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    Fernando en la mañana

    in Politics

    Columnista Fernando Pettineroli, sobre temas de actualidad. Español.

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    Dating Today With Fernando Uribe-Monday November 23, 2015

    in Romance

    Coming up, I will discuss why women pick fights with the men they love. There is a method to the madness. Trust me. Tune in and you'll be glad you did.

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    Dating Today With Fernando Uribe-Monday November 16, 2015

    in Romance

    Coming up, here are the questions for my male audience members to ask themselves whether she is "The One"? This episode will definitely make you think! Tune in and tell your friends!

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    Amber Bryant Talks Bravo's Hit Show 'Mother Funders', Motherhood + More!

    in Entertainment

    Bravo TV Star, Amber Bryant stops by to discuss being a star of the hit show "Mother Funders," and the wife of former NFL player Fernando Bryant, Amber is the founder of a new movement called "Stiletto Mom." She's dedicated to helping mothers "get their sexy back" as she puts it all while effectively taking care of their families at the same time. 

    Due to her NFL connections, Amber is well known in Atlanta's social scene and can make one phone call to raise thousands of dollars. Although she currently doesn’t have a child at local elementary school, Amber has been designated an honorary member due to her commitment for the school and her connections to wealthy donors. Her three-year-old daughter Griffin will eventually attend the school, but always the go-getter, Amber is laying the groundwork to create her own legacy at the PTO. In addition to her volunteer work, she is also a Montessori elementary school teacher and has a 13-year-old stepson, Fernando II, and 15-year-old nephew, Austin, that reside with her and her husband.

    You can follow Amber on Instagram & Twitter: @iamAmberBryant 
    Her Website: StilettoMom.com 

    Thanks for tuning in & I love you for listening! 

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    DRAKO SPORTS IMPACT HOUR with guests Chaz Morgan and Fernando Heredia

    in MMA

    Tonight on the Drako Sports Impact Hour we talk with Chaz "Whit Death" Morgan who will be on the Island Fights 36 card facing Dakota Merritt the 21st of November in Pensacola, Fl. Next we sit down with  Fernando "NO MERCY" Heredia who is back in the COGA cage for Battle At The Bay 13 this Saturday. Tune in every wednesday night at 10pm(Eastern/7pm(pacific) and DOMINATE YOUR WORLD

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    Maywaether-Broner Feud: Broner Fires Back at Big Bro Mayweather

    in Sports

    We didn't have to wait too long to see how Adrien Broner aka AB "About Bussiness" felt about his big bro Mayweather's comments about him before Adrien Broner responded to Floyd Mayweather's harsh criticism, and boy did Lil Bro bring the ether. Broner clearly took to the offensive side to Floyd saying that Broner shouldn't even be proud of his most recent world title. Broner let Floyd Mayweather have it and didn't hold back at all.
    "And then you said some sh*t like, if I'm disrespecting you I'm disrespecting Al Haymon, but, that's a contradicting ass saying because Al Haymon the one who got me the f*cking fight! I ain't go out and pick these mothaf*ckas...I don't know these mothaf*ckas from Russia, I never even heard of him."

    "So with you to saying that, that you'd be ashamed, you wouldn't call yourself a world champion, you the one disrespecting Al Haymon! And you said if I'm disrespecting Al Haymon then I'm disrespecting you...so you disrespecting yourself! How you want someone to respect you and you disrespecting yourself?! Come on, Floyd. This sh*t lame bruh."

    But no, Broner didn't end there, in fact, this video is about 10 minutes long...

    "What you did wasn't no player sh*t, that wasn't no live sh*t, that was some lame f*ck boy sh*t."

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    What’s Happening in Riviera Village

    in Current Events

    Our guests this morning are Chris Hatanelas and Fernando Adame, both business owners in Riviera Village in South Redondo Beach.

    Chris Hatanelas is the proprietor of Sack’s on the Beach, a popular eatery established in 2012, located at the corner of Avenue I and Catalina. Sack’s is a casual café a block from the beach offering a nice selection of salads and sandwiches with several vegetarian options. For the past three years, Chris has served on the Board of the Riviera Village Association. He is the past Marketing Committee Chair and current RVA President.

    Fernando Adame is the proprietor of Fernando’s Boutique, originally established in Hermosa Beach in 1980. Just a couple of years ago, Fernando and his better half, Ranessa, decided to relocate to Riviera Village.  Fernando’s inimitable skill set has filled a niche in the South Bay for decades. The store is filled with high quality, trend setting clothing and his one-of-a-kind, made to order merchandise can be found in just about every home in the South Bay.

    This morning, we’ll be talking about the Riv in general, a couple of the most popular events of the season and what the RVA is up to these days.


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    Dating Today With Fernando Uribe-Monday November 2, 2015

    in Romance

    Coming up, I will discuss why chivalry is dead in today's dating scene. You'll enjoy my insight and thank you for tuning in!

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    Dating Today With Fernando Uribe-Monday October 26, 2015

    in Romance

    Coming up, I will discuss the signs your date is into you during your initial encounter. Make sure you listen in and you'll be glad you did

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    Twila Paris Shares Success Through Christ on Christian Devotions Speak UP!

    in Christianity

    Join us this week on Christian Devotions SPEAK UP! when Scott McCausey talks music with Christian performing legend, Twila Paris.

    Devotion to God runs deep in the Paris family. Twila’s great-grandparents were itinerant preachers in Arkansas and Oklahoma who held outdoor revival meetings and established churches, and she recounted this experience in Seventy Years Ago, a song on her Beyond a Dream album. Musical talent permeates the Paris family, as her grandmother wrote songs distributed at revivals. Her father, Oren Paris, is a minister as well as an accomplished musician and songwriter.

    Twila sang at church before she was old enough to attend school. She began developing her instrumental talent at the age of six when she started taking piano lessons. By the time she was performing in her high school choir, Twila was determined to become a choir teacher. She began to consider songwriting after attending a Christian discipleship school, where she decided that music would be the perfect way to express her feelings about God.

    In the 1980s and 1990s, Twila toured extensively as she opened for the Imperials. After receiving her first #1 hit, she began headlining her own concert tours with such notable opening artists as Wayne Watson, Clay Crosse, Phil Kaeggy, Avalon, Aaron Jeoffrey, and Fernando Ortega. She was featured in the Young Messiah tour and co-hosted with Steven Curtis Chapman. In the 2000s, she continues to tour but not as extensively. In 2011-2012, Twila participated in the Christian Classics tour with Steve Green, Wayne Watson, and Michael Card. 

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    Dating Today With Fernando Uribe-Monday October 19, 2015

    in Romance

    Coming up, I will discuss how Tinder has failed us in today's dating scene. You don't want to miss this episode! Thank you for tuning in!