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    EP#27 Feminine Energy & Sexuality

    in Self Help

    Join Life Coach, Connie Chapman as she speaks with Relationship Coach and Kundalini Yoga Teacher Rosie Rees on how to embody more of our feminine energy and awaken our sexuality.

    Connect with Rosie: www.rosierees.com

    Connect with Connie: www.conniechapman.com

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    Hawaiian Healing - The Return of Feminine Energy

    in Self Help

    Join Tall Paul as he welcomes his Special Guest - Kahuna Kaleiiliahi who will explain how Feminine Energy is returning to the Earth and the role of this energy in Healing.   Kahuna Kaleiiliahi is a Spiritual Intuitive/Healer, a Wisdom Keeper, Visionary Artist, Keeper of the Lemurian Truths, a seer, medium, metaphysician, and channel for some of the most beautiful Holy Beings… to name some of the blessings she carries from her grand lineage. She has worked with people worldwide in these areas, helping these precious Humans to awaken to their divinity, to shine their light and heal their lives... to become empowered and enlightened. Her specialty as a Spiritual Intuitive/Healer is clearing blocks.    Listeners who call in will have the opportunity to ask Kalei questions.    Please visit Kalei's website at http://www.kaleiiliahi.com   AskTallPaul.com

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    Why Divine Feminine Energy Will Save The World

    in Spirituality

    In this bold show, I'm declaring that Divine Feminine Energy WILL save the world - and your loving heart plays a vital role in this process!

    We are in a balancing cycle of energies that require more Love, Compassion, and Forgiveness than ever before. The ability to practice these qualities requires fortitude, courage, and persistence.

    Learn how you can consciously contribute to "saving the world" in important ways. And I will share a heart-warming example of this energy in action, thanks to my two cats. :)


    Molly McCord is a Consciousness Catalyst whose Spiritual Awakening began in 2002. She shares her gifts as a writer, author, intuitive, astrologer, messenger, and teacher in this weekly show. Discover more on her popular spirituality website, Conscious Cool Chic.com

    WOW! #1 on Amazon in Spiritual Self-help and Memoirs: Adventurers & Explorers ~ thank you, thank you!

    Celebrating over 10K FB likes ~ Woot, woot!



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    Feminine Energy: Bringing Harmony to Your Relationships

    in Women

    In this final episode of a 4-part series on Building Better Relationships, certified transformational coaches Ingrid Sthare and Vicy Wilkinson discuss Feminine Energy... what it is, why it's important, how it's nurtured, what it's role is... and how to rebalance it with masculine energy in order to bring more harmony into our lives and our relationships.

    Relationships are critical in our lives:  good ones lengthen, strengthen, and better our lives; bad ones can literally shorten our lives and make us miserable.  

    We're hosting a Relationship Building retreat THIS weekend - May 17-18, 2014 - in Flat Rock, NC and you're welcome to join us at the last minute!  Find out more here:  http://completelifecoaching.com/reallove2014.html

    Have questions?  Want a free trial coaching session for you, personally, or for your business?  Call us at (864) 270-9303 or email us at info@completelifecoaching.com.

    Thank you for being here!  


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    Straight Men with Feminine Energy

    in Romance

    You may remember her from back in the day when she appeared on T2Q to discuss a man's "Business Plan for Getting Women."  She also appeared in "Let's Talk About Sex III" which some would argue was the most entertaining podcast of the series.  

    Ms. Manhood comes back to the Talk 2 Q Radio Show to discuss a couple of topics:

    The horrors of online dating are worse for some more than others.  It can be a huge headache as you peruse profiles hoping that the person you finally make contact with isn't some nut.  We'll discuss what women should look for in a profile regarding red flag items on men.
    I'll also ask her about less than masculine men.  Ms. Manhood is a huge fan of masculinity as a traditional thinker.  She believes that a man should lead with his masculinity and follow with a softer side later in the relationship.  We'll go over some examples on how men can improve their status with "traditional women."

