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    The Fiscal Cliff

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    Have you been hearing the term "Fiscal Cliff" since the election? Join my co-host Raneisha T and I as we discuss the Fiscal Cliif that could send us into another recession or even a depression. We will break down the meaning of Fiscal Cliff in Lehman's terms and give the history of the Fiscal Cliff. This is important to every American as this will surely affect all of us. Know whats going on by tuning in this Thursday December 13, 2012 @ 6:30PM EST.

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    Fiscal Cliff

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    On tonight's episode of Liberty Panacea Matt & Jamie will be discussing the political theater regarding the fiscal cliff and what you can expect the political actors to do in the coming month.   As always we will discuss other exciting news and take your phone calls.

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    The Fiscal Cliff

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    Fiscal Cliff, Sequestration, Recession, Depression ...... We ask, SO WHAT? Discussions about staying on top and surviving the hard times this country is going through. Join us, Call Your Friends .... Call in and lend your voice. You can make it and we can help you!

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    What Is The Fiscal Cliff

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    What you need to know about the Fiscal Cliff. K Radio/K News Special Coverage. Special guest Congresswoman Donna Christensen (USVI). Click here to listen and for full coverage of this news story www.kalalloo.com

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    What is The Fiscal Cliff?

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    The Fiscal Cliff has the potential to be one of the most severe economic events in our nation’s recent history.  But what exactly is it? 
    In this show we explore the main aspects of the Fiscal Cliff and detail the most significant events that have led up to it.  We give some background on the makings of the situation and where we are in terms of negotiation of a solution, and offer some commentary on the problem and how lawmakers should proceed toward an agreement.

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    “The Other Side of the Fiscal Cliff”

    in Finance

    “The Other Side of the Fiscal Cliff”
    Featuring: Amanda Han, Keystone CPA Kaaren Hall, uDirect IRA Services -The truth behind the new tax changes and what it means for you -Top Tax Strategies You Need to Know before filing your taxes this year -5 IRA Must Do's for 2013 Kaaren...we can do this part together? self-direct retirement, max contributions, tax-free roth, roth conversion, contribution myths exposed) -3 Steps to take to ensure you maximize your refunds this year       

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    The Fiscal Cliff and Sound Solutions

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    A brief discussion on the fiscal cliff and what solutions could turn things around. Sometimes the simplest of things can make the difference. 
    With all of the Poltical Posturing we are witnessing, I asked myself a simple question. Can we fix the problems created by an inept group of people? The answer.
    As long as we have Democrats and Republicans refusing to work together, we will continue to witness the childish behavior of our elected representatives. What we need are more people to get involved and call out their representatives.
    More on this during the show!

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    Banks, Gold, and the Fiscal Cliff!

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    So you know your money buys you less, that even though you earn more than your grandparents ever did, you have less than they  were able to acquire, and every time you try to save, the money seems to disappear instead of accumulate.
    What you don't know is, the banks realize that too, BUT they are doing something about it.  As the nation tries to recuperate from the broken economic system, the financial wizards of the fiancial world realize that the old standard - the gold standard, was the BETTER standard, and without any public buzz, and intentionally so, they have been quietly, and systematically, accumulating larger and larger stock piles of the shiny stuff.
    Well, should you be taking note?  What about all this buzz about a 'Fiscal Cliff'?  Should you be taking similar strategies to protect YOUR wealth?
    As a gold and silver enthusiast, I have been following this financial sector with a close eye. This has not escaped my notice and I feel ethically bound to share it with you.  Nothing is as unfortunate as those who have eyes, but will not see, and ears but will not hear.  Please be sure to put eye drops and ear wax removal in before tuning in.  Some of you may need it!
    Join me!

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    The Fiscal Cliff Deal

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    Congress has reached a deal on the Fiscal Cliff.  The vote came late on New Year’s Day, but there was finally agreement on how to avert the crisis.  The agreement addressed the tax aspect of the cliff but postponed addressing the “Sequester” for a couple of months down the road.  The deal, in large part, sets up another showdown in Washington on spending and budgeting matters in 2 month’s time. 
    In this episode we review the details of the deal and how it came to be.  We also offer commentary on the dysfunction of Washington that caused the issue to be dragged out until the very last moment.

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    Fiscal Cliff - The Aftermath...?

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    The Wall Street Geek is hosted by financial expert Michelle Price, Managing Pricipal of fee only financial advisor Price Capital LLC in NYC and the author of "How to Buy Stocks Online" (available at Amazon).  
    Today I'll cover steps that investors may consider taking to guard their portfolios against market volatility and tax rate changes, whether or not a fiscal cliff deal has been reached.  Protect yourself before anything wrecks your portfolio and your future.
    Don't miss a thing!  Friday's at 12:30 pm EST.