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    Changes in Boston

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    With the additions for Sandoval and Ramirez does this make the Red Sox a World Series favorite with out any other moves? Will Cespedes get traded, or will he be in center field on opening day?  We will also be covering all Red Sox related rumors from the weekend.

    Celtics are having issues again closing out games, can this be fixed with the current roster, or should there be an overhaul, and if so when should Danny Ainge pull the trigger? We will be covering all the rumors from the weekend.

    Big game this week for the Patriots as they vist Lambeau for the hands down game of the week. Will the Patriots defence continue frustraiting widerecieves with the double team of the Packers Jordy Nelson,and placen Darrelle Revis on Cobb? We will re-cap the game!

    We look foward to having you joing our first weekly brodcast from the Irish Sports Guy!

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    Historicals -- Vikings, Irish, Scottish, Medieval

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    Join host Donna Wright as she talks to authors about historcal romances dealing with Vikings, Irish, Scottish or Medieval times. She's got three ladies on tonight who know what they're talking about: Gina Conkle and Sandi Layne. Also out special guest this week is author Hallee Bridgeman who will be talking about the Destiny Blaine Workshop and Reader Rally coming up in October. And you don't want to miss the latest Romance News this week with Jacci DeVera. All of this and more, this week on Hummingbird Place -- Your Home for Romance. Coming to you live from the Secret Cravings Publishing Studio.

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    Red Sox and Celtics wait for the next shoe to drop.

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    After a lot of baseball related last week, Red Sox pick up a few quality starter, but miss out on the big prize of Jon Lester. Their final offer was $138 Million over 6 years, and the Cubs went for $170 Million on 7 years with the 7th year being a vesting option. The Red Sox used the money to get young starting pitching. Will they make a run after Scherzer or Big Game James Shields?

    Celtics had a rough 0-3 week last week, losing a double over time thriller against Washington and losing two lackluster games against the Hornets and Knicks. What will this week bring against Philadelphia, Orlando, Minnesota and Miami? John and Pete will start a friendly game by choosing what they Celtics win and loss will be for the week. 

    Patriots lock up the AFC East for the 11th time in 12 years. Where do we think they will end up? We will let you know!

    Hopefully we will get some national football coverage in. Jonny Football is on Pete's radar

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    Baseball Winter Meeting- Red Sox Style

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    Going into the baseball winter meeting this week Jon Lester received a reported offer of $138m / 6years. Will he take this offer, or will he give the Red Sox the home town discount that he repetitively would be willing to take from Boston. Who else are real targets for the Sox going into these weeks of meetings?

    Celtics have four games this week, and we will be live podcasting during the final game against Paul Pierce and the Washington Wizards. We will be checking out any other trade rumors from the week.

    We will check in on the patriots for the last 15 minutes of the show and give updates on the weekend news and to see if there are any changes going into their MNF game with the San Diego Chargers.



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    On wednesday night 12/3/14 8 pm EST. Some Good Craic welcomes back Bangers and Mash for a CD/VIDEO release party . Bangers and Mash have recently released a new CD titled "Quicksand Cafe' " . I'll be chatting with the band and playing some new tunes off the cd . And during the show I'll be releasing the Video for the song "Quicksand Cafe " we shot during the summer.

    Formed in New York in 2003, Bangers and Mash absolutely refuses to define itself as a "unique blend of fiddle and guitar" or "a cutting edge combination of rock and traditional Irish music." 

    Make no mistake - they are unique, and they do blend fiddle and guitar, along with bass, drums, vocals and various other noise-making items. However, this is not the ubiquitous "Celtic Rock Band" performing the usual Irish Top 40. Perish the thought!

    Bangers and Mash is a rare treat... a band of hardworking, talented musicians who perform their own music, their own way. Sure, you might occasionally find a familiar Irish tune dropped into the middle of a rock ballad, and you may even hear something that sounds vaguely like "The Fields of Athenry" now and then. (How "vaguely"? You'll be on the third verse before saying "Wait a minute, I think I know this song!") 

    What you will hear, from the opening notes of their first song to the last beat of the encore, is original, driving and brilliant songs guaranteed to stick with you the whole way home... and beyond. Songs that make you laugh, dance, think, sing along and come back for more. All delivered in a style that is uniquely Bangers and Mash.  The full-time line-up includes Liam Hudock on vocals, whistle and spoons, Carole Anderson on Vocals and Bodhran, Alexandra Adams on fiddle, Chad Herth on electric lead guitar, Seth Lesselbaum on bass, and Anthony Anastase on drums and percussion. 

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    Rondo's not going to LA

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    Rajon Rondo's chances of actually landing in LA are slim  to none. People who are speculating this don't really understand where the Celtics are now and where they want to go. 

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    Happy Halloween & Irish Singer YELPY - Live!

    in Indie Music

    Welcome to the 3rd Annual Halloween Edition of Rated G Radio!

    We're excited to welcome Irish born singer YELPY to the world premier of his new single FEEL IT!  You'll get an inside look at this new music star!  FEEL IT hits the streets November 21st!

    Check out Yelpy's Facebook Fan Page by clicking here!

    Follow Yelpy on Twitter by clicking here!

    Check out Yelpy's website by clicking here!

    Then we'll get on to your favorite Halloween classic hits to get your trick or treating off to a ghoulish good start!

    It's all LIVE 3:30pE/12:30pW!  Call in with your Haunted Music requests @ 323 657-1493!

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    It was the night before Lambeau!

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    This will be my first live show, with my co-host John Groder missing out

    We will be doing our first live show tonight and we will be featuring the New England Patriots 4:15p, game tomorrow versus the Green Bay Packers!

    We will also be talking some Atlantic Division news where DeMar DeRozan tears his groin, and how that will affect the Celtics chances of getting back into the playoff picture and how this could make what was looking to be a slam dunk for the Raptors to win the division could now be a much tougher climb. 

    We will also be taking live calls throught the show.

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    Red Sox Blog Talk

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    Going to be talking about getting Red Sox chances of getting Jeff Samardzija, and what will it take to make this deal to happen. Will also talk about the Celtics blowing another 9 point lead to the Spurs, there were some postive point and a major change that was noticed! We will also be bringing in Co-Host John Groder for the episode leading into our weekly Monday spot.

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    Irish Writer and Historian Turtle Bunbury

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    This week Peter Greenberg travel to the Marker Hotel in Dublin to interview the Irish locals. Turtle Bunbury, Irish travel writer, historian and author, tells us about Dublin’s historic Docklands area “1300 acres in the heart of the city being re-established after economic decline,” and how biblical lineage is the reason for Irish pub culture.

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    THE Notre Dame Podcast - Down the Line from TNNDN

    in Sports

    The Fighting Irish fan's BEST listen for in-depth coverage, interviews & analysis of Notre Dame Football and Irish Athletics

    Down the Line

    Hosted by the Irish experts: Jason Cripe, Tim Daniel & Steve Herring

    TNNDN Network's flagship show and the 60 minutes that started it all. Airing LIVE every Tuesday, Down the Line is your place for game reviews, interviews, breaking news & more. Year-round focus on the legendary Fighting Irish Football Team with updates about ALL Irish sports and alumni doing great things.

    Down the Line was started in an effort to bring Notre Dame fans together in supporting the Fighting Irish teams and their University's mission of giving back.

    Down the Line regularly features charity & fundraising efforts with great causes that are directly affiliated with current students, alumni, and fans.

    *This show is not affiliated in any with the University of Notre Dame or its Athletic Department.

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