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    The Venue Series concludes w/ an historical bombshell; Ellis Island!

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    The Wedding Jeannie’s Venue Series concludes with an historical bombshell; Ellis Island!

    Ellis Island is open for business again and NOT just for tourists!  As we conclude our Venue Series this week, we end on an island that very few people know even allows events, let alone all the possibilities that can be conceived to host corporate and social functions and weddings too! Patti Golden, an Ellis Island veteran will walk us through the logistics of the magical, historical and spacious myriad opportunities to have a truly unique party, even for a jaded New Yorker!  We will explore all the indoor and outdoor options as well as the operations side of having guests take ferries, vendors make deliveries and hosts feel comfortable.  The historical significance of many of the spaces and the grounds are only a few of the secrets that we will reveal that guests can revel in when spending a night on Ellis Island.

    Join Jeannie Uyanik for the final Venue Series episode, Wednesday, June 4th at noon!

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    Chris Piehler , Exec. Editor of T.H.E. Journal  and I welcome JD Ferries-Rowe of Brebeuf Jesuit Prep in Indianapolis.

    Prsented by EDWEB.NET   www.edwed. net   @edwebnet

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    The Ferry Boat Show

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    There was a time, we've been told, when human beings looked at large bodies of water as barriers to mobility. And then a few hearty souls—Vikings, the Great Chinese Fleet, the Polynesians, and others—figured out that large bodies of water are a way to increase mobility. Today we take transport across water for granted, and in this show we'll celebrate ferries. In fact, for a lot of people, the very phase, "It's my boat!" means "my ferry is coming and I'd better run."  Ann will tell us about how a ferry makes her life in Port Townsend possible. And Barbara Jean reports on her "Day on the Bay" as San Francisco Ferry Artist-in-Residence for the Day. Since one of her favorite boats on the Bay is Adventure Cat, designed by Kurt Hughes, she'll also give us an update on Kurt's work with Ferries, particularly with EarthWise in Africa. What's your ferry story?

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    Steroids in Baseball, Ferry Tolls, and more...

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    On the August 8th episode of Liberal Dan Radio:
    Alex Rodruiguez was just suspended through the end of the 2014 season and many others have also been suspended for their alleged use of prohibited substances. Is this right? Does Major League Baseball have some hypocrisy on the impact that these substances have on the game when other things that they do allow have extreme impacts on the game?
    New Orleans is playing around with a horrible idea to fund the ferries. How could this have been stopped? What other examples would be better for ferry users? And what little nugget did I find on the stop the tolls website do I find most ironic?
    New Orleans has some major failures when it comes to education. I will go into some of them as well.
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    Those topics, headlines, words of redneck wisdom, and more all tonight on Liberal Dan Radio: Talk From The Left, That's Right!
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    Ferry Tolls, Education, and Untested Methods

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    On the August 22nd episode of Liberal Dan Radio:
    Well, the New Orleans City Council made a decision on what to charge for tolls to cross the river on a ferry. Thank you to the "stop the tolls" folks for screwing the ferry riders over. I will rant about that for a bit and why they couldn't simply find an alternate way to fund the ferries.  
    The past few weeks I have said that I would talk about education in New Orleans and why the charter school model is failing many different people. I will go into that topic as well.
    Finally, I will be having Eric from Untested Methods on the show to discuss the new album that is dropping soon. This is a Liberal Radio exclusive, you won't want to miss it.
    All that plus headlines, words of redneck wisdom, tweet of the week, and more tonight on Liberal Dan Radio: Talk from the left, that's right.  
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    More on Jindal's veto (and more)

