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    Dr. Jeff Gardere | "Impact of Fatherlessness on Girls"

    in Family

    Dr. Jeff Gardere is America’s Psychologist

    Dr. Jeff is one of the most widely sought-after experts in the field of mental health. In addition to having a private practice in Manhattan, he has garnered a reputation as being a top motivational and keynote speaker, empowerment and media coach.

    He was also an instrumental voice in Fathers Incorporated's documentary "Spitin Anger"

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    Failing to Pass the Mantle: Fatherlessness in the Modern Church

    in Christianity

    Before sending His people across the Jordan to possess their promised inheritance, the Lord through Moses commanded the people that the Word of God, His covenant requirementrs, commandments and promises, should be written upon their hearts, perpetually in their mouths and taught to their children and grandchildren for all generations (see Deut 4 & 6).  It is not enough that we love the Lord our God with all our hearts, souls and strength; but we MUST pass that passion and purpose in Christ to the next generation.  In the age of technology and information that we live, it is possible to have thousands of teachers, a myriad of voices in the religious arena; but where are the spiritual fathers who turn the hearts of children to our Great Father in heaven?  We must pas the batton to the next generation or suffer dire consequences.

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    Discussion on Fatherlessness with author Vincent E. White

    in Spirituality

    "Authors & Artists in April" interview for the Journey to Legacy show features Vincent E. White, who has been featured on ABC and NBC news networks, and scheduled for CBS (3/28) for his book, turned stage play, "Finding Chris, My Father." 

    Hear about an epic story of a young man's perseverance to find his biological father in his ongoing quest toward adulthood which outlines the internal struggles that he had to endure during the strenuous and gut-wrenching process. Listen to vivid candor as he expresses feelings of a jailed step-father, fatherlessness, identity crisis, questions of his manhood, growing up with bullies, a fragmented family, and much more! His book is a coming of age memoir personally written and powerfully-packed with enormous amounts of truth, confusion, and abandonment, which lead to faith in abundance, family togetherness, & ultimate triumph over adversity. 

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    "FATHERLESSNESS" on FIRE & ICE with Ayo, Taralyn, Erica, & Soul Kitten on KLJN

    in Radio

    FIRE & ICE on KLJN 107.7

    HOSTS: Ayodele (New Jersey) -- Taraylyn (Chicago) -- Erica "Boogie" (St. Louis) -- Soul Kitten (Philadelphia)

    GUESTS: PDQ Sutton and Chris McNeil

    PRODUCER: Hervon McNeil




    D'Nell, Robert Clasper, Christian Scott, D'Angelo, Jill Scott


    Chris McNeil, Oprah Winfrey


    KLJN 107.7



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    DAR 216 Deep Adventure Radio: Jason Craig

    in Spirituality

    Bear talks faith and story with Jason Craig, Director of Training and Program Development at Fraternus, a parish-based Catholic movement to help mentor boys to become virtuous Catholic men. 

    Here is the Philosophy of Fraternus:

    “The youth of today need fathers. They need men who will step into their lives and lead them to the Truth we all long for. They need a few less interesting people in their lives, and one who is a little more interested. Youth ministry as we know it today is a response to the breakdown of the family, arguably the role of the father. However, rather than  addressing  symptoms, Fraternus deals with a root issue – fatherlessness. Fraternus equips and inspires men to do what only they can do – be spiritual fathers and mentors to the boys in their life.  Every man has what it takes, but not every man had a True Mentor as a boy. This is where the Fraternus programming, training and support take a man who is willing, faithful and Catholic and form him into a True Mentor which in return causes an entire transformation in a family, community and the culture.”

    If you want to get fired up about Fraternus, watch this video.  Wow.


    - See more at: http://www.newemangelization.com/uncategorized/a-discussion-with-jason-craig-fraternus-building-catholic-boys-into-virtuous-catholic-men

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    Pt. 1: Katherine Albrecht | Pt. 2: Paul Cole

    in News

    On the Wednesday edition of TRUNEWS, Rick Wiles welcomes two dynamic guests.  In Part 1, listener favorite and long-time TRUNEWS ministry friend Katherine Albrecht joins Rick in the studio to discuss the now common acceptance of microchip technology, and also to share regarding her children's book 'I Won't Take the Mark'.  In part two, Paul Cole, son of Edwin Louis Cole, founder of Christian Men's Network shares his heart for ministry to fathers, and explains how the problems of our culture today can be traced back to the 'fatherlessness' of this generation.

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    What All Dads Should Know

    in Dads and Family

    On today's show we discuss What All Dads Should Know with Jeffrey Shears, PhD. To help combat fatherlessness and its deleterious effects, several steps should be taken to promote responsible fathering. Generally, fathers must be supported and and encouraged in their fathering roles. Also, the impacts of intergenerational parenting should be explored to see how a man’s experiences with his own father are affecting him currently.  

    Guest Speaker Information:
    Jeffrey Shears,PhD Director of Dads Know


  • Children without Their Biological Fathers

    in Christianity

    Fatherlessness in the U.S. remains a prevalent issue as the number of children living apart from their biological fathers is estimated to be nearly 30 percent (or roughly one in three), according to 2011 Pew Research data. 

    The number of children living apart from their biological fathers has more than doubled over the last four decades amid a growing decline in nuclear families.

    In 1960, 11 percent of children lived apart from their biological fathers as compared to 27 percent in 2010.

    One Christian artist says he hopes his music will spark conversations about the growing problem and bring healing to families across the nation.

    In August, acclaimed singer/songwriter Brian Nhira released his new single "Back Where You Belong" from his debut album Hope's Stand. The powerful track is described as an "anthem for the fatherless," and Nhira told The Christian Post about how a shopping trip to a local Walmart inspired the song.

    "The song was inspired by an experience I had as a college student," Nhira, a graduate of Oral Roberts University in Tulsa, told CP. "I went to this Walmart (across the street from campus) and one of the things the Lord was highlighting in my mind was these mothers who were there shopping with their kids and struggling to look after their kids and shop at the same time. And so the question arose in my mind 'Where is the father?'"


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    Sequel to 'Fatherlessness!'

    in Self Help

    We finish up talking about fatherlessness.  In this show we also recap what life-coaching is and how it will help you.  We encourage you to dialogue.  Your questions, comments and stories are welcomed.  We would like to hear from you.  Listen and call in!

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    Michael Booker- Fatherlessness Pt. 1

    in Internet

    Michael Booker discusses the epidemic of Fatherless homes. He shares from first hand knowledge as well as statistics of the incidence of suicide and juvenile delinquency of children who grow up with an absentee father.

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    Episode 008 The 2nd Ammendment Argument

    in Politics Conservative

    Episode 8 of Smell the Truth Radio

    Host Dr David Berman speaks out against the limitation of our second amendment rights. He gets to the root of this problem: Fatherlessness.

    Liberal Logic Moment - featuring President Obama

    Get involved with Smell the Truth Radio! Read Dr Berman's articles on smellthetruth.com

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    email drdave@clfchurch.com