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    UGP Radio #308 Full Asylum (book) and The Division Of Government & Federalism

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    Tonight a guest author: Michael Isenberg, and his book Full Asylum a James Bond for normal people in a future just around the corner for America...

    Monteferro Press
    The Apex of Conservative and Libertarian Literature
    Michael Isenberg, Publisher
    PO Box 52163
    Boston, MA 02205

    lets look at how our government is divided

    also a refresher on federalism and what it Really means


    go to audible and download a free book and help finance this program at no cost to yourself...

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    A Constitutional arrangment whereby power is devided between national and subnational Goverments, each which enforces it's own laws directly on the citizens.

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    Steve Edmonds Jr., Candidate for Florida House District 28 - Seminole County

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    Steve Edmonds Jr. Candidate for Florida House District 28

    Steve decided to run for office because he was relatively sure no one else qualified was going to.  Steve has always been a populist with strong libertarian principles. 

    "I really do not care what political flavor you are, I want to help people realize that anyone can and should run for office, especially local offices. If we are all active and involved the consolidation of power is much more difficult. It was the founders’ intent to design a system that slowed the growth of tyranny and provided for mechanisms to overcome that tyranny when it occured. Federalism created checks and balances that force the different levels of government to compete for your power. The ultimate check and balancing factor in the whole system is YOU the individual and the power of your vote."

    "I think that Seminole County has been under the thumb of an established political committee for over 25 years and I am hoping to remove a major seat of power from their control. The dominance of the Republican party in Seminole county is strong, but the people recognize the cabal and I believe they are ready for true representation.  I am confident that my consistent principles based on the Constitution will be enough to win them over and return Florida House District 28 to the people."

    "Run Your Government or It Will Run You."  Steve Edmonds Jr.

    Join the discussion - submit questions via the chat room or call into the show - 347-857-4364  Press 1 to speak on the air.

    Visit www.floridahouse28.com

    LIke www.facebook.com/Edmonds4House28

    Tweet Steve @edmonds4house28

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    Freedom is Rising - Federalism?

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    We explore federalism in-depth on today's show. What is it? What isn't it? Is it still important? Many today want us to divide on issuse and personalities while we rarely ask the fundamental question of whether we should be embracing federalism in our complex world or moving toward nationalism as practiced today.

    Join us as Freedom Coach Gary Alder and Gary Wood delve into our Constitutional heritage, the freedom it offers, and the contrast between our society today and the society we were meant to have. We will be looking at foundational education to help us better understand today and help restore People's Law moving forward. If you love those 4,373 words in the Constitution we know you will enjoy our show...and there is no doubt, Freedom is Rising!

    The chat room will be open and our call in line is 347-326-9311. Share our show with your social networking and email friends...see you on the radio!

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    Declaration, Articles, Constitution, Federalism Overview

    in Education

    A quick overview of how federalism weaves it's way through the Declaration of Independence, the Articles of Confederation, and the Constitution.

  • Tonight's Round Table Talk w/ Your Host Nee

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    TONIGHT'S TOPIC: American Government Principles. Are They Held True? There are 8 principles of government: Popular Sovereignty, Limited Government, Separation of Powers, Checks and Balances, Federalism, National Supremacy of Law, Civilian Control of the Military, and Judicial Review. Do you think they serve the purposes that they say they do or are there too many loop holes?

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    Federalism 2.0? Capitalism++? Emerging Socioeconomics

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    An open dialog that may or may not touch upon such questions as: Can we at least agree that U.S. Constitution is worth preserving, defending, and even extending to less free societies? How does Federalism view massive industry bailouts? Can authentic compassionate conservativism coexist with Capitalism++, or are they functionally equivalent?

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    Friday Java 14 November 2014

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    The political magazine with a full cup of Coffee and a few polling numbers in between the refills.
    La revista política con una taza llena de café y algunos números de las encuestas entre las recargas.

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    Westchester On the Level with Narog and Aris

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    The “featured” BlogTalkRadio program “Westchester On the Level with Narog and Aris” opens the Wednesday, September 24, 2014th broadcast day at 10:00 a.m. EDT with Dr. Oren Levin-Waldman, professor of public policy in the School for Public Affairs at Metropolitan College of New York. He discusses his most recent article: The Minimum Wage and the New Federalism? By Prof. Oren M. Levin-Waldman. 

    At 11:00 a.m. we pivot our focus in discussion with Rising Media Group Editor Dan Murphy and President Barry McGoey, Esq., of I.A.F.F. Local 628 over issues of concern to yonksites and the ramifications they infer that is relevant to other communities in Westchester County, perhaps even beyond.  concern to Yonkersinternational film critic and film festival curator Sherif Awad. 

    Engage us in conversation by calling (347) 205-9201 to share your perspective – you are only asked to please stay on topic. Listen live or on demand.

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    FDA Regulation of Mobile Apps

    in Health

    Nathan Cortez, JD co-wrote an article on FDA regulation of mobile apps published in the July 24, 2014 issue of NEJM. Luckily, we snagged an opportunity to interview him - you can listen here.

    We covered a wide variety of topics including:

    Why regulate mHealth anyway?
    The new FDA guidance — what needs to be regulated and what does not?
    How does the FDA handle at continual updates of mobile health products – so different from the pharmaceuticals that they regulate?  How do they decide whether an update constitutes a major change, requiring re-review and one that is minor and does not?
    What is “substantially equivalence” and how is it being used in mHealth
    How does the FDA handle mHealth products that provide consumer decision support (CDS)?  What is the difference between low risk and high risk CDS?
    Does the FDA have the right people/processes in place to provide oversight of mHealth?

    Professor Cortez teaches and writes in the areas of health law, administrative law, and FDA law.  His research focuses on emerging markets in health care and biotechnology. Prof. Cortez has become one of the world’s leading legal scholars on medical tourism, patient mobility, and cross-border health insurance, and has published several articles and book chapters on the legal and ethical implications of these phenomena. His research also addresses mobile health technologies, how to regulate innovations that disrupt static regulatory regimes, the First Amendment restraints on FDA regulation (including FDA's graphic tobacco warnings), immigration federalism, and alternative modes of regulation.

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    B&R Radio's The Last Stand with Dwayne Stovall and Joe Dan Gorman

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    This week we will two great guests visit. In the first hour we have Dwayne Stovall. He campaigned for US Senator in the 2014 GOP primary in Texas. Now he runs a Keep Texas Free initiative. He travels around educating about the troubles within our federal government and how it has slipped into a centralized form of government over the last 100 years and how the states rights have been stripped away.

    We also have Joe Dan Gorman of Intellectual Frog Legs fame scheduled to be a guest. He creates one of the most informative creative youtubes about the news of our world weekly. Both Gulf and I are avid watchers of his stuff. It will be fun to just sit back and talk with him about his shows and opinions of events happening. 

    Calls are more than welcome and encouraged for tonight's show. We will have a few things to knock around I am sure. After all we still have the same marxists attempting to destroy our country, Hamas firing rockets into Israel, immigrants flooding our border, etc.

    If you would like to keep The Halls Of Valhalla running, please donate to PayPal @ wilsonpd42@gmail.com. Thank you for your support.