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    music that goes with what ur feeling like you send in what u are feeling and i will find a perfect song that goes with what ur feeling so basically u choose the music or u can send in request so i can play the music u like but there will be to hours of commercial free music so that alot more people will listen when there at work or at home trying to take care of or play with friend but u can also ask me any questions  then i will answer them

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    Life's Issues with Feeling Lost and Trying to Find Your Way

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    Life's Issues with Lloyd Rosen with his guest Vanessa Landry & Mark Smith:

    Vanessa Landry - I'm a 51 year old female her lost her job in corporate America 3 years ago. Still cannot get employment. I am an author of two christian poetry books. An Invitation To My Heart and Longing For Your Love while In The Wilderness. www.outskirtspress.com/longingforyourlove

    Mark Smith - How would you feel if you were told that by the age of 20 you’d be in a wheelchair? What if your father was so abusive you slept with a baseball bat every night? After overcoming all that, you finally make it big and hear cheers every night as a professional wrestler for Ted Turner’s World Championship Wrestling (WCW). Then you lose your family in the blink of an eye. You feel lost and life is over. Where do you go from there? That is my story.

    Our book “One Last Hurrah…Making Peace and a Difference” is our story of making peace with a past that gave us every excuse to accept failure. It’s through making peace, that our hearts can be fully dedicated to making differences in families and communities. Our story includes the miracle healing of our son’s blood disorder, being told by a pastor’s wife that we must pray (laying on hands) for a pastor’s cancer to disappear (it did within a month) , and working with U.S. Special Forces.

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    Inter-Racial Mixing & The Decline In Superior Black Genetics

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    Shalom and Salaam everyone, this evening I wanna discuss the issue of what race mixing has had on Carbon rich races and our genetics. Have we benefitted from it or has mixing rewarded we with illnesses, diseases and pathologies we formally (never) had or suffered from. I had a post on FB asking whether the trend in Blk men shaving their heads balds had anything to do with low self esteem the way many of them claim Sisters wearing weaves, wigs and fake hair is supposedly a indication of low self esteem or an attempt to be like the Caucasoid female. I got many responses from the males as to why they shave their heads, but none would adfmit it was because of low self esteem. Well we as always here at the 9Mind Sacred Sisterhood Cosmic Frequency show seek to get to the (truth) and the whole truth. It is my observation that African Americans have adjusted and adapted to behaviors, habits and customs that are entirely counter productive to their own racial and genetic survival simply to co-exist with the Cuacasoid Neanderthal species of the earth who by cleverly renaming themselves the white race, (FYI-there is no such race) they have convinced everyone who is non-what they are, that we are INFERIOR, pyschologcally as well as genetically. When in truth it is they who have maintained and carried all the reccessive genetic traits and thus suffer from a plethora of diseases, disabilities and pathologies that carbon based melanites aka Blk & Brn folks never had until inter species cohabition and copulation aka miscegnation was forced upon we and our tribes. The result has been absolutely shocking and yet rarely is this topic discussed or brought up enough by (we) who or literally being ERASED as a species, and what is even sadder, it is now with our own consent. Let's go deeper and discuss why we now kill and destroy ourselves for THEM. 

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    The House Is A Feeling Radio Show Episode #1 Featuring Al Hot Mix Holmes

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    The House Is A Feeling Radio is a 4 hour radio show that airs on WDEP Radio every Sunday and Wednesday from 6 - 10 pm CST. For our Blog Talk Radio Show we will be feature one set per episode to give you a preview of what we do on our full program. If you would like to hear are regular shows please go to www.wdepradio.com on your computer and you can also listen on your mobile phone by dowloading either the Tunein Radio or XiiaLive apps from your App Store and searching for WDEP Radio. If you are a DJ and would like to be featured on a future show then please email your download link of your 30 minute house music set to houseisafeeling@wdepradio.com and please make sure that you include your DJ name.


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    DNA Factor - From Superior to Inferior

    in Spirituality

    DNA is the building blocks of life. The very first two human beings are almost always spoken of as being inferior to modern man. This is furthest from the actual truth. The truth is that the first two human beings were far superior to any human that has ever lived, because Adam and Eve functioned as tripartite beings, ie having access to their human potential. When you join me on my next show, I will explain why Adam and Eve were superior and why we are inferior.    

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    5/6 How Do we Guide Children using The Law of Love

    in Motivation

    'You are Love inside and Love is all powerful'  When you make each and every decision from within you are making your choices from Love, from who you are, from your personal power. Your children are magnificent beings that need your guidance. You need to teach them about thier own personal and respect it as well as create firm boundaries of love for both of you.

    When you follow that gut feeling you know it is the right thing to do and as you do this more you start to understand and see through experience that choices made from the Love inside of You create something better and something better and something better and then you start to believe more in yourself and you are feeling better and better and better and good things continue to unfold in front of you. And when this becomes the norm you start to believe in your self more and more and peace becomes part of your life. 

