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    Firefighter Netcast - Firefighter Wives

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    Live on Tuesday August 3, 2010 we will be discussing “Firefighter Wives” on Firefighter Netcast.

    The direct show link is here.

    Joining John and Rhett will be:

    Shari Simpson

    Shari runs the blog Two in, Two Out (http://2in2outblog.com).

    She is the mother of 3 boys and an aspiring photographer, small business owner, college graduate, and most of all a Firefighter’s Wife. Her husband is a career firefighter in Illinois.

    She really enjoys blogging and finding ways to help out at the local fire departments.

    Her blog was recently picked up and moved over to the FireEMSBlogs.com platform and is the only “Firefighter’s Wife” type of blog on there.

    Jenna Hatfield

    Jenna runs the blog Stop Drop and Blog (http://stopdropandblog.com/).

    She is married to a career firefighter in Ohio and enjoys blogging about many things. She is a freelance writer and editor and moonlights as a newspaper photographer. She has two sons.

    We have enjoyed reading Jenna’s blog for quite a while now. She blogs about a lot of other stuff than just being a firefighter’s wife.

    These two ladies will be giving us some insight as to what being a firefighter wife is all about!

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    Firefighter NetCast-

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    Firefighter Line-of-Duty Deaths are down this year. Is this just a welcome fluke or are we actually making progress? Is it realistic to shoot for zero LODD's? Join fire bloggers Fire Critic and Fire Daily as they discuss this and other issues in the greatest of all professions- the Fire Service.

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    The Year in Review on the Firefighter Netcast Show

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    Join John and Rhett as we discuss the past (and first) year of Firefighter Netcast. Live December 30th at 9pm EST

    You are welcome to join the discussion as we discuss the past year including the good, the bad, and the ugly!

    Firefighter Netcast was born just over a year ago as an idea between the creators of Firefighter Netcast John Mitchell begin_of_the_skype_highlighting     end_of_the_skype_highlighting and Rhett Fleitz. What the hell were we thinking? Our first shows were nervous times for us. Now, we just take our laptops to the local bars and drink heavily...then we get on the air to bring you some fire service topics!

    Little did we know that we would be jet setting across the Nation (or half of it anyways), going to great cities, and meeting so many great people! Baltimore, Indianapolis, Baltimore again because we couldn't get enough, Chicago, and Emmitsburg...we had a blast at all of them.

    Along with our show, we also produce 3 other shows. In the past year, we have hosted or produced over 80 podcasts. That isn't too bad is it?

    We probably recorded several hundred hours of audio and only let the F bomb slip by once!

    Join us live on December 30th while we do a year in review and wrap up all the fun into one show!

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    Firefighter Netcast Show

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    Tonight, Rhett and John turn over their show for the premiere program by Chief Art Doss, a Battalion Chief of Operations with 26 years of experience at Fort Lewis Fire and Emergency Services, Tacoma Wa.

    Chief Doss is a nationally recognized authority within many different aspects of the technical rescue field including automobile extrication, urban rescue, rope rescue, confined space, and swift water rescue. He shares his expertise as an instructor in each of these areas and many more.

    Join Chief Doss live as he brings in special guests and focuses upon water emergencies. You can ask questions in the chat room, or call in at 347-327-9920. If you are unable to make the show live, remember that all of the Firefighter Netcast programs are available at our website FIREFIGHTERNETCAST.COM or at iTunes.

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    Firefighter Netcast Live with Brian Brush

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    Join John and Rhett for a live Firefighter Netcast Show on Wednesday, June 1, 2011 at 9pm EST.
    We will have featured guest Brian Brush on the show with us. Brian will be discussing his involvment with the National Fallen Firefighters Foundation 9/11 Memorial Stair Climb events. We will also be discussion Brian's recent blogging gig at FireServiceWarrior.com.
    Brian is a Company Officer and Instructor from the beautiful state of Colorado. Brian is a Lieutenant in the Denver Metropolitan area for a department that serves 110 square miles, and nearly 300,000 residents. The district operates 15 stations with 340 uniformed members and responds to an average of 24,000 calls for service annually. In his 9th year with this department he has served time in Engine, Truck and the Department’s Rescue Company as both a firefighter and Lieutenant.

