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    ''Off The Record '' with Shotgun Holler 01-09-2015

    in Music

    Lonesome Day and Dry Lightning Records recording artists Shotgun Holler blends multi-genre musical styles to create an impressive sound.Shawn Brock (Mandolin)
    Matt Jones (Guitar/Vocals)
    Rod Lunger (Bass/Vocals)
    Nathan Treadway (Banjo)
    Alex Benefiel (Fiddle/Vocals)

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    in Entertainment


    Belinda Gail weclcomes the award winning JOHNNY NEILL, Fiddle Master to this weeks show!  

    Recognized as “Denver’s Fiddler of Choice”, Johnny Neill has performed throughout the United States and is known for his ability to play a variety of musical styles including Classical, Western Swing, Bluegrass, Country and Jazz. Johnny is a sought after studio musician, having been recorded on over fifty albums.

    Johnny has also appeared in motion pictures, on television and in the theater where his performances include:              Louis L’Amour’s classic western Conagher (playing the Tumbleweed Waltz which he composed on location), Every Which Way But Loose, the epic mini-series Centennial, and the world premiere production of Almost Heaven – The Songs and Stories of John Denver at the Denver Center for the Performing Arts.

    Johnny is also the winner of the 2013 Western Music Association’s Instrumentalist of the Year.

    Join Belinda every Sunday for an inspiring hour that will bless your heart and lift your sprits.

    EQUESTRIAN LEGACY RADIO is Heard Around the World on your Mobile Devices and Online and On Demand at www.equestrianlegacy.net

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    ISIS Stampedes Idiot America over a Cliff -- AGAIN!

    in Politics Progressive

    We already discussed the marketing of ISIS as a powerful and incredibly brutal force. And we saw that behind it is the CIA and its "private contractors" such as Israeli Mossad agent Rita Katz' SITE Intelligence Group. This was virtually a total fabrication, but the question was -- why? Why fabricate beheadings and the burning of a Jordanian pilot and on and on...? What was the purpose? At the time, the possibilities seemed implausible, but the picture is now coming into focus. Let's take a look at the immediate reactions of Europe and the United States:

    The destruction of the European Union started instantaneously.
    Europeans and Americans (again) turned violently against Moslems, Middle Easterners, and Africans.
    Western powers bombed (again) targets in the Middle East.
    Borders and immigration began closing at the speed of light!
    Once again, the American Eagle has been turned into a stapeding flock of mindless, terrified sheep running off a cliff.

    Here we go again, idiot America gets played like a country fiddle!   In the next two hours, Bob, author of American Heart of Darkness, will explore these issues! Hey give him a call.

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    Charlie Daniels Stops By! The Man The Fiddle The Legend

    in Music

    NWP welcomes the legend and the man, Charlie Daniels! 

    From his Dove Award winning gospel albums to his genre-defining Southern rock anthems and his CMA Award-winning country hits, few artists have left a more indelible mark on America’s musical landscape than Charlie Daniels. An outspoken patriot, beloved mentor to young artists and still a road warrior at age 76, Charlie has parlayed his passion for music into a multi-platinum career and a platform to support the military, underprivileged children and others in need. Raised among the longleaf pines of North Carolina, Charlie began his career playing bluegrass music with the Misty Mountain Boys 

    Each year Charlie also hosts The Charlie Daniels Celebrity Golf Classic & Angelus Concert in Hudson, FL, a benefit for The Angelus, a full-time residential facility and day school program for the severely handicapped. Charlie is also a member of the St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital Professional Advisory Board and has been a longtime supporter of the T. J. Martell Foundation and its numerous events aiding cancer research. He’s also the headliner every year for the Christmas 4 Kids concert at the Ryman Auditorium, which raises money to provide a happy holiday for needy children. “I have a very unique opportunity because of being in the music community,” Charlie says of using his celebrity status to aid worthy causes. “You try to give back to some extent. I do feel like people should. We should all do as much as we can.”  http://www.charliedaniels.com

    This show is sponsored in part by http://audibletrial.com/northwestprime Free Trial 1st BOOK FREE 

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    12 inch Victor and Victrola records part 3 (The adventure continues)

    in Classical Music

    Playing Forgotten Music on 78 rpm records 

    12 inch Victrola records part 3 (The adventure continues)

    Jascha Heifetz ‎ Ave Maria

    Feodor Chaliapin, Two Grenadiers

    Mischa Elman Hymn to the Sun

    Elman string Quartet Andante Cantabile


    Podcast link  


     All credit due to the artist, musicians and Record Companies. No profit or income derived from this podcast. Have a historic 78 RPM and story you want to share with my listeners?  Contact me at: www.facebook.com/s3productions2 or curthahn74@yahoo.com

    All are 12" Single sided Shellac records 

    Jascha Heifetz ‎– Ave Maria

    Label: Victrola ‎– 74563

    Record Company Victor Talking Machine Co.

