offense, or allowing yourself to remain offended, by someone's words, actions or deeds is a trap!  It's a trick of the enemy to keep you from your full God-Intended potential.  Holding on to an offense keeps you from seeing your own character flaws because blaime is deferred to another!

    Tonight we are going to discuss how we not only deal with being offended by other people, but what OUR RESPONSE should be and what part do we play.  How does holding on to an offense for days, weeks, months or even years keep you HIDING FROM REALITY?

    Join us LIVE as Kingdom Living Ministry presents the FIRST "In His Presence Bible Study/Bible Talk" tonight at 7:00pm EST.  Call in and LISTEN, TAKE NOTES AND JOIN IN THE DISCUSSION if you feel led.  CALL IN LINE: (347) 826-9232.

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    The Way of the Peaceful Warrior -- Dan Millman -- Part 2

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    Join Deb and Samantha as they continue their disucssion of Dan Millman's Way of the Peaceful Warrior.  This spiritualling enriching book teaches us how to face our shadow side, embrace our flaws, and find happiness within us.  Deb and Samantha will discuss the teachings of the book to show you how too can become a Peaceful Warrior.

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    Black Lives Series Pt 2: Purifying Blackness - From Myths to Wisdom

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    The World of Ideas Show tonight 3/22/15 @8:30PM EST. After the weekly review of the week, host Kasaun Henry introduces part 2 of the “Black Lives Series.” On this episode, Kasaun identifies several myths that have perverted the history of black people.

    The "Black Lives Series" is an exploration of a number of significant Black-American themes and issues that shed light on the state and future of black people in the twenty-first century. Some of these are, black identity, black solidarity, black culture and its triumphs and flaws, black education, incarceration, leadership and more. Kasaun attempts to clear the midst of the flawed perception of race and culture in America and lay down a path for positive change.

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    CUTV News Radio Spotlights Liz Swearsky of Perfect Happiness Dating Coaching

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    We all deserve to find true love. To some, it may be easier to find than for others. Some people focus too deeply on the external, shameful of their perceived personal flaws to ever let anyone in. Other people strive to achieve professional success to a point that they simply don’t make the time for love. Liz Swearsky of Perfect Happiness Dating Coaching is seriously talking about finding your Self with a capital S, finding unshakeable inner power and peace and most importantly, finding true love.

    Working one on one or in groups, in person, via phone or Skype, Liz incorporates a comprehensive six-step methodology into her innovative six-month program, leveraging attraction principals and a multitude of tools to release the past and truly embrace joyful living as clients effortlessly entice their true life partner.

    Along with finding love, these strategies will manifest a newly found sense of self, which will improve many different areas of their life. Clients have said that people are always saying to them how they have completely changed, that they seem so much more peaceful and radiant. More importantly, Liz empathizes with every client, as she has applied these principals to realize her own husband; providing a non-judgmental environment that helps them to feel at ease and comfortable sharing their past, sharing their fears, and working to overcome everything that has ever held them back. When the inner landscape is changed, the outer world can’t help but change to meet it.

    For more information about Liz Swearsky and all of the fascinating services provided by Perfect Happiness Dating Coaching visit www.trueloveinsixmonths.com or email liz@perfecthappinessnow.com.

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    DON'T SETTLE FOR LESS........................

    It’s easy to convince ourselves that we should keep our expectations and standards low to avoid getting hurt or let down. It’s easy to look in the mirror and see all our flaws and imperfections rather than all the beauty. It’s easy to think that because we have wronged people in the past, we deserve to be wronged in return. It’s easy to make excuses for people that we care about. It’s easy to overlook things we shouldn’t because we want everything to work out as planned. It’s easy to ignore red flags because we love someone. It’s easy to fail to see everything that’s wrong when we’ve invested so much of ourselves in making it work. It’s easy to make excuses and live with the disappointment rather than to leave.

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