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    Ribbon Radio - Spinach, Feta, and the Sun 062308

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    We will continue to run through the features for recovery including Take 5 for Cancer, Cooking for a Cure, and Quotes to Live By.

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    Whirl With Merle

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    Join me in a cheese tasting. Cheese from Wisconsin.   Sugar Brook, Kelly's Kitchen and Crave Brothers. Debbie Crave tells us about the Dairy Farm and cheese such as Les Freres, Fresh Mozzarella, Farmer's Rope...better known as string cheese and that creamy Mascarpone noted to be used in Tiramisu.
    Sugar Brook specializes in cheese spreads with a base of Cheddar Cheese.
    Kelly Longseth of Kelly's Kitchen, part of Sugar Brook Farms, produces items such as Cranberry Almond Dessert Spread, Chocolate Cheese Fudge, Traditional Tapenade with Odyssey Feta and Mediterranean Tapenade with Goat Cheese.

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    The Renegade Farmer Interviews Janet Hurst: Homemade Cheese

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    If you love making (or eating!) cheese, then this is the interview for you, as the Renegade Farmer interviews Janet Hurst, author of Homemade Cheese: 50 recipes from Artisan Cheesemakers.
    Making cheese at home is one of the joys of a self-sufficient lifestyle, along with gardening, canning, and raising chickens. Author Janet Hurst is a twenty-year-veteran home cheesemaker, who shows you how to easily craft your own cheddar, feta, chèvre, mozzarella, and 50 more cheeses. Included are profiles of 20 artisan cheesemakers—from Cypress Grove, Vermont Butter and Cheese, Shelburne Farms, Does Leap, Pure Luck, and more—and their favorite recipe.
    Join us for this tasty journey!

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    27-Gyros are kickass, just like Matt Damon

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    As most of you know Unstoppable Radio is a f#cking space shuttle on a collision course with greatness. We are a freight train enema going straight up the ass of the entertainment world. Each and every week we bring a fresh, loud, offensive, informative, and addicting show to a world that desperately needs it and this week will be no different. Join us with special guest Matt Damon. Because the world don't move to the beat of just one drum, what might be right for you might not be right for some. It takes different strokes it takes different strokes it takes different strokes to rule the world. So my friends tune in to hear what we think about the various NFL teams and their performances thus far as well as movie news and current events. Having said that you can most likely expect short mentions of those things followed by fifteen minute rants that are loosely based on the topics. I Van Schultz the Unprofessional Professional will with out a doubt say some really filthy words, scream at Tina, and say something about a dead celebrity that will get angry emails sent to us. Of course if you would like to send us an angry email you can always do so at unstoppable_radio@hotmail.com I always love to hear from our admirers and the mother f*ckers that hate us. I also love gyros, and the g is silent so it sounds like yearos. If you don't know what a gyro is than your taste buds have obviously never been laid because gyros are f*cking incredible. Flat bread and feta cheese with tomatoes lettuce and delicious seasoned beef. Wooh gyros rule, but anyways listen to the show and go get a gyro while your at it. Tuesday at 9:00 p.m. we will be broadcasting live, because we at unstoppable radio love broads. I want to go get a gyro and a broad right now. Jackie Moon, Jackie Moon America

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    Renegade Farmer 19: Interview with Lois Reichert of award winning Reichert's Dairy Air

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    Lois Reichert runs an award winning goat dairy in Iowa, specializing in chevre, feta, and the rare Italian Robiolla, which she went to Italy to learn to make. If you're interested in goats, the dairy business, or artisan cheesemaking, this is the show for YOU!

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    Is Soul Food Killing Off Blacks Slowly? Hosted by Miss T

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    Tonight we discuss the effects of that good ole fashioned Soul Food! We will also be discussing healthier alternatives! Man, we're going to go back in the day, all the way back to "gubmint" cheese and then bring up a notch to feta! LOL. You don't want to miss the fun we're going to have on this show~~!!