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    Fermented Foods 101 - Why It Is Vital For Good Health

    in Health

    SUMMER BOCK is an Herbalist, Fermentationist and founder of OlyKraut. She runs her own practice as a Health Coach & Herbalist where she educates nutrition nerds around the world to create a thriving body and unstoppable life! Learn to resolve your health concerns by accessing your own internal healer to get rid of toxins, build natural energy levels, rebuild native intestinal ecology, and boost immune function to ultimately access your super human powers and extend your life.   She is the creator of the Nutrition Geek Detox, Gut Rebuilding, and The World's First Fermentationist Certification Program. She is a sought-after teacher and speaker on fermentation, herbalism, gut ecology, emotional detox, and cleansing.     Did you know that naturally fermeted foods are rich in probiotics?  Did you know that eating fermented foods enhance your digestion?
    Shirley Gutkowski will find out about the different kinds of fermented foods and what makes them so special.
    Do you have digestive disorders, skin problems or other health concerns, perhaps fermented foods are something you have not considered eating to support your health by rebuilding your gut ecology and boostng your immune function.
    Listen in and be prepared to be amazed, fermented foods are a very powerful tool that can be used to enhance your  health.

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    Fermented Foods with Julie Feickert

    in Food

    Julie Feickert, founder and owner of Cultures for Health answers our questions about why we need to consume fermented foods and beverages. She'll answer all your questions about fermented foods, including yogurt, kefir, kombucha, sauerkraut, kimchi and sourdough bread.

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    Scott Gryzbek: Kvass, How to Make Fermented Foods,

    in Health

    Scott Gryzbek: Kvass, How to Make Fermented Foods, and Why Beer is Good for You


    Onto the show. Today we cover:


    What it was like to be Paleo before it was Paleo.

    A behind the scenes look at why food manufacturers and the government create foods you wouldn’t feed your kids.

    How you can make fermented foods at home.

    And why a beer may be good for you from time to time.

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    BH Sales Fermented Foods

    in Health

    In this episode I will prelude my visit later this week with Simon Gorman Owner of The Wise Choice Market. I will be bringing on a new fermented vegetables and fermented vegetable juice line in mid September.
    I talk more about how these products, and my BH Sales Summit Spring Water will be cornerstone components of my mix and match BH Sales Healthy Meal Plan-both for humans and animals.

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    POWER Preppers: Creating & Storing Fermented Foods with Simon Gorman

    in Health

    People are storing food, but are they storing the right kind of food for health and wellness?  

    Join host Patricia Baker & guest Simon Gorman as they discuss the health benefits of fermented food, bone broth and more! Simon’s interest in raw cultured vegetables began several years ago, when he discovered that a diet rich in unpasteurized fermented foods greatly improved his health, digestion, and well-being. But it was almost impossible to find the foods that he needed to keep himself and his family in the best of health. 

    Aware of how difficult it is for most families to find good quality raw cultured foods, Simon decided to set up his own online store to offer the best raw cultured vegetables and juices to everyone who wants to enjoy these delicious healthy fermented foods, and/or to make their own. Wise Choice Market was born.    www.wisechoicemarket.com






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    BH Sales Cultured Fermented Foods

    in Health

    In this episode I will introduce my new fermented and cultured food plan as it pertains to my BH Sales Healthy Mel Plan. 
    I will talk about making homemade yougurt, kefir puuima and more.