    Genre: Classical

    A: Ave Maria

    Arranged By – Wilhelmj Composed By – Schubert Piano [Pianoforte] – André Benois  

    Violin – Jascha Heifetz

    88645 Victrola Red Seal CC556

    Feodor Chaliapin, Two Grenadiers

    Bass with Orchestra

    Heine – Schumann

    Mischa Elman ‎– Hymn to the Sun

    Label: Victrola ‎– 74597

    Genre: Classical

    A: Hymn to the Sun

    Composed By – Rimsky-Korsakow Piano [Pianoforte] – Josef Bonime Violin – Mischa Elma

    74575 Elman string Quartet Andante Cantabile - string qt

    Alma Gluck and Efrem Zimbalist ‎– Fiddle and I

    Label: Victrola ‎– 89093

    Released: 1916

    Genre: Pop

    Style: Vocal

    A: Fiddle and I

    Soprano Vocals – Alma Gluck

    Violin – Efrem Zimbalist

    Composers Fred W. Weatherly, Arthur Goodeve 


  • Nancy I. Sanders Talks about Her Newest Picture Book

    in Books

    Nancy I. Sanders has written over 100 published books for children. In this episode of Book Bites for Kids, she talks about her newest picture book, A Pirate's Mother Goose.

    About the Book

    This selection of popular Mother Goose rhymes is given a delightful pirate makeover! What happens when the cat gives a mate his fiddle? The cabin boy dances a jig and the scalawags waltz in the brig! And Pretty Polly Pirate flies through the town squawking through the locks "are the children safe in bed? There be pirates at the docks!" From Rock-a-By, Pirate to Rub-a-Dub-Dub (three swabs in a tub), this collection is sure to inspire the poetic pirate in everyone!





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    Dems Fiddle, Baltimore Burns! Supremes Decide Gay Marriage, Lerner Emails Found

    in Politics Conservative

    We have our quarterly riots in Baltimore while the democrats say that it’s better to let people’s life savings go up in smoke than for the police to do their job. Basically it’s about getting free stuff and having a party, not police victims. People were on Facebook looking for rides from as far away as Miami to go and commit mayhem. The Supreme Court has a case on gay marriage in front of it. Yawn! Also emails by the thousands are showing up from the IRS and State department now. Seems as though someone in the government doesn’t like Hillary. No one cares, though, because it’s NFL Draft Weekend!

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    GoingFullNerd Radio Why aren’t there more female superheroes in mainstream media

    in Pop Culture

    Part of the myth in comic book culture is that female superheroes should play second fiddle to their male counterparts.  You hear more about Spiderman than you do about Spider Woman or you may have noticed the lack of toys depicting the female characters from the popular marvel movies.  Considering for many years the comic book industry was a heavily male dominated field and the more iconic characters were all males created by males.  Looking at the historical portrayal of women as the weaker sex in many comics they were the damsel in distress or the inquisitive sidekick in some cases that always needed saving.  Fast forward to today we now have a problem.  As young women are more and more involved in comic books not just reading and enjoying them in today’s pop culture they are a growing force in what is predominantly a male industry.  Artists, writers, inkers, and colorist positions are now being occupied by talented individuals who are female.    

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    Comedian Craig Shoemaker & Can Oakland save the @RAIDERS ?

    in Sports

    Zennie Abraham joins us tonight to discuss the various options the Oakland Raiders have moving forward. Zennie was asked by owner Mark Davis to submit a proposal for a new stadium which would be located in Coliseum City. At the same time other developers are working at moving the Raiders, one option being back down to Los Angeles, to a stadium they would have to share with the San Diego Chargers. Is there any way the Raiders will come out on top, or will they always end up having to play 2nd fiddle to another team? 

    IN HOUSE: Comedian Craig Shoemaker is in town and stopped by the Studios at Dockside to impart his special kind of humor and wisdom to the people. The over/under as to how fast the show will go off the rails was set at -1. Bet the house baby!

    CAST: Tony Bruno, Miss Robin, Luigi Curto, Joe Corrado

    What our listeners are saying:

    "The BEST Podcast BlogTalkRadio!" - @xtNetworks

    "The world needs to know of the greatest sports mind behind the microphone in the history of the world!" - @MrMainEventDM

    "This Podcast is so funny. I love how anything goes!" - @SprintCarMom

    "Best way to start the morning man. I'm dying laughing! Salute to Tony Bruno & crew" - @CForClarity

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    Beyond the Veil - Played Like a Fiddle

    in Politics

    This week on Beyond the Veil we will be discussing the aftermath of recent No-Verdicts and the reactions that have been taking place across the globe.  We have been watching closely what has been going on within various movements as well with the change in direction that many have taken.  It is time that we have a serious discussion about accountability.  What we have to say may surprise you.

    Join us tonight, Wednesday December 10th at 7pm as we shine a spotlight on the issues at hand in a way that you won’t get on your evening news.

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    Assignment America Radio Show - Special Interest, Bigotry, Hate and Propaganda

    in Current Events

    Special Interest Groups gaining power over the citizens of America, claiming bigotry, hate and many other things. Will they one day realize they've been played like a fine tuned fiddle as propaganda in a plan to destroy America from within? Let's talk about it. Assignment: tells the stories of America from history, military, politics, social and economic to entertainment - the things you never thought about to the trivia you never knew.

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