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    Superwoman Sanctuary's Woman Cave

    in Business

    Join Candice Payne every Monday night at 9pm for great laid back girl talk about all things....including Men. Once a Month a male guest will offer a male perspective on the topic. Stay connected. Grab some tea and tune in to the Woman Cave.

  • Womanly Word: I'm A Womanizer Magnet!

    in Relationships

    As a woman, Dating can be terribly hard. Not only is it difficult to trust, these days you have to play private detective. The trusting nature of most women has been tainted by our worst enemies... The Womanizer and the Narcissist. Have you ever felt like you constantly attract men who use you, abuse you, and try to control you? Well, you are certainly not alone. It's a messy cycle that needs to be broken! This week on Womanly Word, Lady Newells instructs us on recognizing womanizers and narcissistic men. By the time this broadcast is over, you will have "de-magnetized" yourself! 

  • The Struggle Is Real: Searching For A Quality Naija Hubby!!!

    in Relationships

     As in!!!! The struggle is real yo!!!

    We are not just talking Naija men are scarce, NO!!! We're talking quality dudes!! A dude with an awesome job, correct credit, classy bloke, healthy a God lover, compassionate, passionate, romantic, selfless, generous, kind, caring, lover of kids.....the list goes on jare!!! 

    Ok so these are my own quantifiers of a "Quality Naija Chap" lol...

    This Tuesday, we will be looking at what makes a man a "Quality Husband Specimen" and truly if they are scarce? Maybe we're just looking in the wrong places and we've been jaded for so long and just don't know how to search or be sought out properly. 

    Join us at 8:30pm Let's swap tales! 

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    Talk Back Tuesdays: Relationship Series-Happiness during Menopause

    in Self Help

    Why does it seem like mothers did more in preparing their daughters for puberty, and not so much for the second change in a woman’s life called menopause?  Even as adults, the most women may say out loud is the acknowledgment of just hot flashes. This narrow view perpetuates the ignorance of younger women to believe hot flashes will be the worst of this aging process, whereas no more menstrual cycles will be the celebration to many years of anatomic torture.  Therefore, we are ill prepared for the up and down mood swings, the constant irritability, low tolerance, loss of memory, inability to concentrate, and confusion over the most basic things in everyday life.  The drastic changes in eating and sleep patterns along with changes in physical appearance (mostly by weight gain) begin to diminish what was once a healthy self esteem.  The most baffling symptom of these listed would be the high sex drive that tries to come out through all these and other barriers too much to list.

    Women start to become recognized by society as a Cougar, Mom gone crazy, divorcee, depressed, neurotic, angry, bitchy etc. In histories past, doctors called this stage of life  “the lonely wife syndrome.” Unfortunately doctors today sometimes misdiagnose this stage and simply label woman as depressed or having an anxiety disorder. It’s also unfortunate that the health profession minimizes this female experience as a hormonal imbalance that can simply be rectified by hormone replacement therapy. The latter has been linked to cancer, which made the issue so crippling that it’s just not talked about among women, who have taken to suffering in silence.

    Come get on the COUCH and bring a Friend


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    What If Your Mate Is Lame?

    in Romance

    What do you do when your mate humiliates you?  I don't mean intentionally.  I mean from just being lame.  He/She wants to be one of the cool kids, but just isn't.  For example, think about how Nicki Minaj feels right now.  She's at the top of her game.  No other woman is competing with her in the game of rap.  Her man, Meek Mill, got owned by Drake in a battle rap.  Now her man is the subject of hundreds of humiliating memes circling the web.

    How do you handle when your mate is Meek Mill?  Do you try to uplift and support them?  Do you bail on the relationship because you can't stand to deal with your friends making fun of you?  I'll ask my Show Legends what a person should do when your mate makes you face palm more than smile.

    This and more on the Talk 2 Q Radio Show!  "No experts.  Just opinions."

    Show No. 505

    Scheduled for 60-75 mins.


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    Intercessory Prayer With Pastors Anthony and Rebecca

    in Religion

    Join NCCM for a time of Intercessory Prayer

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    The 110 Nation Sports Show

    in Sports

    Mr. C.J. Sports and Shorty will be tearing up the air waves tonight on the #1 show on The 110 Nation Sports Radio Network.  Yes, The 110 Nation Sports Show has become the must be place on Tuesday nights.  Listen in as they talk sports, sports and oh yea, anything else plus more sports. But wait, thats no where close to all there is tonight, oh no!!!  They will also be joined by Paul Zotta, President of one of the largest leauges in iRacing (SMRL) at 9:30. If you have ever wanted to know anything about iRacing or what league is a must join league, TUNE IN and get educated.  Now, you would think that would be enough for the avearage listener, a fix like no other, but The 110 listener is NOT the average listener. And because of that, we still have more for you.  As we hit our climax, we bring you another dose of John Izzo our NHL expert at 10:30 to bring it home.  If that doesn't leave you satisfied, well honestly, nothing will and you might die a very frustrated person.

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    NY Baseball Playoff Fever! Who's On The Hot Seat in the NFL?

    in Sports


    1. Are both the New York Mets and New York Yankees primed to make a run at the postseason this year?

    2. Reviewing the July 31st Deadline Deals

    Boxing/ MMA:

    1. Ronda Rousey vs Bethe Correia Results

    2. Paulie Malignaggi vs Danny Gaarcia Results


    1. Jets' DL Sheldon Richardson Discussion. 

    2.. Who Is On the Hot Seat This Season in the NFL?

    3. Arizona Cardinals Hire First Woman Coach in the NFL

    4. Jameis Winston Named Starting QB For Tampa Bay Buccaneers

    5. Russell Wilson's New Contract with Seattle Seahawks

    6. Giants Sign Former Raiders/ Packers WR James Jones

    7. Jason Pierre Paul Situation


  • The Real Women of the "ATL" featuring "Social Finesse".

    in Entertainment

    The Real Women of the "ATL" featuring "Social Finesse". 

    Social Finesse are 5 women in the Atlanta area conveying news on Social Events on the Entertainment lifestyle of the Celebrities.  "Social Finesse" characterize and refine the elegeance of the "ATL" woman. With Special Guest and events from the social media.  Tune in Every Tuesday Night at 8:30pm with "The Real Woman of Atlanta" "Social Finesse". 

     Go to our website: 101oasisradio.com or call 773-897-6115 on www.blogtalkradio.com/101oasisradio.com

    You can hit them up on facebook at "Social Finesse"

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    The Radio Show

    in Pop Culture

    EZ,The Jerk,Atl Diva,and M-16 discuss Dr Dre,the woman who wants men she dates to pay for the babysitter and a great interview with Andrew Worthy turns into a disaster that has to be heard to be believed

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    Tuesday Petty Gathering ...Call In 646 668 8183

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    giving out 2 -1 roasts on the show tonight