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    The Renee Richards show - Your featured host Medium Renee Richards LIVE

    in Spirituality




    Renee Richards is a certified Medium and a featured psychic medium on Bob Olsens best psychic directory and is a featured host here on blogtalkradio.

    Shows are every Friday at 5 pacific time 8 eastern time and are live

    rebroadcast are on saturday

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    Featured Guest: Dean Nasifoglu, President & CEO of Wedding Day Diamond

    in Business

    The vault is hosted by Lisa Bissell, President & CEO of Pure Grown Diamonds (www.puregrowndiamonds.com)

    Featured Guest: Dean Nasifoglu, President/CEO of Wedding Day Diamonds (http://www.weddingdaydiamonds.com)

    Grown Diamonds—Eco Advantages
    In a recent environmental impact analysis, Frost & Sullivan (F&S) concludes the impact of the Pure Grown Process is seven times lower than Diamond Mining. 
    Mined diamonds disturb more land, produce more mineral waste, use more water, create more air emissions (carbon, NOx and SOx), use more energy, have more environmental incidents, result in more lost time injury (both in terms of frequency and severity) and have a higher occupational disease rate.  Based on their calculations, F&S further concludes that mined diamonds represent more than 7 times the level of impact as compared to grown diamonds.
    •           The analysis concludes grown diamonds use less than half the energy of mined diamonds.
    •           The Analysis concludes the grown process reduces the impact on the Earth by lower mineral wastes, water usage and air emissions by several magnitudes.
    •           F&S concludes the grown process reduces the impact on the Earth by lower mineral wastes, water usage and air emissions by several magnitudes.

    Pure Grown Diamonds Guarantee
    Pure Grown Diamonds represent more than a technological advancement. We represent an increase in confidence that the diamonds our customers adorn themselves with are guaranteed to come from a source free from conflict and a strain on fragile ecosystems.


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    Anne Stom of Ace Hardware featured on Ace Life Lessons show

    in Lifestyle

    Anne Stom of Ace Hardware featured on Ace Life Lessons show. Anne's stores are in the Washington D.C. market.


    1. We think that Ace is the epicenter for communities. Tell us how your community depends on you.

    2. On our Ace shows, we have heard a pattern/trend in leadership we call collaborative intelligence. This is where Ace employees consider a problem that has to be solved by a homeowner or a community and goes about solving it in the most judicious manner. Give us an example.

    3. Ace owners are rewriting the book on succession planning in America. With 28 million small businesses at work today, how is Ace getting third generation millennials on-boarded to take over the family business?

    4. Inside the community theme, the Ace show has uncovered stories on hard situations and obstacles that have been overcome. One example is the Gilliam family going through three fires at their LA store. How does a store rebound after crashing and burning? Give us an example from your store.

    5. At the center of Ace is doing business at the speed of thought and truly knowing your community. How do you balance your community priorities with gathering, managing, and using information to win as a store owner?

    6. Ace has enlightened hospitality. Share a story on delivery of services or products and how customers feel.

    7. Building friendships instead of a network shows an important nuance to young business owners. Ace owners focus on a higher purpose and intention to deliver happiness. Give us an example.

    8. What is your Ace ethos for the future in the DC area?  Example: Millennials and Gen Z shoppers can expect Ace to be trendy, adventurous and a valued partner in their lives.

    This show is presented by Gracefully-Yours greeting cards and journals...America's fav! Visit www. shop.gracefully-yours.com

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    Everything VERY Paranormal - Guest Ben Hanson-Featured Encore

    in Paranormal

    Everything VERY Paranormal Radio on LiveParanormal.com--- hosted by Jennifer Anderson



    Guest Ben Hanson


    Listen and Chat in the LiveParanormal.com Chatroom by Clicking Here

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    Paranormal Spotlight Radio -Featured Encore- Guest Dustin Pari

    in Paranormal

    Paranormal Spotlight Radio on LiveParanormal.com

    ***Featured Encore***

    hosted by Rob Szarek and Niki ParaUnNormal (Niki Paranormal) 

    Guest: Dustin Pari

    Be sure to check out LiveParanormal.com - LIVE~INTERACTIVE chat room,  evidenence/findings hub, videos and more~~ www.LiveParanormal.com 

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    #156 WatchDOGS Featured on "The Good Works Radio Show"

    in Education

    WatchDOGS Radio host Keith Schumacher had the rare opportunity to be a featured guest on "The Good Works Radio Show" on WYAY, NewsRadio 106.7 in Atlanta

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    Candice Camille, Featured Guest!

    in Women

    Introducing Candice Camille, our featured guest during our Women Making It Happen segment.  Candice will share how wellness plays a role in your success.