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    Slow food, super greens, fermented food & herbal alchemy.

    in Women

    Have you truly thought about the frequency, the life force energy of your food?  If you are looking for some inspiration in the kitchen, if you want to take your health to the next level and if you want to bring it all to your kitchen table with a higher frequency and with more mindfulness then don't miss this interview.  Shakti Grace (aka The Holistic Chef) talks slow food, clean food, fermented food and herbal alchemy to nurture and nourish your family.  She has translated her cheffing skills from high-end private yachts to your table.  Shakti brings fine food to the household kitchen and includes super foods, fermented foods and herbal alchemy so that you can enjoy food on a whole new level - a level of nourishment and healing.  "Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food" has a whole new meaning here.  Not only medicine for the body, but also for the soul, your family and the planet. www.theholisticchef.com.au





  • Radio Show: Specific Benefits of Five Probiotic Bacteria and the Best Ways to Us

    in Health

    In this show you’ll learn:

    What are ‘probiotic’ bacteria
    Are the same bacteria good for everyone
    What are some examples of bacteria that are particularly helpful for certain people


    For most people, the mention of probiotics conjures up images of yogurt. But don’t dismiss the microbes as a marketing gimmick or food fad. The latest probiotic research suggests that live-active cultures of these friendly bacteria can help to prevent and treat a wide variety of ailments.

    Join Dr. Ritamarie and Steph Jackson as they discuss what bacteria are right for you and the best ways for you to use them.

    If you are ready to go deep with your digestive health and you need more than slippery elm, you will enjoy working with Steph Jackson. Steph loves customizing balancing programs for the microbiome, working with fermented foods and looking at how the body systems work together.

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    S and M Radio: Erotic foods in and out of the bedroom

    in Entertainment

    The erotic power of food has been celebrated for centuries. Casanova was said to share oysters with his paramours to whet their sexual appetites. Greek and Roman cultures enjoyed a parade of ripe fruits and exotic dishes before engaging in sensual pleasures. It has even been said that a delicious meal is the quickest way to a man (or woman's) heart. Afterall, what courtship would be complete without a romantic dinner?

    Nutrition plays a vital role in love and lovemaking. The quality of our diet has a great deal to do with the quality of our sex. Many nutritious foods can stir libido, revive sexual function and enhance overall health, especially when served up in a sensual way.

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    A True American Horror Story: Six Women Of Salem by Marilynne Roach

    in Women

    Are you fascinated by Salem's dark history? Have you ever wondered what really happened to make an entire city hang numerous prominent members because they were thought to have engaged in witchcraft? What really led to these merciless executions? In this segment of The Organic View Radio Show, historian and independent scholar, Marilynne Roach talks to June Stoyer about her best-selling book, “Six Women of Salem”. For those of you that are interested in history, you will be intrigued by her detailed research about one of the most terrifying events in American history. Marilynne K. Roach earned a BFA from Massachusetts College of Art and works as both a historian and illustrator. She has drawn illustrations and written how-to and travel articles for the Boston Globe, has lectured to groups ranging from kindergarten to senior citizens, and has written several scholarly articles on various aspects of the witch scare. She is a lifelong resident of Watertown, Massachusetts.

    Do you like FREE stuff? Tune in to The Organic View Radio Show, Monday through Friday @6pm Eastern and visit our contest section at www.theorganicview.com/contests to win one of our monthly prizes!

    Today's show is brought to you by Eden Foods the most trusted name in certified organic clean food! Shop online at EdenFoods.com and enter the coupon code “ORGVIEW” when prompted during checkout to receive 20% OFF any regularly priced items (excluding cases). For other promotional offers, please visit TheOrganicView.com’s website.

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    Herbs For Better Health

    in Self Help

    Herbs are plants that serve as natural health foods or as natural medicines. Herbs are used for cleansing, nutrition and support for certain organs and systems. Herbs or herbal extracts, used individually or as part of an herbal formula, are an important part of alternative medicine. 
    Herbs can be consumed raw, with foods, dehydrated, as tea, powdered in capsules, or made into an herbal extract or essential oil, both individually or as part of an herbal formula. 

    Certain plants provide powerful herbal medicine. Larrea tridentata interrupts the action of viruses and other invaders. Pau D’arco is a detoxifier that supports the immune system. Cordyceps tones organs and improves stamina. Turmeric has highly beneficial antioxidants for maintaining good health and youthfulness. Aloe vera is soothing and healing to the skin as well as internal lining tissues such as the digestive tract.

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