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    My Journey in Femininity

    in Motivation

    So many of us take our gender roles and how we express them for granted. I would like to share some of those things we take for granted in our gender role expression and my journey thus far.

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    Masculinity And Femininity

    in Education

    This episode is presented in Japanese.

    Summary of the Shoud: Discovery Series 1

    Liberal arts for adults: Masculinity and femininity

    Life studies for children: Imagining

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    Embrace Your Divine Femininity

    in Health

    One of their favorite topics, Nat, Nicole, and Elle will spend this episode talking about ways you can tap into your Divine Femininity.

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    Female Masculinity: WTF!?

    in Health

    We will talk about femininity, masculinity, and the role gender plays in recognizing the two. We will include recent decision of a school in England to change gender specific clothing.



    in Entrepreneur

    Kimberly Parker, founder of KP Femininity, shares how her entrepreneurial spirit transforemed a $75 loan into a sustainable venture.

    Ecomedy Reporthosts this interview to be featured on our flagship podcast.

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    Femininity-The Lost Art: Replay

    in Women

    The Women's Liberation Movement giving birth to Independent Women wouldn't have been such a bad thing if it hadn't emasculated men & disconnected women from the very thing that makes them special.....Femininity! 


    Tune in this week for PDA's breakdown of the mysteriously alluring Art of being a woman....You don't want to miss it because Ms. KiKi & Peepin' Shaun will discuss the lost art of femininity from the female & male point of view!



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    Playing Devil’s Advocate™

    Uncensored, Unscripted, UNAPOLOGETIC!!!

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    Tips For Black Women Part 2

    in Blogcritics

    Eric Johnson will discuss matters that impact the African American community. Topics will be black economic power, black relationships and black health.

    Dicusses con man and CEO Martin Shkreli and his recent bad blood with WU Tang Clan member Ghostface Killah.

    In a bizarre new video, Shkreli has decided to pick a fight with the rapper. “You’re an old man that’s lost his relevance, and you’re trying to reclaim the spotlight from my spotlight,” says the embattled pharmaceutical executive, who is keeping his name in the news by recording a callout video on an askew webcam surrounded by three men in Halloween masks. Shkreli then threatens to wipe Ghostface’s contributions off the album or destroy the only copy entirely.

    Also I will discuss how black women can improve their economic and relationship status.

    Eric can be reached on the social medina networks below:


    Facebook Fan Page: https://www.facebook.com/Resignwithuscom-306331156114195/


    Facebook Page https://www.facebook.com/resignwithus


    Twitter: @RESIGNWITHUS

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    What is Manhood?

    in Culture

    What does being a man actually mean? Are men today afraid to be men today? When we look at society it seems as if society is disrupting the idea of what being a man is. A man's responsibility is to provide and protect for his family and community. In 2016, we see so many people disguising themselves as men but acting like women. When we look up the definition of the word "male" it reads, "Of or being the sex that has organs to produce spermatozoa for the fertilizing ova." 

    Todays show will feature special guest Bobby Glanton Smith, a native of Mufreesboro, TN. Bobby is the author of the book titled "Real Men Don't Play!" He has also worked with "Hall of Famer" Jim Brown's Amer-I-Can Program. Tune in as we discuss what manhood means to us and how we can continue to change the narrative for generations to come.

    "What is a man supposed to lok like, act like and be like?" ~Bobby Glanton Smith

    Will the Real Men please stand up?

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    EFS Podcast Mini-Course Show Interview Jill Butryn

    in Training

    A podcast for the Educating for Success Podcast Mini-Course participants. On today's show Jennifer interviews Jill Butryn, CEO of Set His Heart Ablaze. 

    ABOUT Dr. Jill

    Dr. Jill has a huge heart for women and their unique struggle in a world that exudes mixed messages about femininity, relationships, and roles.

    As a family doctor, she counseled thousands of women of all ages about the very heart and soul of their health issues, which often stemmed from relationship struggles, personal issues, and family dynamics that made healing difficult.

    As a wife, she experienced the same confusion and overwhelm early in her own marriage.

    She gets that you are overwhelmed, tired, and frustrated. Maybe even feeling hopeless. When she sees you going through this kind of pain, she empathizes and wants go to battle with you!

    Dr. Jill helps women and couples avoid the painful downward spiral into divorce by compassionately identifying roadblocks to healing and intimacy and then equipping them with tools for transformation.


    Instructor: Jennifer Navarrete has been podcasting since 2005 and is an award-winning social media community event organizer. She believes that her tags describe her best: Living the Dream! Entrepreneur | Podcaster | Social Media Gal | Recreational Cyclist | Event & Community Organizer | Shiny Object Syndrome Fan

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    Gender Harmony in the Workplace (with Kimi Avary, MA)

    in Women

    Kimi Avary joins me today to talk about gender harmony in the workplace. As a certified NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming) Master Practitioner, Kimi helps her clients bridge the gap between our thoughts, language and behavior to achieve greater success. Kimi uses her licensing as a relationship coach and a PAX Programs Partner to educate men and women about gender differences, the interaction of masculinity and femininity, and the principles of partnership. Her Masters in counseling and Bachelors Degree in Family Studies and Human Development provide her with a foundation to help men and women navigate and create the harmony they really want, personally and professionally. Tune in to hear more!


    Plaid for Women radio is produced to give you information, advice and resources to manage “The Business of Life”. Our goal is to help you achieve your goals, get connected, and be heard. 


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    Kimi Avary, MA, Relationship Navigation Specialist

    Office: 650-489-5346