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    Brenda Pearce Shares Knowledge On La Femme Totale With Anne Miner

    in Women

    Brenda Pearce is on the other side of the fence as she is interviewed by Anne Miner on La Femme Totale.  Sharing wellness tips and information on integrative approaches to balance in body, mind and spirit.  Talking about improved quality of life at the end of life, which should be included sooner in life.  Talking about thermography vs. mamography in breast cancer.  Anne shares her own journey of end of life care for her own father.  This is a truly down to earth discussion to make people stop and look at their own healthcare needs.  Visit www.primcanada.org

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    A l'occasion de la fête internationale de la femme. Votre émission "Et si on en parlait, Manue?" vous propose de célébrer ensemble la vie de nos grands-mères, mères et nos filles sans oublier nos propres vies de femmes du 21 ème siècle.

    Soyez reconnaissantes et quel que soit ce que vous traversez, remerciez Dieu de vous avoir crée FEMME.


    A samedi

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    Elle nous expliquera sa rencontre avec le Seigneur, sa vie de femme, d'épouse, de chantre et de mère.

    Nous sommes toutes appelées à être des femmes inébranlables.

    A ce soir!




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    FEMME: Award-Winning Documentary

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    Filmmaker Emmanuel Itier drops by to discuss FEMME: Women Healing the World, his award-winning  documentary celebrating women who are transforming and healing global societies on a daily basis. Sharon Stone, executive producer of the film, has also been invited to call in. This powerful and inspiring movie, which includes provocative interviews with 100 influential women, explains why feminine values like cooperation and nurturing are needed to solve many of the crises facing today’s world.

    During 2013, FEMME won numerous awards and honors, such as Best Spiritual Movie Award from the Conscious Life Expo, the Illumination Humanitarian Award from Lady Filmmakers Film Festival, and the Global Citizen Filmmaker Award from the Santa Barbara Documentary Film Festival.  

    Filmmaker Itier has an impressive background as a director, writer, and producer. He directed the thriller Tell Me No Lies, the horror film Scarecrow, and the peace documentary The Invocation, which Sharon Stone narrated. He produced or co-produced films like Wildflower, Johnny Mnemonic, Another 9 ½ Weeks, and Shattered Image.

    FEMME is available worldwide for streaming and downloads at www.FemmeTheMovie.com. Please check it out!

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    FEMME: Women Healing the World

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    Filmmaker Emmanuel Itier is joining us to share all about his awe-inspiring documentary, FEMME: Women Healing the World. With Sharon Stone as Executive Producer, FEMME showcases such female visionaries as Jean Shinoda Bolen, Jean Houston, Marianne Williamson, Gloria Steinem and Angela Davis.

    If you hope to leave the world a better place, this promises to be a discussion that you that will touch you like no other… so get ready to be inspired! 

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    Totally Driven Radio #151

    in Entertainment

    This week on Show #151...........


    Our good friend, and winner of the Best Interview of 2015 on Totally Driven Radio......

    Athena (Ex-Wives of Rock & Femme Fatale)


    From the band Walking with Giants, lead singer Gary Noon


    8:10 - Kristyn Burtt w/ Hollywood News Report

    8:30 - Gary Noon

    9:15 - Athena


    Plus Bay & Nick, will be talking all the happenings of the week, in Entertainment, & their own lives


    The phone lines are open, 718-508-9883

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    Female Masculinity: WTF!?

    in Health

    We will talk about femininity, masculinity, and the role gender plays in recognizing the two. We will include recent decision of a school in England to change gender specific clothing.


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    What’s Your Pronoun He, She or They: Beyond Political Correctness to Cultural Co

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    Have you been to a workshop or conference lately and been asked what was your “preferred pronoun?” Conveners aren’t just being politically correct but acknowledging the diverse gender identities within our community. As more and more LGBTQ individuals come out and take their place at work, schools and in their communities, society is learning that the old rules simply just don’t apply anymore. Some even suggest a Gender neutrality  -  the idea that policies, language, and other social institutions should avoid distinguishing roles according to people's sex or gender, in order to avoid discrimination arising from the impression that there are social roles for which one gender is more suited than the other. Willy Wilkinson an award-winning Asian American transgender writer, public health consultant, cultural competency trainer, public speaker, and spoken word performer Willy Wilkinson. He is the author of the book Born on the Edge of Race and Gender: A Voice for Cultural Competency. We will talk about Wilkinson’s personal journey, explain cultural competency for those working in and with the LGBTQ community.

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    Relationship Advice and the Femme Fatal - Thunderground Thursday

    in Relationships

    Tonight Yuya covers the “Femme Fatal” concept as it relates to male criminality and family rearing. In mass numbers individuals are making the decision to forgo family building in an effort to avoid the damage that a failed relationship can cause to their careers, family, self esteem, children, and world view. Yuya speaks on the root of this campaign to maintain the strategic positioning of the femme fatal personality and the criminalizing of manhood.

    Chief Yuya is an initiated Priest in the Nigerian Orisha tradition and an advanced student of the IFA priestly order, as well. He has been working with the spirit world through various indigenous native systems for over 20 years as a spiritual counselor and guide. Yuya is also the Chief Priest and temple head of "Anu Nation"; where he has initiated a cadre of students into Orisha tradition as well as his own ANU Spiritual Order and currently teaches indigenous occult and mystery systems, African philosophy and spiritual sciences, and divination to adults as well as children through his school, "The Sadulu House Spiritual Center."

    For classes with the Sadulu House please go to Saduluhouse.com

    To schedule a reading or consultation click here.

    To find out where the ANU order will be presenting next go to AnuNation.org/Events


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    Fierce ~ Fluffy ~ Femme-Dommes

    in Culture

    On this show I have the pleasure of introducing you to two of the most beautiful yet ferocious females of Femme Domme Queen Dee and Goddess Tiffi.  I know you'll love these ladies as much as I do with their haughty, hilarious wit and their cut-throat wickedness you'll be both enchanted and enamored as we work through such subjects as:
    Dealing with stereotypes in the sex industry Self-esteem and Domination Dealing with negativity What makes a true Goddess? For more show info check out the SHOW PAGE HERE!
    Followed by:
    CALL-IN your questions LIVE or EMAIL YOUR QUESTIONS before the show HERE! **Please Note** If you see a different date in the url of this program, this is a BTR glitch. This show is definitely Tues Sept 3, 2013 at 10 PM ET. Although all our shows say that they are 2 hrs in length we try to keep it as close to 1 hr as possible so get those calls in EARLY!

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    Femme The Movie Stars Celeste Yarnall and Karen Tate Discuss Their Experience

    in Entertainment

    The Total Tutor Neil Haley will interview Femme The Movie Stars Celeste Yarnall and Karen Tate about the movie.

    FEMME is an inspirational voyage about women around the world who are actively transforming and healing global society of a daily basis. Starring Sharon Stone (Casino, Total Recall, Basic Instinct), Jean Houston, Marianne Williamson, Jean Shinoda Bolen, Riane Eisler, Nobel Peace Prize Laureats Shirin Ebadi and Mairead Maguire, Rickie Lee Jones, Gloria Steinem, and more! Influential women discuss religion, science, history, politics and entertainment - and the solutions to the multiple crisis we face throughout the world. FEMME focuses on utilizing a feminine approach with nurturing energy to inspire a new hope for the future.