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    They're Coming for Your First Amendment

    in Politics Conservative

    Free speech.  The First Amendment to our Constitution.

    Yet, it seems as if not all free speech is equally protected.

    In the name of tolerance, only certainly speech is tolerated.  If you are "pro" anything American, patriotic or religious, you are now labeled "intolerant" by a group that claims we must co-exist.

    Want to fly the American Flag?  Show your support for our military?  Defend traditional marriage?  Dare to wish someone a "blessed day?  Then you need to be prepared to lose your job, be investigated by the IRS, get your page shut down by Facebook and be called some of the most nasty of names by those who tell us we must "co-exist."

    Want to hold a Black Mass on a college Campus?  Want to bring someone on campus convicted of murdering a police officer?  Want to bring a terrorist to speak at your campus?  That's all protected under the First Amendment according to the left.

    The caveat is that we can only have a First Amendment and co-exist as long as we conform to what liberals say is okay.

    The reality is that the left prefers that the right remain "speechless."

    It is time to push back against the real enemies of free speech.

    Katie O'Malley, Editor at Progressive Today, joins us today to talk about the dangers facing our First Amendment, along with how PC is taking our society on a downward trajectory.




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    Racism, Bigotry, and the First Amendment

    in Science

    This week we'll be discussing the most recent media blow-up of Clippers owner Donald Sterling's racist remarks, how the First Amendment applies, and what it means to live in a society that protects Freedom of Expression. 

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    State of the Union

    in Current Events

    Ferguson, Staten Island, South Carolina, now Baltimore... Tonight we will address it all.  We will talk about public safety, police brutality,  racial inequality, and where do we go for here.  Tune in and let's talk solution!

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    Let's TALK! Free Speech, Civil Rights and the First Amendment w/Rob Johnson

    in News

    Join us for another 2-hr JamSesh with Law Expert, Rob Johnson as we tackle the awesome subject of FREE SPEECH~! One way that the Elite control the National Political Narrative is to formulate and guide public opinion by getting people to voluntarily hold their tongues. When freedom and truth is at stake, millions of Americans will STFK to "be polite" or remain silent on controversial topics "so as not to offend". MLK said that to remain silent when they ought to speak out makes cowards of men (and women). 

    The people who struggled, fought and died to give us the AWESOME Freedoms we enjoy today would stare in disbelief to see how we have become so self-censoring out of petty and selfish fears. This is the great test of a Great Soul: To Dissent, to Protest, to Disobey and to express one's own convictions without fear of punishment or repraisal. Indeed, the First Amendment exists for the express purpose of safeguarding those with unpopular or "Politically Incorrect" convictions.

    In today's world we need Warriors of Truth who are unafraid to challenge the presumptions of PCness.

    Topics to be discussed:

    ~The Meaning of the First Amendment

    ~Difference between Civil Rights and Inherent God-Given Rights

    ~What is "Hate Speech"?

    ~Disagreements, Differing Opinions and Incitement

    ~Lawful Recourse for Victims of a Smear Campaign

    ~Learning to Live Peacefully with One Another

    ~Love has the Power to Transcend Personal Differences

    ~Every Person's Right to Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness


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    Let's TALK! Free Speech, Civil Rights and the First Amendment w/Rob Johnson



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    The Legal Show The First Amendment

    in Entertainment

    Attorney Sarah Kopel and writer/critic  Bennet Pomerantz discuss the subjects of the day. 

    The audience should know that although Ms. Kopel is a licensed attorney, she is not offering legal advice in any capacity, is not establishing an attorney/client relationship with anyone listening to the show, and recommends that any listener of the show consult a local attorney for any legal advice they may require.

    This show is about us discussing hot topics and how they relate to the law.

    Tonight we discuss the First Amendment right to freedom of speech.  What protections are and are not afforded by the Constitution?  Does this change if you are a public figure?  Can other areas of law affect these rights?  We will explore the words of Phil Robertson and Ted Nugent;   two figures that have made controversial statements recently in regards to their own personal feelings on hot topic issues.

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    Who Wants To Be a Millionaire

    in Entertainment

    This will be one of our biggest shows!!  We will be interviewing Real Estate Mogul, Social Activist, and publisher, Jay Morrison "aka" JayMrRealEstate!!  We will talk about his road to success, his real estate investing school and mentorship program pragram, and ways you can invest your money wisely.  Also we will have President/CEO of The Minnis Group, Ms. Catherine Minnis.  We will discuss how to expand your business, tips for starting your businees, the enomony and more!!! If you are into money, investing, and business don't miss this show!!!

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    Today 14 Amendment Citizen

    in Politics

    Ron March discussion.....Today 14 amendment citizen....Listen and Learn

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    14th Amendment Show

    in Politics

    Join the Ron March Show team as we continue our 14th Amendment Citizen series. Donate Donate Donate to Ron at www.ronmarch.com. 

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    First Amendment, Guns and Children, and Grassroots Efforts (8.28.14)

    in Politics Conservative

    Shane Krauser takes on issues that will touch you right at the core, including:

    1. What does it mean to be free anyways? We talk about open and honest dialogue, but so many want to stop the dialogue when there is disagreement. 

    2. MSNBC's Joe Scarborugh went off on certain advocates of the Second Amendment and the founders after a nine-year old child killed a firearms instructor in Arizona. Shane and his co-hosts respond with a heavy hand pertaining to the silliness of Scarborough's argument. 

    3. Buckley Merrill, the chairman of the East Valley Tea Party in Mesa, Arizona, appears in studio to talk about the grassroots organizations, the problems, and their victories. 

    4. Government is too big, and here is the evidence. 

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    The First Amendment And A Stroll Through American History

    in Politics Conservative

    Today's show is inspired by a piece on Charisma News concerning the misunderstanding of our First Amendment and especially that pesky establishment clause and notion of "separation of church and state".  But it also comes down to something that I enjoy getting into because so much of our history is covered up, forgotten, or not brought up.  More than likely unless something big happens in the news that I feel like I absolutely need to talk about, this will be a series of shows going forward, as some of the information, which is by no means all the information available, that I would like to present is very valuable and will indeed stretch over several shows.  It may even hopefully stretch out into "good government God's way", as I believe if we practiced good government God's way, we wouldn't have anywhere near the messes that we have today that have built up over these many years.  So buckle up and settle in for some references and examples going back hundreds of years and some going back even only 30-40 years as we take a ride down History Lane together, starting today at 4:30 PM and archived later.



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    Is Marriage That Serious

    in Entertainment

    Is marriage that serious?