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    Survival Medicine Hour: Fireworks, Burns, Chamomile, History

    in Health

    In this episode of the Survival Medicine Hour, Joe and Amy Alton discuss fireworks safety tips for celebrants of the 4th of July, plus, how to deal with burns that may occur in good or bad times. Nurse Amy discusses the various uses of Chamomile, and Dr. Alton discusses the fate of some little-known signers of the Declaration of Independence. You won't find them on stamps, coins, or paper currency, but their sacrifice needs to be known.

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    2014 Batavia Fireworks

    in Music

    The City of Batavia invites you to listen to the music as you watch the fireworks from afar. You can enjoy the entire show from the comfort of you backyard! Click play at 9:30, sit back and enjoy the show. 

    The theme this year is Home. Every song has a hint of 'home' in them. Thank you for staying home with us this year and enjoying our amazing fireworks display! Happy Birthday America!

    This podcast is brought to you by Dreamers Radio and the Batavia Fireworks Committee.

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    Batavia Fireworks

    in Music

    Plan on watching the Batavia Fireworks from your back yard? Tune in to listen the official firework's music along with the show! 

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    FIREWORKS in Your Life - Chap Oscar

    in Self Help

    What are the fireworks in your life?   Fireworks can be described as  (a) :  a display of temper or intense conflict  -- or (b) :  a spectacular display, like July 4th fireworks.    
    Today, we will discuss both kinds of FIREWORKS, with Chap Oscar.  Think about the fireworks in your life.-- Are they more negative or positive?  You want to convert the negative fireworks and create more of the positive fireworks.   

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    The PRO/AM National Naturals promoted by Tania Penalosa "FIREWORKS"

    in Sports

    Tanis Penalosa had a dream and made it happen!

    THE PRO/AM NATIONAL NATURALS was her focus for a year and wow...FIREWORKS! of success.

    Lets listen in on the athletes and promotor as they reminisce on the first of many in Virginia Beach. 

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    New Music Inferno w/ David Pest of Fireworks!!!

    in Music

    Fireworks - Pop/Punk/Rock band from Detroit,MI...New album "Oh, Common Life" out now on Triple Crown Records...Currently out on the Glamour Kills Tour w/ New Found Glory,We Are The In Crowd & Better Off...Check out their music, tour dates & videos @ www.facebook.com/wearefireworks

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    New Hampshire now up!

    in Politics

    Good evening, tomorrow morning on The Meter we will cover the upcoming primary in New Hampshire. In the Republican 7 field, Businessman Donald Trump has a sizable lead and Berine Sanders leads Hillary Clinton by a wide margin in the 2 person democrat contest. Both parties held their respective debates this week in the lead up to the nations first primary. Wall Street was highlighted amongst the democrats as Sanders hammered Clinton on her ties to Goldman Sachs. Clinton claims she is the true progressive while Sanders says that title belongs to him. Who do you think is the top Progressive? The Republican 7 had their fair share of fireworks as Christie says Rubio is too inexperienced to be Commander and Chief and Carson critized Cruz for "dirty tricks" in Iowa. Tortue made its way into the Republican 7 as Cruz said waterboarding isn't torture while Trump says he'll "bring back a hell of a lot worse that waterboarding". In other news Barack Obama paired a visit to a mosque in Baltimore admits controversy as that mosque has known ties to terrorism. Was this a smart move by the president? Please join us at 9:00 AM. The call in number is 347-308-8933. Your input is essential. www.blogtalkradio.com/themete

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    A Hezekiah Moment, Introducing Major Alonzo Byrd Jr.

    in Christianity

    Good afternoon, Kia here with another Hezekiah moment.Today we'll talk about briefly Major Alonzo Byrd Jr.  His show is being aired live on Friday February 5, 2016 at 9 PM and you're not going to want to miss this show. I want to first thank my good friend Ms. Joi Ford for telling me about this amazing young man.  She told me in the beginning of this new year that I should have him on the show, and me being one that listens, I called him up last weekend, and he was obedient to the call and said yes, and I'm truly excited to have him on this week.  

