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    FieldGulls Radio: Superbowl XLVIII Edition - Part I

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    Make sure to listen in on Part II of our preview. Hot off the presses. 3 hours of PURE SEAHAWKS BRONCOS PREVIEW GOLD right here.

    We delve into the glorious victory over the San Fransisco 49ers this past Sunday, analyzing as much of it as we can, from the opening fumble to the monumental final play of the Niners' last series.

    We'll be having a few guests on. Jacob Stevens from our very own FieldGulls.com will be joining us at 7 to give his initial impressions of the (SUPERBOWL!!!) matchup with the Broncos. Then at 7:30 we'll have Steve Ryan on, the little brother of our superhuman punter, to hopefully give us some insight into what made Jon Ryan the mega boot he is. Worst case, he'll tell us an embarassing story or two.

    If you have any questions for Steve or Jacob send them into us on twitter @FieldGullsRadio, we'll do what we can to get any and all submissions on the air!

    We look forward to having you all along for the ride. One short week away from history!!

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    FieldGulls Radio: The one about free agency

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    This week's episode - our first since the Superbowl - is going to be a good one. We'll have Will Cornell on to give us the scoop on the much anticipated fourth episode in the Rain City documentary series. We will also be joined by (hopefully) Brian Nemhauser of Hawkblogger.com to talk free agency.

    Who do you want the Hawks to snag? How do you feel about the Golden Tate departure? As we do every week, we'll invite your thoughts and questions via phone or twitter. Call in at (646) 716-5420

    The plan currently is to close the show with a visit from Chris Sullivan. The head man of the long dead and gone, but not forgotten Seahawks blog 30AcreFortress.

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    Gridiron Season Ep. 8: w/ Davis Hsu of Fieldgulls.com

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    With the Jags heading to Seattle Phil will be back to co-host as I reached out to my good friend Davis Hsu of Fieldgulls.com. If you all recall earlier this year I had Davis on to talk on Gus Bradley and the Seahawks as he gave us great insight on what to expect from Bradley being a Seahawks fan. I also asked him to bring  "the man in charge " over at the Fieldgulls camp in Danny Kelly through so stay tuned to see if he'll be able to join us for a few minutes. Phil and I will talk on the loss to Oakland and evaluate the reasoning behind the Jags horrible play which is simply a lack of talent. Tune in as I evaluate each position the Jags could use help in and need to address in the future. Of course we'll also talk some college football as we give our the thoughts on the game of the week between Texas A&M and Alabama along with more  on the exciting games that were on this past week. So don't miss it as we bring you the best fooball coverage in the land here on Gridiron Season!

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    Week 15 Twelves Company

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    We'll have a couple of guest hosts for the week 15 show: Corax and Patton Richard

    In this weeks episode we'll start by running through the Seahawks loss to the 49ers last week, then move on to some pre-recorded audio from an interview with Fieldgulls' own Jared Stanger talking NFL draft stuff.

    We'll have Ed Valentine on the show. He's the editor for Big Blue View, SB Nation's New York Giants site. He should be able to fill everyone in on whats going on with the Giants right now.

    As always we'll respond to any twitter activity directed at us. You can find us at @12sCompany

  • Interview with Seahawks punter Jon Ryan

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    We go deep tonight, launching a probe into the "Canadian blood theory" with the man of the maple leaf, Jon Ryan. This won't be your normal interview, we will pull absolutely no punches tonight. The truth will come out.

    Who goes back for seconds in the cafeteria? Who is your favorite punter? Are you a dual citizen? How hard was the test to get US citizenship really? What's Canada like? What was it like to play William Wallace's best friend in Braveheart?

    via http://Seahawks.com

    While it may be rare for we here at Field Gulls Radio to get the chance to show off our true investigative prowess, we're just going to have fun with it instead. I mean, it's the offseason... the Seahawks are losing players left and right. Even Paul Mcquistan left, guys. PAUL MCQUISTAN. We want to have some fun with Jon, and I've got word he's not a super serious guy so it should go over well.

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