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    AWTR Show 537: Finding Joy: The Year Apart That Made Me a Better Wife

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    Army Wife Talk Radio is the leading internet talk radio show for Army wives, by Army wives. AWTR is hosted by the Army Wife Network Core Team - www.ArmyWifeNetwork.com. AWTR guests bring exciting, relevant topics and resources to the attention of our military families.

       Guest:  Hope Griffin

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    Finding Joy in Every Situation: A Look at Gratitude ~ Cathy Towle

    in Spirituality

    A lot of people are looking for purpose, to find the right work and the right path. Something is calling you and you don’t quite yet know what it is. We search and wait for answers. We try out many things. What we often forget, is that this Right Path starts inside of us as gratitude. It’s not the finding of the perfect thing that makes us happy, it’s the act of being happy that brings the right things, people and opportunities right into our lives. In a state of appreciation, we are connected to joy and can view even the most challenging things as a blessing. Cathy will talk about how her connection to her guides helped her out of many difficult situations and how your own guidance can do the same.

    Cathy Towle is an Interfaith Minister and Spirit Medium providing Intuitive Guidance and healing messages from spirit. Cathy is one of the few mediums certified by Forever Family Foundation, was ordained by One Spirit Interfaith Seminary and is initiated into the shamanic path. Cathy has worked with leading spiritual teachers, including Andrew Harvey, with whom she founded the Institute for Sacred Activism. She is on the Executive Council of the Committee for Spirituality, Values and Global Concerns (CSVGCNY) at the UN, and writes for The Village Newspaper in New York. She speaks about Eco-Spirituality and heads the CSVGC-NY Eco-Spiritual Working Group.

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    Finding Joy Around the World with Psychotherapist, Kari Joys, M.S.

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    Kari Joys is a 'Joy Specialist.'  She's a globally-recognized psychotherapist, a highly-skilled seminar leader and a best-selling author. She is best known for her “Joy I Am” Heart-Centered Process of Integrative Psychotherapy that consistently transforms pain into joy and helps ‘lost souls’ blossom into happy, healthy people.

    Over the years, thousands of people around the world have benefited from Kari’s powerful and compassionate work through her psychotherapy practice, her workshops and trainings and her presentations on radio and FTV. She has authored authored a number of books, including her newest book entitled, “Finding Joy Around the World; Real Life Stories of Finding Happiness, Inner Peace and Joy.”  Visit  www.Kari-Joys.com

    Get the OFF TO WORK CD & Off the Grid Into the Heart CD by Sister Jenna.  Like America Meditating on FB & follow us on Twitter.

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    Finding Joy Around the World: True Stories of Transformation: Kari Joys, MS

    in Motivation

    Finding Joy around the World!

    Are there common characteristics in people who find joy despite the inevitable challenges life brings?  What do they do?  How do they think?  Did they need to hit rock bottom?  What was their break-through moment?

    Psychotherapist Kari Joys, MS researched these questions and so many more in her new book:  Finding Joy Around The World: Real Life Stories of Discovering Happiness, Inner Peace and Joy [Kindle Edition]

    Kari specializes in working with stress, anxiety, depression, poor self-esteem, abuse and dysfunctional family issues,couples, marriage and divorce issues.

    Utilizing both individual and group counseling, Kari has helped thousands of people overcome their dysfunctional past to achieve happy, fulfilling lives. She works intuitively, using both laughter and tears to help a person overcome whatever is blocking their joy and fulfillment.

    Kari has led intensive personal growth workshops for the past 25 that have dramatically changed many people’s lives! She has also been instrumental in bringing the Yuen Method Wellness Trainings to Spokane, Washington.

    Visit:   http://kari-joys.com/

    Connect with Deb at:  http://www.DebScott.com

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    Quit Apologizing, Woman with Special Guest Rachel Martin from Finding Joy!

    in Lifestyle

    Do you find you apologize a lot?! For everything?! This episode we talk with our super special guest Rachel Martin from Finding Joy about why women are so inclined to apologize just for existing, and how the heck we can stop doing it!

    We chat about learning to embrace your awesome, dare to be real, and how to find kick butt friends that celebrate that! Want to get a head start? Check out these awesome articles on Finding Joy!

    Finding Joy http://www.findingjoy.net

    Finding Joy Twitter http://www.twitter.com/finding_joy

    Finding Joy Facebook http://www.facebook.com/findingjoy


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    Finding Joy in Everything

    in Family

    This is a speech I gave in Virginia. We were at the Virginia Homeschooling Convention. I had given two other speeches that day and I was feeling tired. Somehow with the Grace of God this turned out to be one of the best speeches I have ever given. Thank you God for your inspiration. The God Breezes were blowing!

    We will be back to our regular show next week. I am in the studio making videos to help you get rid of your clutter.

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    Letting go of worry brings out the joy of living!

    in Spirituality

    Is worry dominating your life? Often we try to let go of that worry and focus on what feels good. Too often it seeps back in.Soon, we find ourselves thinking the same thoughts again.This can disrupt sleep and affect your mood. A ColorCard Reading can show you how to release your worry and embrace deep joy even when tough things are happening in your life. Join Arlene Arnold, creator of the ColorCards, and Marian Russell, certified Complementary Color Therapist, as they help you look at worry in your life and how to transform it through color frequencies and information that comes from a reading. www.ThePowerofColor.com

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    Finding Joy and Happiness During Difficult Times and Balancing the Chakras

    in Motivation

    Last week we talked about discovering and living your life/soul purpose, this week we are following up the topic with finding joy and happiness during difficult times.  Once you know your life/soul purpose, how do you continue down your pre-ordained path when it seems everything is against you?  The chakras play a vital role in our ability to feel and experience joy each day so during this episode we will also discuss suggestions for balancing the chakras.  Don't miss this thought provoking episode to discover what may be holding you back from finding your joy and living a life full of happiness and blessings.  

    Join Stephanie Gale each Sunday at 6:00 p.m. CST (4:00 PT/7:00 EST) as she explores traditional and modern metaphysical topics related to spirituality, intuition, and psychic growth.  The Mind, Body, Spirit Connection provides information for the continued development of those wishing to grow their mind, body, and spirit through topics such as: energy healing, intuitive and psychic development, manifesting your desires, connecting with spirit guides and angels, psychic protection, sacred places, mystical creatures, and so much more.

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    Finding Joy

    in Motivation

    We often find ourselves in a spiraling thought pattern which prevents us from having true joy in our lives. Have you noticed if something goes wrong in the morning our day seems to spiral out of control? It's because that is the thought pattern we are sending out to the Universe?  I know, I know, but it really is true. Join Candi and Company as they discuss finding your joy. The ways to find and keep joy in your heart.

    Just in time for Deepak Chopra and Ophra Winfrey's new 21 meditation.

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    "The Voice across the River"

    in Religion

    Losing a loved one is tough and can be quite devastating. Many people’s lives are changed forever after losing that special someone and they find it nearly impossible to go on. Our hearts are broken when having to say goodbye for the last time, were left with hope that we will some day see them again. I recently suffered this first hand when I lost my Dad; he was my teacher and mentor. The reality was overwhelming; I described it as a living nightmare. Much like every other time in my life, the Lord was there for me and I was able to find my joy, my comfort, and my peace through the loving mercy of the Holy Spirit. Join us today and see how even when faced with our worst fears, Jesus will never leave you or forsake you. I’ll tell you how the Lord helped me to smile at my most deep and darkest moments.