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    The Pond Hunter Radio Broadcast - World Class Fountains and Water Features Ep.18

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    Fountains and water features have been around for thousands of years. Today's fountains and water features are some of the greatest in history; incorporating choreographed dancing waters, music and sound effects, lighting, and pyrotechnics. Join Mike Gannon, host of The Pond Hunter Radio Broadcast, when he is joined by Russ Sitter "The Fountaineer". Russ designs and engineers fountains and water features that can be found around the world. Check out this fascinating discussion on todays water feature design concepts and the technology that goes into a great water feature.

    The Pond Hunter Radio Broadcast is in the pursuit of all things aquatic and broadcasts live Wednesdays at 8pm EST, and available for download anytime. 

    Call in and join the discussion at 914.803.4557

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    Poetic Fusion: Slam Piece and Features

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    Welcome to the next installment of Poetic Fusion! The hottest online radio show on blogtalk radio that airs bi-weekly every Monday! Here we embrace the Arts! With open mic night ANYONE can call in and share their special gift of artistic ability. We also have topics of conversation! This weeks topic is: How to you determine what a slam piece OR how do you prepare for a feature? Call in and let us know what you think, 9;30pm (EST)! Plus we have the hottest music around!

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    Twitter Unveils a Host of New Features

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    Twitter announces new features coming to the social network; Alibaba's market cap continues to balloon; Google's music subscription service will launch next week and Americans believe their privacy is being violated. WSJ's Mathew Passy has details on those stories and more.

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    CEO in 10 features Ed Tazzia of Sycamore and Company

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    CEO in 10 features Ed Tazzia of Sycamore and Company to talk about the trend of hiring “innovation executives” and Innovation Engineering program.. Call into 646-727-2255 to ask Ed questions.

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    CEO in 10 features E Bags' Peter Cobb

    in Lifestyle

    CEO in 10 features Peter Cobb, leader of the nation's number one seller of bags and luggage. Learn his life lessons and tenets of leadership.

    This show is sponsored by the Transformed Traveler network and AAA. Visit www.shop.transformedtraveler.com to purchase America's most popular travel journals at 40% off suggested retail.

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    New Xbox One Features

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    Microsoft announces new living-room-hub features for the Xbox One and Twitter tests a sponsored video feature. Tom Ortuso reports.

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    Boat Talk Live! This show features a review of select Boats for Sale

    in Sports

    Hi and thanks for checking out our latest edition of Boat Talk Live!

    This show will feature  an overview of slect boats that are for sale in North America.  The boast are selected by our crew, without notification to the broker or owner so there is no compensation whatsoever to us regarding the vessels thatwe select to promote. . 

    Boat Talk Live caters to the interest of  people that participate in the world of boating and/or life on the water. This show is for you.

    The Boat Talk Live show features expert guests and discussion topics that relate directly to the wonderful passion we all share regarding boat usage and boat ownership.

    You might be a sailboat racing enthusiast, an owner of a power boat, large yacht or small boat with an outboard, we'll cover topics that will interest and directly benefit you.

    The Boat Talk Live show features expert guests and discussion topics that relate directly to the wonderful passion we all share regarding boat usage and boat ownership. It is your show.  Call in and tell us what is on your mind regarding your life on the water. Want to discuss boat values?  We'll do that.  Want to discuss new boat deals and offers or have a boat to sell?  Tell us about it. We'll help with that too. Have a technical issue with an engine or component? We have you covered. Want to know the "don't miss exhibits" at the major boat shows?  Listen in. We broadcast live from the shows on both the East and West Coast and the major show in-between. .

    Of course we'll talk destinations galore, cooking on board, living on board, kids’ activities, fishing, sailing, racing, navigating the Inland waterways as well as coastal cruising and ocean crossings.

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    Celebrity Juice Features Torsha Lynn

    in Entertainment

    Torsha Lynn’s life has thrown her a few curve balls, but as they say, the best laid plans of mice and men often go astray. Even through immense heartbreak and incredible joy, one thing has always been clear: she was meant to be a singer. Returning to her life’s passion to release her sophomore album, “Inappropriate,” which has already been hailed by critics for its “flawless vocals, hypnotic melodies and epic anthems,” Torsha’s latest album promises to deliver a unique R&B style sure to draw in listeners with her powerful voice and sound.

    From an early age, Torsha, a Dallas, TX native and resident, filled her home with song: she was singing solos in her church choir at just four years old, competing in statewide competitions by middle school, singing in an all-female musical group throughout high school, joining the choir and band in junior high and high school. By the time she started college, on a full scholarship to Texas Christian University, she began to sing professionally.

    I literally walked off the graduation stage and into a studio to produce my first solo album with Michael Lloyd, former vice president of A&R at MGM Records, and Emmy award winning songwriter Greg O’Connor.”

    Torsha had immediate success, but then life and tragedy got in the way. One of her first songs was selected as the trailer for the movie “Love Hurts,” and while she was marketing her first single, Torsha and her husband got pregnant then lost the baby during the third trimester. The experience was so traumatic that she walked away from everything and opened Snug Pet Resort in San Diego at the age of 25.

    Listen live by calling 646-595-4937.


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    Celebrity Juice Features Farah

    in Entertainment

    A performer from a very young age, singer, dancer and model Farrah Washington is making her musical debut with the release of her first official EP, Neoteric, in October 2014. Even though she is rather shy, Farah is no stranger to the spotlight and she comes alive when she sings – opening her heart and letting her fans in.


    Farah started singing when she was just six years old and by middle school she began to compete in talent shows. Even though she did not win, Farah was not discouraged. She joined the high school dance team, built her confidence as a performer, began to write songs and worked hard to develop her own sound in the recording studio.

    To gain a following, Farah took to the Internet and began posting mini-projects on MySpace. In 2008 and 2009, she uploaded her first collection of songs, which she titled Rebirth Nation. As she began to acquire a fan base for her music, Farah fell into a successful modeling career.  We will explore this raising star's talent as we listen to her tunes.


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    Celebrity Juice Features Barbara Lusch

    in Business

    Barbara's solo singing career was preceded by a stint as a vocalist in the popular Portland, Oregon band, Pepe and the Bottle Blondes. The group appeared with the Oregon Symphony Pops, the Britt Festival in Jackson, Oregon, and in venues throughout Oregon as well as in Reno and Seattle. In 2002, Barbara went solo, and since then has been performing throughout the Pacific Northwest with regular engagements in such premier venues as Jimmy Mak's, the Liberty Theater in Astoria, the Heathman and Benson Hotels, and the Allison. She has also appeared at Portland's Cathedral Park Jazz Festival and the Portland Jazz Festival. 

    The concept for Rock Me Sweet came from Barbara's dear friend Tom Nunan, an executive producer of many films and TV shows including the Oscar-winning “Best Picture,” Crash. Tom suggested taking rock anthems originally recorded by male artists and slowing the tempos down to give them a smoky torch ballad feel. "Once we brought the tempos down, the emotions and stories contained in the lyrics emerged so clearly. I began to love these songs more and more, and to gain new admiration for the artists who conceived them,” she says.

    Please join us by calling in live at 646-595-4937.

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    Mentoring Monday from 4wordwomen.org features Jennifer Thomas

    in Lifestyle

    Mentoring Monday from 4wordwomen.org features Jennifer Thomas. 

    Kick start your week with America's greatest leaders from 4wordwomen.org.

    This show is presented by Gracefully Yours and their popular brand of cards-Church Kitchen Ladies.

    Find out more information at www.shop.gracefully-yours.com

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