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    This week's Liberal Dan Radio will air on July 3rd at 8pm.
    I will talk about several issues. At the end of the hour I will be talking with another member of the grassroots movement to override the Governor's veto of services for persons with developmental disabilities.
    I will also be discussing the Algiers ferry with someone from Friends of the Ferry. The service hours of the Algiers ferry has been reduced significantly. Some people are thinking a lawsuit might be what is needed to stop this from happening.
    If there is time I will also be discussing the sheer insantiy that is sweeping throug the GOP at the moment. They are obsessed and they cannot help themselves.
    All that, headlines, words of redneck wisdom, and more on Liberal Dan Radio: Talk From The Left, That's Right!
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    Camy Tang is co-author of theThe Postcards from Misty Harbor Inn series (Guideposts Books). The series describes what happens when three sisters come together in Nantucket for the first time since their mother’s death.   Camy is one of a team of four authors who come together under the pen name of Evangeline Kelley to bring the unique personalities of each sister to vivid life and welcome audiences to the charming and historic island of Nantucket, complete with cobblestone streets, quaint shops, ferries, sandy beaches and salty air. The series weaves together the stories of each of the sisters as they progress through their own unique personal journeys. Along the way, readers will discover the wonder of God’s love in the lives of each of his children.    She drops by on Monday, June 24, at 8pm EST.  

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    May Day 2013

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    May Day, which began at the historic Haymarket Square site in 19th century Chicago with workers demanding an eight-hour day, is now the most-celebrated holiday on the planet.In the Indonesian capital  Jakarta hundreds of thousands of protesting workers condemned the government for hiking fuel prices .In Manilla, the capital of the Philippines, meanwhile, thousands of exploited contract workers marched through the streets demanding the right to unionize.The Iraqi Communist Party marched in huge May Day protests in Baghdad.More than 1.5 million turned out at 16 demonstrations and rallies in Moscow.In Greece, the country ground to a halt as almost everyone joined in a 24-hour general strike against austerity. Trains and ferries were stalled at their moorings as seamen walked off the job.

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    Chasing Clean Air: What's Up Prince Rupert?

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    Tune in to listen to Season 1, Episode 2 of Chasing Clean Air with Donna Barnett. Brought to you by Boardwalk Yogurt in Venice Beach, CA.
    In northwestern British Columbia, Prince Rupert invigorates with fresh air! Special guests: Monika Clifton, Marketing Director of Tourism Prince Rupert, Debbie Davis of Prince Rupert Adventure Tours and Nikki Skuce of Forest Ethics.
    Rev your imagination as we "journey" to the Khutzeymateen Sanctuary for Grizzlies! Hop aboard a boat to "see" Humpback whales! The sacred Skeena River (recently saved from Shell Oil drilling by activists!) has the world's biggest salmon runs. Great Bear Rainforest with white spirit bears, too!
    Prince Rupert is near public ferries, train, Alaska & Queen Charlottes.
    Donna Barnett's Chasing Clean Air explores clean air destinations and sustainable lifest

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    Talk Radio with Lindsay Leveen, Efficiency of Ferries

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    Efficiency of ferries show. Lindsay Leveen and Dave Penake host an hour long radio show each week that deals with thermodynamics and green energy alternates. Lindsay is a chemical engineer and Dave is a materials scientist. They both are MBAs and this together with their engineering experience helps them in analyzing whether technologies fall into the Hope or the Hype categories. Lindsay and Dave are the "Tappet Brothers" of green energy radio talk.

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    Shawn Nelson and the Ramblers

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    Close your eyes and imagine this for a few moments – soft white sands massaging your toes, the sweet aroma of waves braking down on the pristine blue reef while your guitar rests in your lap as you’re writing about this very moment for your next album.  This is sort of what Shawn Nelson of Shawn Nelson and the Ramblers was experiencing as he backpacked Costa Rica a few years ago, “I wanted to go somewhere…and do some self-exploration” which is how Shawn Nelson elaborated to me.   Clearly, jumping on planes, ferries, busses and trains throughout Europe and the Caribbean is not something new to Shawn, having played an integral role in his songwriting.  Currently, Shawn and the Ramblers are working on their next album release coming out in October, together with several upcoming shows.   What is Shawn Nelson doing when he’s not performing “I enjoy reading, researching current events…I’m always trying to look for ways to learn and try to understand the world a little better”.   Really insightful interview, take a look. 

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