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    Media, Expectations and Motherhood.

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    The expectations that we have on oursleves as mothers is large, we can all agree on that - but is it real?  The media feeds us with images of how we should look, feel and live from a very young age.  The images of motherhood are often unrealistic while the reality of motherhood is vastly under-represented.   These expectations are reinforced every which way we turn,  causing women to try to hide their reality and persisit on 'keeping it together'.  As you transition into Parenthood, you transition into a stage of life that challanges and changes your identity, your values and your relationships.  Not expecting these changes can greatly affect your life, often leaving women feeling they have underachieved, confused and even depressed - but it's in this vulnerability that we can truly connect - and create our new tribe.

    Elly Taylor is a Physcologist who noticed that her story and many of her clients stories were not dissimilar, they were drowning in parenthood, feeling that something was wrong with themselves, their partner and their relationship. After studying the research available she discovered that there was a lot of research on the subject but it wasn’t translating into practical support in the community, so she wrote her book Becoming Us which has become a bench mark book on the subject. www.empoweringmotherhoodradio.com


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    Living With Royal Expectations

    in The Bible

    In this episode our topic of discussion will be how to live with royal expectations. We will also discuss how to respond when our expectation are not being met

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    Gay Marriage Planning: Expectations Versus Agreements

    in LGBT

    What's the difference between expectations and agreements?  Why should you care?  Listen in and learn how to better match what you say with what you do.

    Questions about this show?  GREAT!  Call 312-268-0000 to record your question. Soul will air your question and share his ideas on your question on upcoming shows.

    Your host Soul Dancer, an out, gay, licensed wedding officiant in Hawai'i is also a social worker (masters level, private practice), monk of three orders and shaman in three traditions.  Check out Soul's 12 month program to co-create a healthy, happy, lifetime marriage. Contact Soul to schedule him to officiate your wedding at least six months in advance.

    Music: Eternal Hope by Kevin MacLeod Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0

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    RELATIONSHIPS - expectations are own and society's

    in Spirituality

    This is a topic that we all have thought about over and over again.  Our program last week covered many issues related to relationships and we want to continue the dialogue.

    Is it good to have expectations or can they lead to disappointment and/or resentment?  What does society teach about relationships?  Is it time to change our perspective about relationships?

    We will address these topics and most likely many more.  We hope to again have special guest Summer Bacon on the program.

    Join in the conversation here on THE MAN CAVE FORUM by calling our toll-free number 877-257-6517.

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    Great Expectations or Super Let downs?

    in Radio

    My New Years resolution was all about Expectations. Who to put them on. Who to NEVER put them on. And what to put on myself. Tonight I want to really expound on when did holding people to thier word become almost extinct? What came first, the word "Loyal" or the person claiming to be it? The people that are truly what they claim and do as they say are the Last of the Mohicans. Tonight we will discuss.

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    The Uncertainty Factor & Limiting Expectations Course

    in Motivation

    There will always be uncertainty in life, and especially when you start breaking out of the mould of who you are now to become who you should be. Things like fear, failure, rejection, and disappointment are all going to come knocking at your door. So what should you do? Throw in the towel now, before you have even gotten started?

    No! There is only one way to overcome uncertainty, and that is have your mind, heart, and soul laser-focused on becoming what your creator put you here to do. When you do that, no force on Earth can stop you! 

    If I asked you right now if you are ready to go out and start living the way you should be, what would you say? I suspect that, at this point in the book, you might say yes. Yes, you are probably getting more and more hopeful about your future and excited that you can actually overcome your current circumstances. And that is fantastic!

    But what if I asked you if you if you were ready to proclaim your expectations of yourself to the entire world? Would you say yes to that? Most people will probably be a little, or even a lot, more hesitant about doing that. And that is completely understandable. 

    It can be hard to proclaim that you have high expectations for yourself, because people are going to hold you to them. Am I right?

    So I am going to make it easy on you. Instead of asking you to tell the world what you expect of yourself, I want you to just tell yourself. Using the seven statements below as guide, create your own high expectations for yourself, and them read them daily. 

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    Beliefs and Expectations

    in Education

    We will discuss the power of beliefs and expectations to influence outcomes.

    As usual, we will also discuss two delicious recipes for sharing. The "safe" recipe will be Chicken and Squash Casserole, and the "adventure" recipe will be Fish Stew.

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    Are Your Dating Expectations Too High?

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    Have you ever asked yourself, "Why am I single"? Well, we have about 14 plus reasons that all point to you are setting your dating expectations too high. There is a thin line between settling and being realistic. The ladies of GirlTiniLive Uncensored will discuss how to toe that line.

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    Changing Patterns & Raising Expectations with Coach & Teacher Amy Lombardo!

    in Self Help

    Here is the link to the full NPR episode Amy reference's if you are interested, it is fascinating!

    Listen in as Amy shares questions we explore to uncover and challenge our expectations, how to recruit the body to change patterns, Safety vs. Security and more!

    No matter the form of her offering, whether she is playing the role of yoga teacher, strategic entrepreneurial consultant, life coach, writer, public speaker, vlogger, or wellness counselor, Amy Lombardo’s intention has always remained the same; create a space for people to connect to their own inherent wisdom, and magic will happen.   Also a dedicated Karma Yogi, deeply committed to the yoga of service, Amy co-founded of Karma Krew, a yoga-based non-profit that sustains a nationwide grassroots network of socially conscious yoga studios and practitioners in over 50 cities, and 4 countries.  In her latest venture, her vlog, Confessions of a Warrior Woman, Amy hones in on her passion for women’s empowerment, providing her audience with real life examples and heart-felt, practical advice on how to embrace their vulnerabilities as some of their greatest strengths. Her weekly videos are watched regularly by followers in over 12 countries. To learn more about Amy and her various offerings, please see www.truenaturewellness.com or www.confessionsofawarriorwoman.com. 

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    WAKING UP WITH LINDA & Stephanie Haynes(Break Away From Expectations of Others)

    in Motivation


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    John Carver Show - Marital Expectations (Andy Stanley)

    in Self Help

    Andy Stanley has a way of sharing insights on so many subjects.  This talk on marriage is no different.  In this talk he shares:

    New husbands and wives and dreams and goals for their marriage, what roles they will fill, they desire a great marriage even what the wife wears to bed.

    There are financial goals...all these desires have "I" in common.  Every bride and groom walk down the aisle with a box of desires.

    Once the marriage happens, and without really knowing what's happening, married people take all their history and expectations on their new spouse.  Good desires become expectations.  That kind of pressure can be dangerous to a marriage.  They dynamic, instantly, changes because there are two big "I's" in the marriage.

    Selfishness, in a marriage, can destory expectations and can erode trust.

    In some marriage the "dominant" spouse thinks they're in control.

    It's very easy, for me, to be me.  It is very easy for you to be you.

    Conforming to someone else's expectations is very stressful.  We are individuals.

    Some marriages are based on compromise.  It goes good for a while then it starts to implode.

    Your focus of your attention has to be about each other.  

    When you settle in to compromise the marriage is an "I" marriage.

    Discontent can destroy what brought you and your spouse together.

    A desire migrated into an expectation where you say "You owe me" then romance suffers greatly.


    You can get a lot more information on Andy Stanley at http://northpoint.org/




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