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    Franklin McKinley:Part 2 Stop motion film making

    in Film

    This show is about more of stop motion film making but this time I'm going in deth. Using plaster  to make your set and old news papers.  By now you have found yourself a studio or a spare room you can use as a studio. But remember that you may be in this room up to a year or more working on your film. 

    Next we going to cover how to set up your stage. http://www.withoutabox.com and sign up this is were you will find the film festivals all over.

    mckinley_frank@yahoo.com contect me for questions and comments.

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    Film and film making foreign and domestic

    in Music

    Join us as we discuss the process of film making, what you are missing by only watching domestic films and films of specific genres, and the difference between independent vs big budget films.  Special guest will be Director Mike Jacks from M05 Films. Thursday November 5 only on SIRA Media Radio.

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    Grassroots Guide to film making resources

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    So Indy Film Wisconsin (me) will be coming out with a Guide to Film Making Resources in Wisconsin 
    What is this all about? Let metell you I think its neat and better yet going to help low budget film makers. More about that effort too 

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    Jim Morlino on Catholic film making; Monica Fitzgibbons on the Rosary Project

    in Christianity

    Catholic film producer/director (and one of Sean's favorite guests) Jim Morlino (www.NavisPictures.com) joins Sean to talk about his latest project, the challenges of making feature films on tiny budgets, and the other projects Jim has been involved with lately. 

    Monica Fitzgibbons, co-founder of DeMonfort Music and Aim Higher Recordings, talks about her latest projects, and the incredible success she's seen with projects from religious communities that have hit the top of the Billboard Classical Music Chart (and stayed there!).

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    Indy Film Wisconsin TV show and other news!

    in Film

    Yes! Indy Film Wisconsin is doing a chat TV Show!

    We are also starting day to focus on Writers, as well being doing some shows about Film Making in the great state of Kentucky

    This is a show YOU do not want to miss!

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    How Will You Preserve Stories told by Women? Who Will Tell Our History?

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    Joining Can We Talk for REAL, Wednesday night will be Dr. Watson, from Real Woman Speak. RWS is dedicated to impacting the lives of women through visual media and print by collecting our stories and preserving our histories So many stories have been lot but so many have been captured and will hold our history forever.Most recently, she was featured on the LGBT Radio Nation Show the topic being Intergenerational Communication. Dr. Watson has also been a guest on the Rhonda Sciortino radio show Crack the Code and the Detroit Area Agency on Aging Senior Solutions Radio Show. Since her retirement, she has ventured into yet another genre, film making. Starting a production company, Reel Women Speak is dedicated to impacting the lives of women through visual media. Women will have the opportunity to become empowered, enhance and develop their quality of life and recalibrate their future, thereby strengthening families and transforming communities. Collective Voices: Wisdom of our Lesbian Elders is her first independent film. Dr. Watson states that “whether it’s in my writing, art or film I have a deep need to recollect traditions and generational legacy, this perhaps comes from listening to stories from my elders specifically, African American women sitting, laughing, talking on porch steps or around the kitchen table.”

    Dr. Debraha Watson describes herself as a mother of two adult children, a film maker, poet, short story writer, essayist, editor and retired higher education administrator. “I can be driven or complacent. Insecure or egotistical like all living creatures I am passing through stages. I am recovering, discovering and growing.” 



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    Focus On Cinema: What Is A True Indie Film...

    in Movies

    With the amount of films being release every year, it's a wonder how the major studios can get it all done. Well a surprising number of the movies being made today aren't being made or distributed by the major studios at all. Independent films, also known by Indie films, are being produced and distributed at and incredible rate and are part of what's been fueling much of our movie entertainment for a number of years now. So our discussion this episode of A Reel Point Of View stems from these two questions: What is a true Indie Film, and how are Indie Films distributed on a shoe-string budget? To help us answer these questions and other those posed in our conversation, will be our guest from the newly launched film, arts and entertainment magazine "Quiet On The Set".

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    Tips from Producer Tom Malloy on Getting Your Film Made

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    Tom Malloy started writing & producing to support his acting career.  He raised over $25 million for features & a doc, has sold or optioned 60% of his screenplays, and is a top producer. To connect with Tom: TomMalloy@gmail.com

    To learn more about Carole and From the Heart Productions please visit www.FromtheHeartProductions.com. Visit and Like her Facebook page at https://www.facebook.com/fromtheheartgrants?ref=hl

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    Tomorrowland Review

    in Movies

    AreYouScreening.com and BFCA critic, Marc Eastman, and co-host extraordinaire, Shane Leonard, review Tomorrowland.

    Is the Disney adventure worth your time, and can George Clooney turn this apparent Disney commercial and world order propaganda film into something that is really an entertaining ride for the whole family?

    We'll let you know if this one is worth your time, and if you need to catch it in theaters.

    We'll also be answering listener questions, and giving you a preview of coming attractions.

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    Shine On

    in Spirituality

    First half of the show will be about blessing and honoring creation and making a positive difference in this world this is from a show I did March 30, 2011. Second half of the show  callers will get a Magical Message from the Fairies oracle cards. This will be what the Fairies want you to know today, I wont be doing intuitive reads today.

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    Anne Archambault: Yoga for everyone (handicap) - Yoga pour tous

    in Health

    Anne, who holds a Bachelors degree in Recreation Therapy and a Masters degree in Adult Education, teaches at Concordia University in the Applied Human Science Department. She has been teaching Yoga to diverse groups since 1984. Marrying her knowledge as a Recreation Therapist and yoga teacher, she is able to adapt the practice making it accessible independent of ones condition

    Anne possède un bac en Récréation Thérapeutique et une maîtrise en éducation des adultes. Elle enseigne dans le département de science humaine appliquée à l'Université Concordia depuis plus de 15 ans et le Yoga depuis 1984 avec des groupes variés, afin que tous puisse vivre les bénifices du Yoga.