    Love is the most powerful force, creator, who you are inside, what runs the world and what can run your life if you focus on your Heart Energy, your gut feeling, the positive, raising your vibration, making yourself Feel Good. 

    The Heart Energy Program says You have Absolutely and Completly Everything that You need Inside of You and when you work from that place of Love, God, Universe, Creator Inside of You You Create the world that you came here to live. You become who you came here to Be and your life becomes more magnificent than you could possibly  immagine.

    Become Who You Came Here to Be, Work with that Love inside of You, your gut feeling.


    Thank you

    All of Our Love Christine and The Animals

    The Heart Energy Program

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    The P. Missick Encouraging Show #30/ Stop Feeling Sorry For Yourself

    in Spirituality

    Are you still feeling sorry for yourself? I would like to say join the club but when I think about the blessings of waking up in the morning and moving through out the day my soul cries out hallujah thank God for saving me. Do you realize that you are blessed when you have food to eat and shelter over your head? Do you realize you are blessed when you can open up your eyes and see another day? When you can find inner peace of mind, do you know that you are blessed? If your parents are alive and they care for you, do you know you are blessed? Even if your parents are expired, do you realize that you are blessed? Do you count your blessings?If you can read words and understand them, and the words encourage you to go on living do you know that you are blessed? If you can hear words of inspiration and motivation do you know that you are blessed? Why sit in the seat of doubt and discouragment? Why critize other people who do not have as much as you? Why critize the people who are trying to make life worth living? If you do not know your future why judge them mercilessly? Why waste your time? God is in control. Let go and let God!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    Bump it! or Dump it! - Bigga Black

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    Gift of Gab Records Radio show - Bump it! or Dump it! is a show that caters to the underground, undiscovered artists in the U.S. and abroad. All songs played will be listened to and voted on by the public, giving the artist the opportunity to hear what the world is feeling about their artistry. All submissions should be sent to giftofgabrecords@yahoo.com at least 48 hours prior to the airing of the show. For further info. please contact Bigga @ 2164960242 or email us. We are also available on reverbnation.com/giftofgabrecords. Thanks for the love and support of Indie artistry. Don't forget to Google: Gift of Gab Records & Google: Bigga Black...

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    Business Nuggets 101 with Damien Fields of HME Consulting

    in Finance

    HME Consulting, Inc (formerly known as Heavenly Minded Enterprises, Inc.). is a business and financial consulting team composed of MBA's, CPA's, IT, and Advisors with over 30 plus years of experience. HME is dedicated to superior professional service in order to provide competitive, cutting-edge and quality business and financial solutions. We strive on knowing our clients goals, needs and weaknesses so we can help our clients reach their goals, fulfill their needs and turn their weaknesses into strengths. We at HME will work diligently to become "vested partners" in the systems and processes that make our clients successful, effective and comfortable within their industries. We are dedicated to improvements in the critical business function of Business and Financial Management, Executive Decision Making, Systems and Organizational Development that will assist you achieve your business goals. Together we can build the bridge between your present and future.

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    Elaine Mellon on Tell Me a Story

    in Culture

     Here is a mother with a gut feeling that something was missing, a piece of the puzzle that would help her to help her son get through school. Here is a woman with more than just a bit of education herself, a Master of Science/Certificate of Advances Studies in Counseling with a concentration in School Counseling and her B.A. in Sociology and a minor in Psychology, so when Elaine Mellon knew what she knew, she KNEW there was more to know.  When all was said and done, Elaine’s experiences became a book titled: unREAL Education – Beyond Report Cards.  We invite you to visit her website, www.unrealeducation.com and we invite Elaine Mellon to tell us a story, this is bound to be one you will not soon forget!  You are also invited to www.themagichappens.com where you can learn all about our digital magazine, our YOU Tube Channel, all our social media sites and of course connect with our radio network archives. 

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    "How can I Believer Experience Spiritual Problems?" #539

    in Spirituality

    Have you ever thought that you were doing things properly and yet, there was something missing?  there just seems to be more problems than I should be experiencing and all too few solutions!  This thought can be quite frightening; even threatening in some respects.  

    The truth is, however, that all too frequently, a sense of having problems seems to be with us on and off throughout our lives.  It's like we're in a problem, just getting out of a problem, or going into one.  Many times, the experience leaves us feeling empty, lost, maybe without hope, a sense of failure.  I don't need to mention what these difficulties are; we know; we experience them.  

    Today's message looks at how you and I can experience problems even if we consider ourselves believers.  We will review just a little to get the proper introduction, then we will begin an emphasis on just how the Cross of Jesus Christ fits into the sense of victory that we will or will not expierience in life.  

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