    Also, we'll have another treat as well, since our regular co-host Nichelle Johnson is still taking her well needed vacation, I've asked another good friend of ours to help out this week, and it's none other than Deacon Thomas Farr of "Issues" Christian Men Talk. So we are just going to have a great time in the Lord this Friday night.

    A little about Major Alonzo Byrd.  He was about 6 or 7, when he began to sell comic books. Next, he opened his candy business. Then, he sold magazines, school supplies, and fireworks. He was that “go-to-guy” for supplies, and that lasted until he was 15, and able to work. He shoveled snow, mowed lawns, and washed cars. He wished he'd never stopped, because of the freedom and ability to control his own destiny. He wished he learned the principles in his book 24 years ago! he wished someone taught him what he is missing today. 

    YUP, Young, Unique, And Paid! 10 Entrepreneurial Keys for Kids is his contribution to the younger generation, from being an entrepreneur since the age of six, he wants our young people to understand that, yes, I'm young, but guess what, I can get paid!

    So join us on The Man In The Mirror Friday night at 9 PM As we welcome Major Byrd to the show.

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    Trump Says No To Kelly and FNC, B of A's Small Biz Report & JW's 13 Hours Review

    in Politics

    Herb London-FNC'S Megyn Kelly, Brett Baier, and Chirs Wallace Are Back...Let The Fireworks Begin?  Dr. London, is president of the London Center for Policy Research.  

    Robb Hilson-Bank of America Small Business Owner Report Found Nearly Three in Four Small Business Owners Expect Revenue to Increase In 2016.  Hilson has been the Small Business Executive at Bank of America since November 2011 and he has details.

    Tom Fitton-The President of Judicial Watch reviews “13 Hours: The Secret Soldiers of Benghazi.”

    Steve "The Movie Guy" Evans-Live from the movie capital of the world, Hollywood, CA, The Movie Guy reports the weekend's big winners at the box office and the best of the coming attractions.

    Dinesh D'Souza-Political commentator, filmmaker and New York Times, best selling author talks about Stealing America: What My Experience with Criminal Gangs Taught Me about Obama, Hillary and the Democratic Party.

    Russ Hepler-Idaho City Coeur D´Alene Tells Pastors “Do Gay Marriages” or Face Jail Time. Hepler is a pastor, teacher, conference speaker, author, blog writer for The Federalist Papers Project.  

    Steve Moore-Which candidate offers the best tax plan?  Moore, an economic consultant with Freedom Works and a Fox News contributor breaks it down.

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    The Sunday Morning Brunch

    in Sports

    Well that TYME of the year is back!!  Welcome to the Sunday Morning Brunch NFL Championship Week version!  Call in, tune in or download the show we will be covering as much as we possibly can. New England visits Denver in Colorado for the EPIC matchup of Quarterbacks with Tom Brady vs Peyton Manning and the Arizona Cardinals visiting the Carolina Panthers with the eyes set on the AFC Championship game the NFC Championship game has fireworks as well.   There are a ton of dishes to be thrown around the kitchen from Boxing and Danny "Swift" Garcia defeating Robert "The Ghost" Guerrero for the WBC vacated bel that was left behind by Floyd "Money" Mayweather.  The NBA and the stories coming out of Cleveland with the Cavaliers falling to a struggling Chicago Bulls team that was on a losing streak themselves and they lose at home after the firing of David Blatt.  Join TP Tymeless BKA Tyrone Powell, Chandler Knight aka Nostradamus, Ignacio Silva aka Nacho, Tommy Beard aka Da U Chef and the rest of the notable names, voices and faces you know so well here in the Sport City Chefs Kitchen.  Tell a friend to tell a friend that its the Sport City Chefs AGAIN........ If they don't know................... NOW THEY KNOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 

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    KELLY O'CONNELL AM 1450: GOP Debate 1/14/16

    in Politics

    GOP Debate....many fireworks but Trump still leads.