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    EPISODE 83- "IT WAS GLEE IN '83"

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    HERE WE GO AGAIN GUYS! The TALKFEST WAYBACK MACHINE is ready for another trip TONIGHT! Of course now our destination will be 1983! Everything will be 1983 just like our last few year highlight episodes! All the ads you remember, the news stories, the tunes, the TV shows...EVERYTHING!1983. The year RETURN OF THE JEDI dominated the box office. It was the year that the highest rated TV series episode ever, the final episode of M*A*S*H, aired. The year that First Lady Nancy Reagan's famous "JUST SAY NO" anti-drug campaign began! The year JAWS went 3-D with JAWS 3-D. The year that saw computers continuing to make news, even being featured as an adversary to the Man Of Steel in SUPERMAN III. The year that MICHAEL JACKSON'S LEGENDARY MUSIC VIDEO THRILLER premiered on MTV. The year that the smash hit album PYROMANIA was released by rock band DEF LEPPARD beginning am impressive run locked behing Michael Jackson's THRILLER at #2 for 6 months on the BILLBOARD CHARTS. the year that the sequel trend initiated by 1978's JAWS 2 continues with a myriad of sequels including THE STING II, PORKY'S II: THE NEXT DAY, SMOKEY & THE BANDIT PART III, AMITYVILLE 3-D, and PSYCHO II. Most of all...1983 IS THE YEAR WE'RE BRINGING YOU BACK TO THIS WEEK on LOU & YANA'S TALKFEST Radio Show!Of course we'll have all of your favorite weekly segments in "LOU VS YANA," "VOICES OF REASON," "THE LEPPARD SPOT," "LIVE WIRE," and ANOTHER very special edition of "THE RETRO REWIND" featuring a countdown from Yana! We'll have a FLAMING HOT 1983 tune on deck for BUFFALO TOM'S "HOT SPOT" as always too!THE WAYBACK MACHINE IS LEAVING FOR 1983 TONIGHT AT 7PM EST..don't miss YOUR ride!

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    Epiphany's House feat Tantra Zawadi!!!!!

    in Poetry

    She is bliss.....world renowned and respected by all..I am quite simply..floored by her amazing work and incredible spirit... Please do join us...
    If there are images in this attachment, they will not be displayed.
    Tantra has performed to standing-room audiences at venues in Toronto, London
    and Germany while blowing audiences away with her soul stirring style of poetry
    in the tri-state area; performing original works in off-Broadway productions and
    venues such as: The Sugar Bar, Merce Cunningham Studios, Brooklyn Museum’s
    First Saturday Project, Def Poetry Plugged In, hosted by Danny Simmons at the
    Brooklyn Academy of Music,
    BRIC Studios, Brooklyn Academy of Music’s Brook-
    lyn NEXT!, Bryant Park,
    Union Square Park (Summer in the Square),
    Barnes & Noble, Trane
    Studios and Up From The Roots in Toronto,
    The Schomberg Library
    with Ruby Dee and Avery Brooks in at-
    tendance, The Harlem
    Book Fair, WOW Theater, 4WCircle of
    Art, Urban
    Erotika, The Guild Theater, The Triad
    ater, The Cutting Room, The Corridor
    Gallery, RUSH Arts Gallery, The Nuy-
    orican Poets Cafe and the Symphony
    Space (Riant Theatre’s Strawberry
    One-Act Festival). Tantra was honored
    by the Kings County District Attorney’s Of-
    fice during Women’s History Month in 2001
    for her artistic contributions to the borough
    of Brooklyn.

  • Elliott and Associates Global Market Review sur Grim Données Allemandes

    in Marketing

    Europe Tokyo Paris Asia les Marchés Mondiaux - Grim Données Allemandes, FMI Concerne L'épouvanteur Europe

    * Faibles données industrielles allemandes revenants européennes actions, obligations

    * Les IMF devraient réduire les prévisions de croissance mondiale

    * Prise de bénéfice aboutit à des pertes pour yen contre dollar

    * Aussie gouttes après des entretiens RBA vers le bas de la monnaie, détient politique stable