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    Man Cave Thoughts - UFC Fight for the Troops 3 & Fight Night 32 Reviews

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    Samer Kadi joins the Man Cave to review UFC Fight for the Troops 3 and Fight Night 32. We’ll briefly talk about Fight for the Troops 3 since one of us didn’t any of it but talk plenty about Vitor Belfort’s huge win over Dan Henderson. Plus a major announcement to end the show.

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    UFC Fight for the Troops 3 & Fight Night 31 Previews

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    Samer Kadi joins the Man Cave to preview two fight cards with one good fight between them. We’ll talk about all the fights but only pay any significant attention to Vitor Belfort vs. Dan Henderson, I’ll brag about knowing TUF winners, and LAMBERT KARAOKE RETURNS!

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    Women Fight Back/ Rose Colombo N Victoria Lee Scott/Women/Political Rants 4/1

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    Listen Live:  Women Fight Back!  Wednesdays.  10:30a-12noon pst-usa and 1:30-3p est.  Rose Colombo and Victoria Lee Scott pull no punches when it comes to their expertise on beauty, stress relief exercises, women's issues, quotes, and political rants. Both dynamic women have experience owning and managing their own businesses and vast experience within the beauty industry.  They are talk show hosts who came together to share their conservative views and provide refreshing information related to women's issues, social issues, and political rants that affect our everyday lives and decisions as well as our lifestyles. You can find Rose and Victoria on social media including Facebook and Twitter.  Rose's award winning self-help and political satire books, poetry, and newspaper column won media awards and raves.  Victoria's expertise within the health industry led her to becoming an award-winner in her field of body building. All shows are taped live and archived for your listening convenience and to share with everyone at www.freedomizerradio.com or at Rose4Justice Blogs N Radio Shows at www.rose4justice.com

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    Episode 301: UFC Fight for the Troops Post-Fight Show

    in Sports

    Bloody Elbow Radio, presented by Bad Boy, will be live to review UFC Fight for the Troops 3.

  • The DuCross Brothers: The Sports Warriors EP 25

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    On today's show 4.1.15, The Sports Warriors will be discussing the latest and greatest concept being introduced into the world of Combat Sports that many people do not know about, that everyone will soon know called BKB (Big Knockout Boxing). Which brings innovation back to Boxing.

    In MMA world you had some big events that happened over the weekend that saw Bellator 135 and WSOF 19 as they put on display some of there top talent with Warren vs Galvao then you had Justin Gaethje vs Luis Palomino that put on a instant classic. While UFC puts on a spectacle with the world tour for the Aldo vs McGregor and if you hadn't heard what happened at the end of this stay tuned!

    In other combat sports news Lion Fight 21 Muay Thai put on a great show out in Temecula, CA and Rousey shows up at 'Mania to do what?

  • Mayweather vs Pacquiao Coverage: (Special Guest - Trainer Henry Ramirez)

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    Tonight, Boxing's only true sports talk radio show kicks off an unprecedented breakdown of Mayweather vs Pacquiao with insight from some of the best in the business!  "Left-Hook Lounge Radio" will go from the typical Tuesday night "Takeover" to full coverage, 5 days per week, leading up until fight night.

    In this episode, Trainer Henry Ramirez who was widely known for his great work with Mexican Heavyweight contender Chris Arreola will serve as special in-studio guest to break down the fight. Show time is 9ET/6PT. Call in live at 949.943.1665 or follow this link to hear what Vivek "Vito" Wallace thinks!

  • War BY Women

    in Politics

    War BY Women Wednesday!!!!  Join Christy Waters and Kimberly Morin:


    Christy has a RANT coming about Indiana's RFRA backlash
    Ooops that Moms Demand Harpy was really a Police Commissioner
    Bob Menendez is clearly on Obama's sh*t list
    Eric Holder actually did something GOOD! And NO, that's not an April Fool's joke!!!
    And whatever other topic we go off on a tangent about...... 

    Show begins a 9PM EST!!!!

