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    The Weekly Filibuster

    in Politics

    Live with Lenny McAllister

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    The Weekly Filibuster

    in Politics

    Join us as we talk about the headlines of the day! Matt Cavedon guests moderates. Re-recorded after technical difficulties.

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    Dave Smith, Jess Sager and Mike Branc talk about Rand Paul's epic filibuster, liberal outrage, thought control, and more.
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    Speaker Boehner, Pope Francis in the US and the filibuster rule

    in Politics

    Guest:   Frank Burke, author, businessman and contributor to American Thinker.......We will look at Speaker Boehner's resignation.....who is the next Speaker?    the GOP contest...who is the next one to drop out?  Pope Francis before Congress and UN......the President of China is in the US......the filibuster rule needs to be reviewed.....or 55 rather than 60 so that we force more votes in the US Senate.....and other stories of the week..

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    The Weekly Filibuster

    in Politics

    A Very Filibuster Chanukah!
    Gene Amondson and Cyrus Krohn join us

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    Dems Filibuster Late-Term Abortion, Diagnostic Errors & Syrian Refugees

    in Politics

    Joel Gehrke-National Review political reporter Joel Gehrke covers Pro-life Harry Reid Leads Dem Filibuster of Late-Term Abortion.

    Dr. David Koch-Improving Patient Safety-Healthcare Expert to Discuss the Institute of Medicine’s Report on Diagnostic Errors in Healthcare

    John McTernan- Author of the acclaimed books God’s Final Warning to America and Father Forgive Them discusses the coming refugees to America

    James Hirsen-New York Times best-selling author, commentator, media analyst and law professor says GOP Establishment Sending Out Third Party Trial Balloon.

    Dr. Anne Reilly-September Is Childhood Cancer Awareness Month: Major Advances Being Made in Treating Aggressive Pediatric Cancers, yet Funding in Jeopardy to Support Future Research Discoveries explains Dr Reilly, Medical Director at The Cancer Center at The Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia.

    Chris Pinto-DARK CLOUDS OVER ELBERTON: THE TRUE STORY OF THE GEORGIA GUIDESTONES as presented by Pinto, an award winning, documentary filmmaker and founder of Adullam Films. 

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    The Weekly Filibuster With Rick Davis

    in Politics

    Former McCain Campaign Manager Rick Davis and controversial atheist Dan Barker join us on this installment of "The Weekly Filibuster". Plus, we'll break down the week's top political stories and take your calls live!

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    The Weekly Filibuster with Rick Noriega

    in Politics

    We're joined by Rep. Rick Noriega, the Democrat running for Texas Senator Cornyn's seat. As always, we're taking your calls live.

    We'll also air yesterday's media call regarding the Weekly Filibuster/Sonny Landham controversy.

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    The Filibuster

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    One of the oldest and most storied traditions of the Senate made a sudden return to Capitol Hill on Wednesday when a junior senator seized control of the chamber with an hours-long ­filibuster involving rambling speeches aimed at blocking a vote on President Obama’s choice to lead the CIA. Led by Sen. Rand Paul (R-Ky.) with help from other junior senators, the filibuster stretched nearly 13 hours — with the Senate adjourning at about 12:40 a.m. Thursday — and was aimed at drawing attention to deep concern on both sides of the aisle about the administration’s use of unmanned aerial drones in its fight against terrorists and whether the government would ever use them in the United States.

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    Donald Trump is magical. He really is. It is miraculous the way he is able to create an entirely new narrative. None of it is made up. Trump is taking things that actually happened and spinning it in his favor and is dominating the news cycle once again.

    What Trump has done in this election is turn things upside down. I love when people on both sides of the aisle complain when he uses certain tactics to gain political leverage, because it’s not what they’re used to. They’re normally the ones who use these tactics, especially the GOP. Now that Trump is turning the tables on them, they don’t now what to do. They’re confused. Flummoxed. Verklempt.

    It’s hysterical, because Karl Rove was the master of mudslinging and dirty politics. So was Roger Ailes and Mary Matalin. They were the kings of using tactics against their opponents that people called questionable. Whether it’s Willie Horton or John McCain being crazy from being imprisoned for five years in Hanoi, Republicans have unapologetically used every lowly trick in the book to gain a political advantage.

    Now you have Donald Trump using Karl Rove and Roger Ailes’ tried and true methods and is going completely over the top with them. The GOP is losing their minds. When Trump attacks Ted Cruz, Mark Levin and Glenn Beck lose their minds. They don’t know what to do, because they’re used to being in the driver’s seat.

    The notion that Ted Cruz is not part of the establishment is insane. Whether you are a senator or a governor, if you have worked within the political system, you are part of the establishment. Just because Cruz is a senator who calls other people liars and does a 10 hour filibuster whilst reading Green Eggs and Ham and everybody in Congress hates his guts because he is a loudmouth a**hole, that doesn’t mean he isn’t part of the establishment. He is a senator.

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    The Wednesday Filibuster with Rabbi Dennis Shulman

    in Politics

    Join the Filibuster Crew as they talk to New Jersey 5th Congressional District Candidate Dennis Shulman about his campaign and interesting perspective as a blind Rabbi.

    Kentucky Libertarian US Senate Nominee Sonny Landham will also stop by to talk about his controversial comments to the Kentucky Courier-Journal.

    And an 87-year old New Jersey resident still engaged in a five decade battle for rights to the Garden State Song.

    Your summer just got more exciting! Join Moderator Ben Goodman