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    Social Finance: Host Home Buyers Parties

    in Real Estate

    Today on "It's My House", we shall talk about how to finance your home puchase without a bank using Social Finance.

    A fun way to raise  the money that you need is by having a "House Buying Party".  It operates like the traditional house party and "rent party".  The money that you  need for the down payment, closeing cost, and repairs.

    If you like to have fun and raise money at the same time, then we suggest you organize a Home Buyer Party today.

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    How to Make a Full-time Income Making Money at Home

    in Entrepreneur

    If you have always wanted to learn how to work at home and make a full-time income, this is the show you'll want to listen to. Deb Killion, owner of a growing technology and digital media business, talks about her journey to success as a work at home entrepreneur. She will share some of her secrets of success for your own work at home business or teach you how you find employment as an outsourced work at home specialist. The world is changing. Work at home people are highly-paid professionals who have the skills to help big business people reach their goals. Find out how you can profit from these opportunities. She has also written a new book on this topic called "The Ultimate Guide to REAL Work at Home Opportunities that Make REAL Money," and before that she wrote one called, "The Work at Home Entrepreneur's Guide to Success." Both books are available on Amazon Kindle. Listen Friday, January 23 at 2pm CST to find out how you, too, can find a successful career working at home and plan your own financial future! And remember, your time is yours. Don't give it to someone else unless you want to!

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    1st Time Buyers Programs with Dave Hershman

    in Real Estate

    Your client is a first time home buyer. They are so excited and nervous about what comes next. In the midst of all of the excitement, it's easy to become blinded by beautiful back-splashes, granite and quartz counter tops, hardwood floors, and fenced-in backyards. While looking at homes that are completely perfect from top to bottom, they may begin to rationalize a larger purchase than they had originally planned for — "This house is perfect for me; it's worth $50,000 extra dollars for me to have a house with enough space in a perfect location," or "We were planning on spending a little bit of money on painting; we can spend $50,000 extra on this house because it doesn't need any work."

    As a real estate professional, your job is to be their guide, their confidante and the expert. Listen in today to learn more about the programs available for those first time home buyers and be the expert in this field.

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    A.T.C. We Support Radio on Home Team Radio

    in Music

    A.T.C. We Support Radio comes to Home Team Radio supporting the Independent Artists across the country. Call in and talk with Host Peter Larry Loud at 760 454 1118 and press 1 A.T.C. We Support Radio airs each Tuesday Night on Home Team Radio

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    Why We Exist as a Station- HBL Radio (Home Business Leaders Radio)

    in Entrepreneur

    In this episode, titled Why We Exist as a Station- HBL Radio (Home Business Leaders Radio), we talk about why we exist as a station.

    We have our first Single Show Sponsorship, for HMA (Hide My Ass) Proxy Internet VPN Service. 
    http://bit.ly/1wln2AQ   Click this link to get started and show love and support for our Single Show Sponsor.

    The purpose of this show is to connect you directly with people who can help you navigate the waters of home business.

    Look forward to having you on!

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    PAM Time - Closer to Home: Mike & Emily

    in Entertainment

    PAM Time - Close to Home: Mike & Emily

    It's - - - Time! Enjoy an episode featuring some fun information on Music and the Entertainment Industry. Enjoy the host PAM Murphy as she features original songs from the Independent Artists: Mike Herz & Emily Barnes - or better known together as, Closer to Home.

    CD: Emily Barnes- Beautiful Goodbyes and Mike Herz- Overgrown 

    Song's being featured on tonight's episode of PAM Time: "Catch Me if You Can," "Smoke Your Smoke" & "Traveler's Song"

    Enjoy the down to earth, contemporary folk style music of these two very talented singer-songwriters. Tune in for a night filled with great music and fun! 

    It's PAM-Time!

    PAM Time Radio Show: Saturday at 11:00pm - 11:30pm on BlogTalk Radio Network

    For more information visit: www.pamproductions.webs.com

    PAM Murphy: pamelaann007@gmail.com




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    February 25th Home Court Sports Show

    in Sports

    We have a jammed packed show for you all TONIGHT! Looking forward to taking your calls! Listen live every Wednesday from 7-9pm CST at www.blogtalkradio.com/homecourtsports . If you aren't around a computer, no problem! You can call (347) 945-7002 and press nothing to listen and press #1 at any time to join our discussion! Tell a friend and SHARE!

    What are your thoughts on the Bucks trade, and has it changed your expectations for them?
    Now that Larry Sanders has came out and said he is battling depression, anxiety and mood disorders, what are your thoughts on him stepping away from the game?
    Does the Derrick Rose injury change the landscape of the NBA Eastern Conference Playoffs?


    ?#‎LarrySanders? ?#‎DerrickRose? ?#‎MilwaukeeBucks? ?#‎BrandonKnight? ?#‎MichaelCarterWilliams? ?#‎NBA?

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    A.T.C. We Support Radio on Home Team Radio

    in Music

    A.T.C. We Support Radio comes to Home Team Radio supporting the Independent Artists across the country. Call in and talk with Host Peter Larry Loud at 760 454 1118 and press 1 A.T.C. We Support Radio airs each Tuesday Night on Home Team Radio

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    Buyers Meeting Point Weekly Update for February 23rd, 2015

    in Business

    I would once again like to welcome from Buyers Meeting Point to share information of this week's events and news from the world of purchasing, Kelly Barner.

    NOTE: This week, I recommend events from IACCM, PI Window, Nipendo, and SAP/Ariba. In this week's guest audio, we will hear from social psychologist Roy Baumeister regarding his study into willpower and decision fatigue, and consider what steps we can do to ensure optimal decision making in a fast-paced, demanding environment.

    The full 15 minute speech is available on YouTube at the following link, and is absolutely worth watching:



    Share your thought's on what you believe is The Future of Procurement on Twitter using the hashtag #FutureBuy

    Be sure to visit the Buyers Meeting Point website @ http://buyersmeetingpoint.com

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    Your Voice Your Time

    in Entertainment

    Join us tonight 8pm eastern, 6pm mountain, 5pm pacific, and 7pm prairies and Tejas. Feel free to call in and question Jerry

    Janiece Hanning will be along to finish up our Q&A of first time HC ownership.

    As well, Jerry Mills will be in the studio with us during most of the show but for certain the last hour of the show. Any questions for Jerry Sky or myself...please feel free to call the number below

    Guest Call In(347) 637-3388


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    First Contact Radio 2/20/15 - Cosmic Weather, UFOs, Dialogue with the Savior pt2

    in News

    First Contact Radio 2/20/15 Show #1320 hosted by Joshua Poet


    Jewish Calendar

    Moon Phase


    This Week’s Sky at a Glance, February 13 – 21

    UFO News
    Circular UFO Spotted Above Earth's Amposphere

    International UFO Congress 2015

    Stories Behind Britain’s Roswell: Rendlesham Forest UFO Incident

    Collect UFO Evidence With Your Computer - Project CE

    Tom Delonge Says His Phone Was Tapped and He Feared For His Safety

    Perfectly Symmetrical Weather Spirals Baffle Meteorologist and Scientist - Australia

    Daily Stories
    Ancient Flat Earth Beliefs

    The Nag Hammadi Library

    The Dialogue of the Savior

    Do I Have Angels Or Entities Around Me?

    Mary Magdalene on Divine Perfection and Wholeness February-18-2015

    Warrior of the Light

    FREE Meditation Music "Reflections"

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