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    Living Intuitively in the Fifth Dimension

    in Spirituality

    Intuitive co-hosts, Alana Kay and Fawni Ruhf, take callers questions about the concept of living an intuitively guided life in the Fifth Dimension. What's keeping you from your best life in the heightened energy? Alana & Fawni will help you find your bliss by providing intuitive insights that will help you raise your vibration. Alana is a Spiritual Intuitive Master Teacher and author of Heaven is Here, Our Ascent to the Fifth Dimension. Fawni is a Metaphysical Practitioner, Ordained Metaphysical Minister and holds a Bachelors Degree in Metaphysical Science from the University of Metaphysics in Sedona.

    Not feeling the greatest? Not sure where to go from here? Whether it is a set of beliefs, a failure to relinquish old worn out tapes, attachment to unhealthy relationships and substances or any other blockage, Alana and Fawni have the intuitive guidance you need to claim your place in the new paradigm. This show is not for those who don't like change. Let's get ready for the shifts. Let loose and ride the waves into new heights of awareness. www.fawniruhf.com, www.alanakay.com.

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    Living Intuitively in the Fifth Dimension Part II

    in Spirituality

    Maui Intuitives, Alana Kay, Fawni Ruhf and Regina Roy explore the implementation of an intuitive lifestyle in the new heightened energy. We are designed to be intuitive beings, but we were trained away from it throughout our lives. Because the energy of the Fifth Dimension is a higher vibration than the old paradigm, we need to learn new ways of living - all which are innate, yet dormant from lack of use. Intuitive counselors are helpful with regard to helping people find their hidden blockages and programming. Alana, Fawni and Regina will discuss the subject and take callers questions. Get your pen and paper ready - you don't want to miss this!  

    Alana Kay is a Spiritual Intuitive Master Teacher and author of Heaven is Here: Our Ascent into the Fifth Dimension, Mastering Ascension: The Twelve Aspects of Spiritual Love, and How to Receive a High Quality Intuitive Reading. Fawni Ruhf is a metaphysical practitioner, Ordained Metaphysical Minister, and holds a Bachelors Degree in  Metaphysical Science form the University of Metaphysics in Sedona. Regina Roy is a gifted intuitive, educated in various fields of natural medicine and a certified biofeedback practitioner. Contact info: www.alanakay.com, www.fawniruhf.com, www.radianthealthmaui.com



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    Chaos or Bliss ,Welcome to the fifth Dimension

    in Romance

    Many people are in fear about the up coming Grand Cardinal Cross the end of April as some 4 major planets square off in our  solar system. We also have two powerful eclispes this month. Just to keep things interesting.  We will also experience  four full blood Moons over the next two years with one happening tomorrow 4-15-2014. In order for mankind  to move forward into the fifth dimension the earth and it's inhabitants must go throurgh this purging and cleansing process which can be difficult for all of us. With violent storms, earthquakes, money crisis,  world food shortages, war, poor drinking water and man's inhumanity to man fasten your seat belt we are all in for the ride of a life time over the next few years.  We here on planet earth must begin the final countdown to our spiritual awakening ushering in the Age of Aquarius, It is here, We don't have to wait any longer. The paradigm shift is in full swing.  The Love Dr. will discuss fifth dimensional relationships, What they will look like and discovering the bliss with in yourself. Are you ready for true love? The love lines are open Tues, April 15th , 2014. 9 pm 714-242-5155. blogtalkradio.com

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    Infidelity and Adultery in the fifth Dimension

    in Romance

    We all hear about infidelity and adultery,it is a common everyday conversation. Will all this swinging and swapping partners persist in the new fifth dimension?  Did the end of the Mayan calendar predict that everything would change including  all relationships?  will our sexual morales change? Will human behavior change?  Will we learn a better way of relating  to each other. The Love Dr. Will discuss all this and more. Tues April 10 2012. 9 -10pm EST.  call in lines are open  714-242-5155   blogtalkradio.com/ twinflamesinlove.com

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    The Fifth Dimension & Your God Self

    in Spirituality

    Enlighten with Truth Radio, hosted by Sonia Pasqual will be presenting this last segment on the Fifth Dimension and Your God Self in the New Year 2013. Here is a little bit about the energy of the segment,  "Understand that each dimension represents a certain frequency. The fifth dimension becomes accessible to us as we shift our own energy vibration frequency to that of the fifth's consciousness and when we also are able to maintain that frequency. It will take integration, by living, being and operating in this frequency to completely shift in the vibration in which we have chosen to be. " I invite you to listen live and find time before hand to create a sacred space within yourself to receive what part of the message or messages that resonates for your Soul's Essence and Purpose. Happy Holidays to you and yours, with much love.  Join us on facebook at
    http://facebook.com/EnlightenwithTruth  music is provided by Beautiful Chorus http://www.beautifulchorus.com check out Beautiful Chorus tour summer 2013 to a city near you, or in your city.

