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    Phillip Smith Talks Guns On Harlem World Radio

    in Lifestyle

    Get some tea, and listen to Phillip Smith, Smith is founder and president of the National African American Gun Association (NAG).

    The National African American Gun Association started with the primary goal to expose, educate, and motivate as many African American men and women to go out and purchase a firearm for community building, self defense, proper gun use, and the gun sports life style. The National African American Gun Association is the first African American Natonal Firearm Organization in the history of the United States. Phillip Smith and Danny talk about the rise of gun clubs, sports, and other gun events in our community! Today's show was taped live with Danny Tisdale on Harlem World Radio.



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    Episode 0095: A Law Abiding Armed American Is A Safe American

    in Politics

    In this episode, Mike expresses his views on gun ownership, The Second Amendment & legally carrying a firearm in today's society. What are your views on this? If you're listening, try calling The Mike Behind The Mike Show @ (929) 477-3402. 

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    Guns! Rights! Freedom!

    in Current Events

    Tonight we are talking about Gun Rights!! Join Raquel Okyay and Efrain Gonzalez III starting at 9pm est with "Politics in Review" for the week of Nov. 8. At 9:30pm Special Guest Tom King, president of NYS Rifle and Pistol Assoc. will give us an update on the status of their lawsuit vs. Gov. Cuomo and NYS in their efforts to undue the (Un)SAFE Act. At 10pm Special Guest Rob Pincus, an expert in firearm education and safety will be on to discuss the proper way to stay safe while handling a firearm. And, Raquel Okyay will be giving an update on current pro-gun legislation circulating in Tallahassee: Open Carry and Campus Carry.



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    720 Degree Tennis - Martin Blackman @blackmantennis and Dick Gould, Stanford

    in Sports

    The show will cover the state of American Tennis, the Transition from College to the Professional Ranks. We will discuss whats happening with college programs, how the USTA is programming for success, and how can we all pull together for the good of the game.


    Martin Blackman is the Director of Player Development for the USTA.  Dick Gould was the Head Coach of Stanford University for 37 years and now serves as Director of Tennis.  

     Hosted by Bill Patton, USPTA Elite, PTR, and MTM Tennis Professional Come see Bill at one of his upcoming speaking engagements.   November 15 in Fremont, CA "How to Get your Players and Teams to the Net".  December 12th Daytona, FL "7 Great Drills and Games for HS Teams", December 13th Orlando, FL Real Tennis Coaches High Performance Workshop, December 20th Woodland Hills, CA  Clinics, Workshops for Players and Coaches. 720degreecoaching@gmail to book Bill for a speaking engagement. "Bill's speaking is as good as his books, 5 stars!"  John Danise FHSTCA Executive Director





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    Exercises Effect on Alzheimers Disease

    in Health

    We've been told to keep our minds active in order to prevent Alzheimer's Disease? Some research shows that being physically active may actually be even more beneficial for warding off and preventing this frightening illness. Learn how coordination drills may help along with regular cardiovascular activity. More and more Americans are being diagnosed, see what  you can do to avoid being put on that list. 

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    Weekend Wrap Up - Why Gold? - Firearms sales up!

    in Pop Culture

    Hr1   9,000 companies disinvested or left California completely in 7 years. Because the governor doesn't see any reason to make CA business-friendly. We have weather! What else do they need? Idiot lawmakers.

    David Fischer, CEO of Landmark Capital Gold talks about the importance of owning gold and the coming bail-in. You don't own your money, 
    Feds can take your retirement money anytime they want.

    Hr2   The 20 “worst” cities in terms of quality of life, affordability, economic health and education all share one thing in common — they are all in California. I'm shocked... not really...

    Despite being arrested on drug and murder charges, an East Chicago city councilman was re-elected to his office in Tuesday’s elections.

    Andrea Nelson, from the Clover Agency pop culture stories..

    University of Missouri System President Tim Wolfe resigned after students decided to go on a hunger strike until he resigned and changes went into effect in the way the university handled racial issues.

    Hr3   900 Democrat legislative seats lost across the country since Obama took office. GOP is dead? NO!
    Are you voting Democrat just because it's what you've always done? 
    Do you REALLY know what their platform is? STOP voting until you do!

    Appeals court rules against Obama executive amnesty, says it causes states "irreparable harm." Finally, someone upholding the law.

    According to recently released FBI statistics, firearm sales for the month of October remained at an all-time high for the sixth consecutive month this year.

    Gloria Steinem says her aborted child gave her her life! Really?