    These things and more as Ms. Manhood returns to T2Q!

    "No experts.  Just opinions."


    Show No. 392

    Scheduled for 60-75 mins.

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    Divine Feminine Energy

    in Spirituality

    On today's show we are talking about the divine feminine energy. This energy is part of the shift. Part of all of us. What is it? How do we evoke this energy and what does it do? We all anewer those question plus I will also be doing readings. So join me Tuesday at 7p eastern time.

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    The New Leader: The Rise of Feminine Energy

    in Spirituality

    The Rise of Feminine. The New Leader. A conversation with bestselling author, cultural anthropologist and agent extraordinaire Bill Gladstone on his new book The Power of the Twelve, and how we can all usher in a more conscious, enlightened world.
    Bill Gladstone is a Yale and Harvard trained cultural anthropologist and an expert on the meaning of 12-21-2012.  That date has passed, the world did not end, but according to Bill the energy shift predicted is happening; in aspects of our lives, from business to personal to political, there is and must be a shift from the dominance of masculine to the infusion of feminine energy. 
    Natalie Pace and Bill Gladstone will discuss how the realignment of feminine and masculine power and energy can transform the world we live in today, and the one that we leave to our children.

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    Carla Sanders, Sexuality: Your Sacred Feminine Power

    in Entrepreneur

    In this episode of the Divinely Intuitive™ Business Radio Show, Rev. Anne Presuel, Irreverent Rev, will be interviewing Diva Carla Sanders, Creator and Founder of www.OrgasmicAlchemy.com

    Diva Carla guides rising spiritual women entrepreneurs through their midlife sacred quest into the mystery of their sexuality. She believes that sexual pleasure is every woman's birthright and is a vital nutrient all mission-driven women need to feel inspired, replenished, and in cahoots with the Divine Feminine.

    Her straightforward humor, intelligence, and no-BS belly wisdom bring a fresh perspective to a vulnerable topic. Diva Carla is the founder of the Wise Woman’s Sacred Feminine Power Initiation and presents the Live with Diva Carla radio show packed with leading-edge thought on sexuality, spirituality, and wealth for thriving in the 21st century

    Diva Carla will be talking about how sexuality is the channel through which the Sacred Feminine speaks and works, and how this then empower creativity and confidence.

    Rev. Anne and Diva Carla will be taking your calls and questions, so call in!

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    Universal Energy Radio ~ A conversation about Law of Attraction

    in Spirituality

    Health, Wealth and Relationships....Where's my Stuff? Tune in as we fine tune our awareness on The Law of Attraction.
    Everything is energy, when we "get" that, then it all becomes fun and games (and a few skinned knees too)

    “Life should not be a journey to the grave with the intention of arriving safely in a pretty and well preserved body, but rather to skid in broadside in a cloud of smoke, thoroughly used up, totally worn out, and loudly proclaiming "Wow! What a Ride!”





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    X-Mas Energy, Magick & Alchemy

    in Spirituality

    Welcome to the Mind Right Radio! Tune in every Sunday at 11 AM (EST) as we weave consciousness with reality for spiritual self-development.  

    The goal of the Mind Right Radio is to provide information and techniques to those who are interested in how reality works and  those who want to elevate from a player in the game to a god in their own innerverse.

    Prepare to expand your mind for personal development and spiritual evolution!

    This Week: The holy day (holiday) season is upon us and the energy is in the air.  There is no "right" or "wrong" way to celebrate or not celebrate.  Our focus in this episode is to decode the symbolism of the holy day season and show how you can tap into the energy current with magick and alchemy.  You will not view X-mas the same after this episode.

    Call in number is 858-365-5534 - We will open lines for questions and comments at the end of the show!

    Visit 3rdEyeActivation.com - for metaphysical & spiritual information, products, and services.

    4-Week Ultimate Spiritual Development Workshop

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