    I'll wrap up our theme this month, Getting Things Done.  Today, I'll share the "Push Method" of moving your business tasks forward!

    Tune in today, June 29th @ 12 Noon Eastern!

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    G.O.O.DGirl/G.O.O.DGuy Series - Featured G.O.O.DGirl: Dominique Elysee

    in Entertainment

    Adiagha & Shea continue the G.O.O.DGirl (..and G.O.O.DGuy) series which provides a platform for featured guests to share significant personal stories of how they have overcome adversities (whether external or self-imposed) along their journey to achieving their idea of "success". This week's featured G.O.O.DGirl is up and coming actress, Dominique Elysee! Hosts Adiagha and Shea along with Dominique will explore this week's topic, "What's Possible?".

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    Storytellers Book Tour Featured Author Angee Parker

    in Books

    #PowerReads:  Hood Secrets: A Ghetto Who-Dun-It  by Angee Parker

    Welcome to a housing project in Chicago. Where sex, drugs and murder pour down onto the community like a thunderstorm.


    When convicted sex offender and alleged pimp, Jerome Sanders was found dead in his apartment. The neighborhood was transformed into its own version of the game CLUE. Because everyone wanted to know WHO KILLED JEROME?  

    Deceitful and treacherous, Jerome called himself a businessman, but in reality he was a cold-blooded killer.  Everyone hated him and a lot of people wanted him dead.  The list of suspects was long and constantly growing.  But, WHO KILLED JEROME?

    There were accusations, finger pointing and speculations. Jerome had done so many terrible things to so many people.  Every one of them had a good reason and motive to kill him.  No one but the real killer knew for sure WHO KILLED JEROME, and why.

    Purchase Hood Secrets: A Ghetto Who-Dun-It  by Angee Parker


    About the Author
     Angee Parker is called a visual storyteller.  Her words and style of writing kidnaps the reader and holds them hostage until the very last page.  She began her love of storytelling at a young age. Deemed a "Drama Queen", she takes the flair that she has for the dramatic and transposes it into each character that she creates.  And the "Drama" resonates all through her writing.

    Angee was born and raised on the south side of Chicago, where she still resides.

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    National Caregivers Month is featured on Life Lessons

    in Lifestyle


    72% of U.S. Caregivers in Danger of Leaving Loved Ones without a Caregiver Entirely

    NASHVILLE, TN — “I felt trapped. I felt despair that would hover over me for the next dozen years. This was a difficult place. I never imagined that the road would contain such suffering, loss, heartache, self-sacrifice, failure, and love,” says Peter Rosenberger.

    In Hope for the Caregiver, Rosenberger describes the hell that his wife, Gracie went through – 78 operations, 60 physicians, a dozen hospitals and costs topping $9 million. He calls caregiving “One of the toughest jobs on earth.” There is a seldom-discussed seismic shift rumbling beneath the American economic and political mantle. By 2029, the youngest of the “baby boom” generation — those born between 1946 and 1964 — will reach retirement age. This group, over 76 million strong, added to those born prior to 1946, means over 90 million adults in America may soon need long-term caregivers. More than $1 trillion of wealth will be ultimately transferred from families because of the caring for these individuals.


    “Make no mistake, if you love someone, you will be a caregiver. If you live long enough, you’ll need one,” says author and radio host, Peter Rosenberger, a 30-year caregiver himself. “But, here’s the real urgency: caregivers are usually family members—a massive unpaid workforce—who are in danger of burning out physically, emotionally, and fiscally before their loved ones. And with over 72% of the 65 million caregivers in the United States failing to see their own doctor, the most vulnerable among us are in jeopardy of being left without a caregiver entirely.

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    Misguided Ambition with Featured Guest Arvetra Jones Jr

    in Entrepreneur

    ARTISTS & ENTREPRENEURS!!! Tomorrow's "BonaFide Talk" is for YOU!!! 
    Arvetra Jones Jr..... the President of North Carolina Gospel Announcers Guild Music Association will be the FEATURED GUEST!!! We're GOING TO SCHOOL on how to promote!
    Show topic "Misguided Ambition"
    DIAL 347-327-9688