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    U.S. Airman Michael Giles Wrongfully Convicted

    in Entertainment

    Story of what happened: 

    On Feb. 6, 2010, active duty air force serviceman Michael Giles was invited to a Tallahassee nightclub by a few of his friends. Giles, a young father, was stationed in Tampa at the time, after spending the previous six years on tours of duty in places such as Iraq and Kuwait.

    Michael accepted the invitation to hang out, thinking it would be a good time. Unfortunately, the night took a violent turn.

    Two area fraternity chapters began arguing and fighting inside of the club, and the chaos soon turned into a brawl involving dozens of people that spilled into the club’s parking lot. Michael thought that, during the commotion, his friends may have all gathered at the rental car one of his buddies had used to drive everyone to the party that night. When he made it to the vehicle, but didn’t find his friends there, Michael retrieved his legally owned handgun from the glove box, and resumed his search for his friends. “I removed the handgun because the car was unlocked and [people] were walking between the cars,” Michael says. Despite the fact that he was not involved in the fight, while Michael was looking for his friends, he was attacked from behind and punched to the ground.

    Fearing for his life, he fired two shots from his firearm in an attempt to defend himself. His attacker was struck in the leg, but not seriously injured.

    The gunshots broke up the fight, and Michael says he went across the street from the club to get away from the people that harmed him. He was arrested shortly after the incident and charged in Florida state court. There was little dispute over the facts of the case—the prosecutor and defense attorneys agreed that Michael had been attacked. Even the testimony of Michael’s attacker supported that fact. However, prosecutors argued that he did not need to fire a gun to defend himself, and charged him with attempted murder.

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    Rob Pincus--Owning A Firearm Is Not Enough! #2837

    in Finance

    Rob Pincus – Nationally Known Personal Defense Expert, Authority on Firearms, Professional Trainer, Owner of I.C.E. Training, and Author of “Defend Yourself: A Comprehensive Security Plan for the Armed Homeowner.” Rob says that it's not enough to just own a firearm for personal protection. You need a plan. Whether it's to deter a home invader, get out of a riot safely or to know when to flee, planning is essential to you and your family's security. Start now and you'll know what to do, if and when the time should arise. 

  • The Apocalypse- Say NO to War

    in Spirituality

    Today we will talk about basic skills that come in handy in the woods if we have to bug out and leave a city setting. What are some good things to take with you? Should you have a firearm? How does one cook in the wild? Please join us and if any of you are "preppers" stop by and share your knowlege with us!  What are the "End of Days"? How do we know that these days have begun? Stop by and join the discussion! What if you can't bug out due to caring for very young or the very elderly? How to increase your home security?

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    Tonight!!!! Erhardt Industries founder Ethan Erhardt

    in Prepping

    Tonight my guest is Ethan Erhardt of Erhardt Industries, the maker of the new King Assassin firearm.  Call in and discuss his new creation with him and hear what he plans on developing next !! I have posted pics of this weapon on the Contra Radio Network facebook page !!!  Ted Nugent and Doc Magee (from KISS) are big supporters of this weapon.  Never know they might call in tonight!!

    Also check out the new website for Contra Radio Network. 

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    Time to Survive

    in Current Events

    In 1945, America unleashed the power of the atomic weapon on the soil of Japan. Its effects were devastating.  Fire from the sky, cities reduced to matchsticks, and an invisible poison that made its way through your body as easy as an x-ray. Once the world found out about this weapon. Everyone was intrigued. Every country wanted to have it. And when people begin to absorb what this weapon could do, People became obsessed about it.What if there were no Red Cross, no doctors flocked to the scene? What if it was more than one or two cities buteverywhere. Films were made, fiction and nonfiction.

    The civil defense emerge with their hardhats on, drills were implemented and every preparatory step was taken for a situation that was a matter of when not if. To the United States and Russia, and the rest of the world, nuclear war was inevitable. Get ready. Be prepared.

    That was the mindset of the 1950s into the 1960s. As we hit the 70s that feared dipped down some and then resurfaced again the 80s Angela brilliant, moment, when Ronald Reagan said, "Mr. Gorbachev, tear down this wall."

    Then came the 1990s and the new millennium. The mindset was completely different. No one would connect the nuclear war to terrorism. And if they have the means for nuclear weapon, it was in the form of a dirty bomb. Movies likesSum of All Fears, mean the threat of a dirty bomb seem minuscule. That it was very very survivable. 

    This week Rob and Jackie discuss that very thing. Which decade was more prepared? Which decade was more likely to survive.
    Don't miss out on a fun and informative show. Collective Kate will be by with some interesting survival tidbits on growing food. Join us on the show and live in chat.