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    Firefighter Netcast - Introducing "The Voice of Reason"

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    Art Goodrich joins the Firefighter NetCast team with a show of his own!

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    Firefighter Netcast Show with Jeff Dill

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    “It’s good to be strong and it’s good to be courageous. But it’s also good to ask for help. “If I had a good friend who said, ‘you need to get some help,’ I would listen. I would hope somebody would do that.” Fire Chief Bob Khan, Phoenix Fire Department, which lost four firefighters in seven months to suicide.

    Whether we admit it or not, we are not immune to the effects of the unique stress we cope with each day as firefighters.

    Many times, we keep these stressors bottled up inside us without seeking help. Other times, when we do seek help, we have a difficult time trying to relate to counselors who have zero experience as a firefighter, and become frustrated, eventually abandoning outside help often critical to our well-being.

    Tonight, Firefighter Netcast introduces Jeff Dill, a Battalion Chief from suburban Chicago, who holds a Masters Degree in Counseling. Chief Dill has established CSSF, Counseling Services for Firefighters, which offers behavioral health support to firefighters; trains senior fire officers, and educates clinicians on the benefits of understanding the life and emotions- of firefighters.

    The numbers of firefighter suicides are jaw-dropping. As often as a few times a week, Jeff finds himself answering calls for help from fire chiefs around the country.

    Join the Firefighter Netcast Show tonight at 9pm ET for a live interview with Chief Dill, and learn how to recognize emotional distress in your partner or your loved one, and the steps you can take to help- before it’s too late.

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    Firefighter Netcast - Dilemma in South Fulton Tennessee

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    Join us live as John and Rhett discuss the pay for service fiasco in South Fulton/Obion County Tennessee. Firefighter did not put out a fire because they homeowners did not pay the subscription fee.

    Plan on calling in with your views!

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    Firefighter Netcast Show presents Brotherhood Instructors

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    Tonight at 9pm ET, join Firefighter Netcast as John and Rhett welcome the crew from Brotherhood Instructors.  Fortunate are the firefighters who have had the Brotherhood Instructors training experience come out to their department or training centers and actively participate in a hands-on environment of training focused completely upon their local needs.  Not many fire departments have the access to the myriad of training equipment and props that can make the difference between understanding a concept and mastering its performance. 
    As you listen in to the seasoned instructors, you’ll gain a true appreciation of their ability to pass along their knowledge with a level of excitement that is simply contagious, leaving the students completely charged up and ready to perform at their peak.   Whether it be hoseline management, victim rescue, truck company operations, forcible entry, or  any other fireground skill, find out why Brotherhood Instructors has become one of the hottest tickets in town, in fact, all across the United States and Canada.
    As always, you can call in to share in the chat, follow along in the chat room, or simply listen in, find out more by visiting Firefighter Netcast.  Time and again, they prove that this ain’t your daddy’s fire service radio podcast.

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    Firefighter Netcast - Blog of the Year Winners and Premiere Show for Chief Billy Hayes

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    The Firefighter Netcast Show will be live Wednesday Night at 9pm EST.

    Tune in for a very special show. We will be announcing the 2010-2011 winners of the Black Diamond Boots Fire & EMS Blog of the Year Contest.

    We will also be handing over the microphone to Chief Billy Hayes for his inaugural show on Firefighter Netcast.

    Chief Hayes will be a regular host here on Firefighter Netcast.

    His guests will include:

    1) Dennis L. Rubin, former DC Fire and EMS Chief

    2) Jim Narva, Executive Dirtector, National Association of State Fire Marshals (NASFM)

    3) Mike Love, retired Fire Marshal, Montgomery County, MD

    Get ready for a great show with a brand new voice on Firefighter Netcast!

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