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    Flag Football America Weekly (A-Z)

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    Flag Football America connects flag football players, leagues and coaches within the United States. It is a resource for the latest news, tournament, leagues, tips, plays, equipment and videos. Tonight the topic will be all flag football basics from A-Z. Call in to speak with the host (646) 649-137

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    False Flag Operations And Cover Ups

    in US Government

    Today's program wemail will examine False Flag Operations within the American Government such as Pearl Harbor, Operation Northwoods, Gulf of Tonkin, and 9/11. I will also be joined by 16 year old Jaeden (my daughter) who will discuss why she is a truther and why she believes 9/11 was an inside job. I'll also be taking your phone calls as always so do not be afraid to call in and say what is on your mind. This is not mainstream news and you will never be cut off.

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    Philadelphia Flag Football

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    The first national broadcast of Flag Football America interviews the commissioner of the successful Coed Flag Football league in philadelphia and surrounding suburbs. Let the flag begin! For more information visit the web philadelphiaflagfootball.com

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    Connecticut Flag Football League

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    The CFFL is the best Adult Flag Fotball League in the North East! Whether you need to scracth your extreme competitive itch, or just want some good old exercise and social fun. The CFFL's goal is to offer the  right  format you need safe, fun and competitive games week after week.

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    Strawberry Flag - October 9, 2009

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    Greetings and welcome to the High Tea episode of Strawberry Flag Radio. Artists from all over the world have joined the veterans and Metabolic Studio team members to help celebrate the Flag's progress.

    Learn what High Tea is all about, this week on Strawberry Flag Radio!

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    Strawberry Flag - August 12, 2009

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    On this week's Strawberry Flag update, we get caught up with the Metabolic Studio team as they continue to transform a quad at the LA Veterans Affair campus into a new vision of an American flag... made, in part, from reclaimed strawberry plants.

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    Strawberry Flag - November 8, 2009

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    High Tea is back on Strawberry Flag Radio! Host Cinny Kennard speaks with artists, VA professionals, and politicians who visited Strawberry Flag during our latest High Tea celebration.

    Join us at yoga with the US veterans and catch a breath as we sit in on a spinning class that helps power the project itself.

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    Claire Conner, author of "Wrapped in the Flag"

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    Having already come on our show to introduce herself and her critically acclaimed book, "Wrapped in the Flag: What I Learned Growing Up in America's Radical Right, How I Escaped, and Why My Story Matters Today," award-winning author & speaker Claire Conner returns to speak more to how her book is relevant to everything that it happening in American politics and in the world today:


    We welcome callers for this show (as always) using the call in number (646) 478-3349.  Please call in and learn more about Claire Conner, her book and what we need to do now!

    Let's get the conversation going...

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    Strawberry Flag - August 5, 2009

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    On the premiere episode of Stawberry FLAG Radio, host Cinny Kennard and FLAG supervisor Rich Nielson walk us through the process of building a working hydroponic strawberry field in the form of an American flag on the campus of the Los Angeles Veterans Affairs.

    Joining us for "Pie Talk" is 10 year Navy veteran Konita Wilks, who served in OEF and OIF during "Shock & Awe." We also talk to Glora Janeck, a veterans widow who donated hundreds of jars to store the strawberry preserves. Finally, composer William Basinski describes the music he created to help the strawberries grow by.

    Artist Lauren Bon and the Metabolic Studio team are working on this piece with both veterans and professionals at the hospital. It is dedicated to the men and women in service to our country. The Metabolic Studio, a direct charitable activity of the Annenberg Foundation, funds Strawberry Flag.

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    Episode 923: Sons of the Flag

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    Sons of the Flag is a nonprofit organization supporting military, first responders and civilian burn survivors by providing  funding  for innovative research.  The Sons of the Flag brings together passionate community leaders, pioneering physicians, experienced military service members, dedicated first responders and purposeful civilians to complete its mission.

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    Strawberry Flag - September 28, 2009

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    On this episode of Strawberry Flag Radio: Joining us for a very special conversation is Congressman Bob Filner, Chairman Committee on Veterans' Affairs in the United States House of Representatives. He answers some of our questions regarding the underused VA campus and exploding population of homeless vets. We get an update from Metabolic Studio Project Manager Rich Nielsen and join in the first "Jam Session," where veterans and Studio staff get together to make strawberry preserves.

    We hear from two vets this week as well. Mike Vest--veteran of US Marines, and Sherry Geeting--Veteran US Army and one of the few female soldiers to have served in Vietnam. She's got quite a tale to tell.

    The sprawling campus that houses Strawberry Flag is a favorite location for film and TV shows. George Larson, Location manager for Grey's Anatomy, explains the pros and cons of shooting at the VA campus.

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