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    Fit, Fine and Fabulous in Career, Business & Life

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    Tune in as I interview Dr. Laureen Wishom.
    Dr. Laureen Wishom, Ph.D., is the author of HOW TO BECOME FIT, FINE & FABULOUS IN CAREER, BUSINESS AND LIFE. She's an author, speaker and a leading expert in Growth * Success * Acceleration who holds a Ph.D. in psychology/Christian counseling, a master's degree in sociology/psychology and a bachelor's degree in general education.
    Like many business people, Dr. Laureen Wishom spent years toiling in corporate America, where she felt undervalued and unappreciated. She decided to leave the rat race to find her own way to success. Fourteen years later, she owns a stellar company and a dynamic program for success based on the 3R System where she shows highachieving people how to Re-Invent, Re-Imagine and Re-Emerge in career, business and life. Not only did Wishom reinvent her career and business, she made over her life including everything from losing 38 pounds to changing her wardrobe and office furnishings; to writing a book... all with dramatic results. She went from "just professional" to a "wow" maven. Her proven system for success relies on being true to oneself, claiming one's own unique space and then 'Taking It to a Whole "NEW" Level"
    For more information on book launch: http://fitfinefabbooklaunch.drlaureen.com/

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    Saying YES to Your Most Fabulous Life

    in Motivation

    For how many years have you been given opportunities that lit you up with excitement and joy – only to say NO when everything within you screamed YES?

    Why do we constantly deny ourselves simple happiness?  Is it worthiness issues? Upbringing? Scarcity conversations? Perhaps.

    What if you said YES and allowed that elation to come through you and into our world? Let’s give it a go!

    Join me and my very special guest, Jenna Phillips, as we discuss saying YES to life and the possibilities that await our leap into happiness.

    Jenna Phillips is on a mission to motivate and inspire as many people as possible to get their minds, bodies, and lives to sustainably function at optimal levels. She coaches her clients based upon the foundation of Self Love and responsibility. Through her coaching, they discover their inner superhuman and leadership. She takes them on a journey of self discovery and personal growth while old, limiting beliefs are uprooted and broken through. All relationships in their lives are healed and strengthened.

    Charmayne Olswang has been a coach and mentor from an early age.  Although for many years she followed society’s standards and benchmarks for success, she was guided back to her heart’s song and God given purpose. She is certified in Holistic Health and Transformational Life Coaching as well as ways to connect to one’s Higher calling.  She works with clients wanting to make changes in their daily lives in order to reach their health & lifestyle goals.  These desires may include obtaining more energy, managing weight, stress, and anxiety and making effective choices for themselves and their families.

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    Fit, Fine and Fabulous in Career, Business and Life!

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    Dr. Laureen Wishom, Ph.D., is the author of HOW TO BECOME FIT, FINE & FABULOUS IN CAREER, BUSINESS AND LIFE. She's an author, speaker and a leading expert in Growth * Success * Acceleration who holds a Ph.D. in psychology/Christian counseling, a master's degree in sociology/psychology and a bachelor's degree in general education.
    Dr. Laureen will help others achieve positive changes in their career, business and life by sharing: Tips for making over everything from your office space to your wardrobe.
    Examples of how she revamped her life, from the bedroom to the boardroom.
    Strategies for achieving radical success ranging from brand positioning and marketplace visibility to revenue acceleration.

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    Get Fit, Feel Fabulous with Britt: Lisa Jaramillo Baker - on Essential Oils

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    In recent years, essential oils have become the rage. But are they effective? What are the benefits? Tune in to Get Fit, Feel Fabulous with Britt when she welcomes Lisa Jaramillo Baker to the show. Lisa will share the amazing health benefits these oils provide and how we can incorporate them into our lives.

    During the live show, Britt and Lisa happily welcome your calls at (347) 945-7246. Tune in on Saturday, April 4 at 10 a.m. Eastern for Get Fit, Feel Fabulous!


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    Chiropractor Dr. Ed Esposito joins us on the Fit Girl Fabulous Podcast!

    in Weight Loss

    Dr. Ed Esposito is a partner in a multi-specialty physical rehabilitation center. His office offers Chiropractic, Physical Therapy, and Pain Management services and features an onsite computerized digital x-ray machine to access the exact location of your pain. Immediate appointments are available.

    His office is located near the Jersey City courthouse at 550 Newark Avenue, Ste 304 and accepts Medicare, Horizon, and most insurances. Plenty of on-site parking is available. 