    Kimberly Morin is a policy researcher, Conservative commentator and activist. She writes regularly for Examiner.com and GraniteGrok.com.  

    Christy Waters is a Christian, a conservative, and a capitalist! She loves Thomas Sowell,  bacon, and common sense! She writes for JoeForAmerica.

    Both of these strong conservative women fight daily for the Freedom and Liberty that we hold so dear! Call in and speak to the hosts: (347) 205-9620   

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    Stop Child Abuse Now (SCAN) - 1063

    in Self Help

    Tonight's special guest is Nicole Leifson from Syracuse, Utah, is a survivor and advocate for adult survivors of child abuse and a member of NAASCA, with a particular focus in preventing generational abuse from being passed on to the next generation. She's is looking forward to helping others in their fight to heal and most importantly, as she writes, ".. protect their own children from the same pain that haunts them each day. I have successfully ensured that my own abuser will never have contact with my own children, and his sons won't either." Nichole is a mother of 4 and a member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. She lives in Syracuse, UT and works from home doing freelance copywriting, copyediting, social media marketing and proofreading. She writes abour her past and present on her BLOG, and on Facebook, and is available to speak to your organization. Her message is one of hope and triumph. Contact forms can be found on her website, www.BreakingAbuse.com. Nicole has an audio cinematic personal biography titled “Breaking” which is the personal account of her fight to break a cycle of abuse. What began at age 3 ended with a final act of breaking at age 34. The story involves a message of hope and encouragement to anyone who is struggling to save their children from the evil that plagued their own childhood. Nicole understands what it means to confront the very nature of an otherwise loving, Christian family that was intrenched in a cycle of abuse and dysfunction from well before WWII, and how the decision to break away from that family can both devastate and liberate.

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    Negative Influences Around You!

    in Christianity

    We often have to fight off or ignore negative influences even when they come from those who are close to us.

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    A Kind Voice on Sports

    in Lifestyle

    Every year, hundreds of swimmers unexpectedly get caught in riptides and must fight strong currents to survive. On this week's A Kind Voice on Sports, Bill Piedra discusses Ryptide, a Kickstarter project that began when Bill was introduced to a high school robotics class by their teacher. Their collaboration resulted in the birth of Ryptide, an innovative combination of a drone and a life preserver delivery system. Tune in to find out about this potential life-saving device, the people behind its creation, and more about Bill.  The Call In lines will be open during the live show on Wednesday at 7 pm EST at (347) 850-8907.

    Hosted by Elisia Owens Mumford

    Check out the links below for more information on Bill and Ryptide.

    https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/flying-robots/project-ryptide-a-life-saving-drone-accessory    (Kickstarter website)
    http://www.project-ryptide.com/  (Ryptide website)
    https://twitter.com/ProjectRyptide  (Twitter page)
    http://ow.ly/KT1P7  (Youtube video)

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    The Porch - Forgotten Warfare Part 2

    in Spirituality

    From the time of the Judges to now followers of the Lord lose their way and forget how to deal with the enemy in the land.  Are there answers in The Bible to learn from regarding forgotten warfare?  We continue our look into the problem the Church faces today because they have forgotten how to fight.

    Getting back to basics by examining the Word of God and, especially, the Book of Acts Church, The Porch Online Bible Study is taking a deeper look into how the early church served the Lord.

    Our desire is to find and restore the priesthood of the Believer and the world shaking influence the Early Church had. By delving deeper into scripture we will find the Church the Lord intended and not the one man created.

    The Church Age is not over and therefore what took place in the Upper Room is as much for now as it was on the Day of Pentecost. If you know that there is more to your spiritual walk with Yeshua/Jesus and you want more then you are welcome to join us on this journey as we get back to basics!

    The Porch is an outreach of Solomon's Porch Inc. http://www.onsolomonsporch.org.  If you have any questions please visit the site and use the comment button.

    Firefall Talk Radio is a part of the Firefall Media Group, a 501 (c)3 Not for Profit.  Please consider supporting our efforts to educate, edify and inspire.  http://firefalltalkradio.com

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