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    Conversation 13: The Sugar Hill Gang

    in Film

    On the latest episode of the show, we sit down with the originators of Hip-Hop when Wonder Mike and The Master Gee of the original Sugar Hill Gang now known as Rapper's Delight, discuss their upcoming documentary, I Want My Name Back. The two legends discuss their groundbreaking song as well as their unforgettable experience of the past three decades all on the latest episode of Conversations.

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    Live from NETROOTS. Tobias Lindholm

    in Politics

    We are broadcastinglive from the NetrootsNation conventioninSan Jose California.  Wewill be interviewing activists and poliitcal acors. But we don't forget it is Music Friday when we interview musicians and fillm makers.  In segment 1 we interview Tobias Lindholm, director of the new film A Hijacking, released nationwide today.
    A new concept in the opinion-driven world of talk radio, Fairness Radio is a daily one-hour on-line and on-air radio show featuring liberal Patrick O'Heffernan interviewing national guests from across the political spectrum.  Patrick talks with everyone from conservative Senator Jim DeMint to former Democratic Party Chairman Governor Howard Dean to explore news, politics and culture from all sides in a civil conversation that focuses on idea, not gotcha’s.  With an international team experts from all sides of the political spectrum Fairness Radio covers the events of the world like no one else.

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    Bill Burke Film Maker, TV Mega, Producer, Genuis

    in Film

    Mr Burke will be on to talk about his background in production and the Film of Films: Sweet Prudence and the Erotic Adventure of Big Foot

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    CAROLYN BANKS-Writer, Screenwriter, Filmmaker

    in Entertainment

    Since leaving Blue Cross, Carolyn Banks wrote, directed and produced INVICTA, a feature-length movie that will be distributed by Indieflix and KPOW, a sitcom for the web now in post-production.. Two offbeat Christmas stories Banks produced will be shown at the Off Kilter Xmas Fillm Fest in Bastrop December 12. These are You Say, directed by Sidney Brammer and “A Child’s Christmas in Texas, directed by Jessica Gardner,. Banks is currently executive director of a nonprofit media arts organization, Upstart, and in that capacity has done direct mail and frontline fundraising, as well as grant writing. She initiated a capital campaign for Upstart, and has secured grants from Texas Commission on the Arts. In addition to her other professional credits, Banks’ career includes twelve published novels, plus short stories and non-fiction books. Her work in these fields has earned her international acclaim, especially for her literary novel, THE TURTLE’S VOICE. Her work has been published in translation in England, France, Italy, Sweden and Denmark. Her comic mystery series, initially published by Fawcett, has now been reprinted by Amber Quill Press. The books in the series are MURDER WELL BRED, DEATH BY DRESSAGE, GROOMED FOR DEATH, DEATH ON THE DIAGONAL, and A HORSE TO DIE FOR. Banks’ articles and essays have appeared in SPORTS ILLUSTRATED, AMERICAN EDUCATION, REDBOOK and other national publications. She has written book reviews for the WASHINGTON POST, the NEW YORK TIMES, the LOS ANGELES TIMES and other newspapers. Her feature articles have appeared in the WASHINGTON POST.