    Office # 201-624-2111 / Website: Jerseycitypainmanagement.com

    He has authored a book called "Pain Free and Fit" which reveals invaluable lessons as a chiropractor for 18 years and how anyone can achieve health and well being.

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    Mind Fit Radio-"How Do You Raise Your Cerebral Capacity?" ;)

    in Self Help

    New Season Opening Show!!! "Mind Fit Radio" Season 3, Season Premier, Episode 1, "How Do You Raise Your Cerebral Capacity?" ...Join Ms Masta Foxx "The Energy Whisperer" & Ms Whizdom, Master Mind Stimulators/Coaches, "The Mind Fit Team", As They Share Their Views & Inspirations About The Body & Mind. Come & Get Your Mind & Body Synchronized For A Complete Fitness! Listen & Get Your Mind Stimulated! Episodes Are Every Sunday @ 9:30pm-10:00pm (PST)

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    Get Fit Feel Fabulous with Britt: Entrepreneur Doris Jannke on Success

    in Lifestyle

    Ready to live your best life ever? Britt is here to help!

    Tune in to Get Fit, Feel Fabulous with Britt when she interviews inspiring entrepreneur Doris Jannke. Doris is a retired National Sales Director with Mary Kay Cosmetics, where she spent 35 years helping women to look beautiful on the outside so they could feel good on the inside. Doris plans to spend the next 35 years until she's 100 years-old helping people feel great from the inside out!!

    Doris is a life coach who teaches leadership skills ......success principles........health and wellness ....and how to live a rich full life. She will share her secrets for success and how to achieve financial freedom with Britt on the air. During the live show, both host and guest welcome your calls at (347) 945-7246.

    Don't miss this excellent broadcast!

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    Get Fit, Feel Fabulous with Britt: Meet Certified Life Coach Bonnie McClure

    in Lifestyle

    Ready to Get Fit, Feel Fabulous? Writestream host and health/wellness coach Britt is here to help you live your best life ever!

    Join Britt on Saturday, February 21 at 10:00 a.m. Eastern when she welcomes certified life coach Bonnie McClure to the show. In addition to her work, Bonnie is creating a local group called "Women Inspiring Women," where among other things, she'll talk about using the Law of Attraction to be, do, and have what we most desire.

    An acupuncture enthusiast, Bonnie will share her inspiring story with listeners of how this Eastern medicine modality changed her life.

    During the live show, Britt and Bonnie welcome your calls and questions at (347) 945-7246.

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    Get Fit, Feel Fabulous with Britt: "The Foot Guy" Talks Reflexology!

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    Curious about the benefits of reflexology?

    Tune in to Get Fit, Feel Fabulous with Britt when "The Foot Guy" Scott Donat joins the show:

    Scott Donat was born in Ontario, Canada, in 1963. He had an extraordinarily difficult childhood and was an alcoholic by age 16. In 1986, he moved to Florida, got married, and quit drinking. His emotional and spiritual growth began in AA and expanded when he became involved with emotional breakthrough workshops as a participant and facilitator. He has since become a certified reflexologist, hypnotherapist, and ordained minister. Today, Scott is known as The FootGuy, and he uses Reflexology, essential oils, and his personal wisdom and insight to help guide others on their paths to health and wellness.

    During the live show, Britt and Scott welcome your calls at (347) 945-7246. Please join them for an informative program all about reflexology!

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    Busting Myths w/ Joyce Bell: What Is Stopping Black Women From Getting Fit?

    in Culture

    Did you know that the number one killer of black women is heart disease?

    Did you know that according to a 2012 study by the CDC that  four out of every 5 black women are overweight or obese?

    What is it going to take for black women to take their health seriously and get fit?

    Fit Is The New Sexy Radio showcases black men and women who have chosen to reclaim their health, co-create generational wealth and become the example of physical and financial fitness in the black community. Special guests and more. Join the Movement! Hosted by Angela Everett and Suzan Hart every Tuesday at 9:00 p.m. EST. If you would like to be apart of the movement, please visit us at www.fitisthenewsexy.info.

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    Fit, Fine & Fabulous - In Career, Business & Life with Dr. Laureen Wishom

    in Christianity

    Dr. Laureen Wishom Award-Winning International Speaker, Amazon Best Selling Author, Success Solutionist & Lifestyle Architect. Stops by the virtual studio to discuss her book Fit, Fine & Fabulous In Career, Business & Life. Dr. Laureen answers some of the questions that most entrepenuers seek answers for. Listen to the show and learn about some of the things Dr. Laureen Wishom is giving away to help you start your business and finance off the right way!

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