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    Your 12 Chakras in the Fifth Dimension

    in Spirituality

    Intuitive Counselor Jenn Royster talks about  our 12 Chakras in the 5th Dimension. It's not just about Chakras 1 through 7 any longer. We are now in a time where all 12 chakras are awakening. The colors are shifting, our awareness and ability to operate much more efficiently is now here and it's up to us to align and activate them within us.    Jenn will be sharing her insight on what each chakra holds for us and how you can clear and heal your chakras to align with the new energy frequencies of the 5th dimension.    We are just getting started in a world that will be filled with Hope and Happiness. The more people that raise their frequency, the more Love that will Light the World. Includes a Chakra Balancing Meditation for the New 12 Chakras.   Have a Question about Energy Healing and your Chakras? Have you recently  had new changes? Jenn will be selecting a few emails to answer on the air so PLEASE send your questions to Jenn HERE PRIOR to showtime.       http://www.flickr.com/photos/seyyed_mostafa_zamani/4266283238/

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    Love in the fifth dimension.

    in Romance

    The Love Doctor discuss love and marriage in the fifth dimension. will commitments last ? Do couples really want to share their beloved with another? What is  unconditional love.

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    Enlighten Masters Radio with host Carol Guy

    in Spirituality

    Carol Guy brings you Enlighten Masters Radio to share with you some of the great teaching of the ages by the great masters. How the enlighten masters have helped to prepare our world for the New Age of enlightenment.  Enlighten Masters Radio will share how these teaching have guided our world into the new profound energies that many have been experiencing and tapping into higher levels of consciousness. Opening doorways of 5th, 6th, 7th and even higher dimensions of enlightenment. How these great masters of many different back grounds have all taught the same thing. The language of Love. Not human love but the vibration of  Divine Love. How to reach and hold the vibrational energy of Love. Dr. David Hawkins explains in his book Power vs Force only a few great masters have achieved until now. Enlighten Masters Radio 646-200-4169 

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    Trish LeSage on The Wicked Domain on LiveParanormal.com

    in Paranormal

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    Trish LeSage is an energy healer of the violet flame (a healing technique that is a combination of visualization and energy healing), and she has used self-hypnosis and past life regression for years. She is also a best selling author and a writer of magazine articles on metaphysics, parallel universes (alternate realities), ascension to higher consciousness, and body-mind-spirit topics. Her articles have been published in magazines such as Sedona Journal of Emergence; The Magical Times; and Watkins Mind, Body, Spirit which are distributed at Barnes & Noble bookstores and at other locations worldwide. She has been interviewed on many radio shows, including MUFON Radio, CBS Radio, and iHeartRadio. She has written four best selling books; How To Achieve Fifth Dimension Consciousness, Meditations For Past Lives, Starseeds, Soul Mates, and Beyond, Traveling To Parallel Universes, Manifesting Success In Relationships, Career, and Business Via Numerology. Trish's website can be found at: www.beyond3dbooks.com/

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    Soul Readings for Insomniacs by Alana Kay

    in Spirituality

    Spiritual Intuitive Master Teacher and Author, Alana Kay will be doing mini readings for callers. Alana's readings are based on the Akashic Records, which is the ultimate source for intuitive guidance on your life path and purpose. Karmic relationships need resolution so we cn move on. What is keepin you awake tonight?

     Contact Info for Alana Kay    www.alanakay.com,     email:   alana@alanakay.com        

    Books by Alana Kay:  Heaven is Here, Our Ascent into the Fifth Dimension (Softcover and ebook), Mastering Ascension, The 12 Aspects of Spiriutal Love & How to Receive a High Quality Intuitive Reading. She also has an oh so relaxing meditation CD available on CD Baby - Twelve Aspects of Spiritual Love - Original piano compositions by Billy Kirchen, Maui nature sounds and a guided meditation.