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    Call to Islam : Learning the Religion

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    These classes are to help New and Old Shahaadas to learn this Beautiful Religion through the eyes of the 1st Three Generations, With Quran and Sunnah.

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    Taking a Closer Look at The Not so Peaceful Religion of Islam ~ Part 2

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    This afternoon on EBC†RADIO, Richard will be continuing on the subject of looking at Islam and how it is not a peaceful as many lead us to beflieve. Today he will be looking at more directly:

    Do Christians and Muslims worship the same God?
    What are the doctrines of Islam?
    A comparison between Jesus and Muhammad.
    The difference between instructions to treat non-Christians and non-Muslims.
    A comparison of between verses in the bible and Quran.

    Richard will also be revisiting the headline article he discussed yesterday on a memeber of a church being fired from a day care job at a church for living in fornication.

    Be ready with questions or comments the chat room will be open and the caller lines are set to go! Also if you are listening to this as a podcast you can call us at 414-369-2242 and leave your message and we will play it on the next show!

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    Taking a Closer Look at The So-Called Peaceful Religion Called Islam

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    Tonight Richard will is back in the studio after being out last Thursday night. Richard will be doing a hate-mail update as well. We got some mail from some listeners.   For the main topic, we will be looking the recent attack and killing of 12 journalist's in Paris, France. Richard will be looking at and addressing the religion of Islam.  Some topics that will be addressed on tonight's show, is as follows:

    History and origins of Isam 
    Mecca vs Medina verses of the Quran.
    Is Islam Peaceful? 
    What is Al-taqiyya? 
    Is there a difference between the Western Quran and the Middle East version? 

    As always the chatroom and caller lines will be open. So have your questions or comments ready. Also, remember that if you are podcasting this you can call 414-369-2242 and leave us you comment or question as a voice mail. Your question will be played on the next live show.


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    S.O.S. Strategy Of Success with Shahid Abdullah / One Voice with Ibn Yakub Islam

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    1st & 2nd HOUR; STRATEGY OF SUCCESS ------- 3rd HOUR: ONE VOICE

    Radio Host, Shahid Abdullah is the author of the book, “Success is Automatic,” and originator of a new line of fashion, “The Bilalian Shirts and Suits for men.”

    “The Strategy of Success” radio program will discuss many topics and give the listener a great deal of information on current issues, a plan of action and other activities that will focus on the most excellent and proven methods for the African American, in particular, to achieve success; However, the solutions offered will be appropriate for all ages, genders, political affiliations or religious beliefs.

     In these two power-packed hours, in addition to these sure-fired solution, there will be invited guest authors, speakers, entrepreneurs, and other professional who will assist you, the listener on your path to success. You will have the opportunity to ask questions and receive answers from these professionals who will be ready to explain  "how" you can achieve your goals and material objects.

    Tune-in and take charge of your journey to success! Your can participate from anywhere in the world just by calling 213-816 0356 on Tuesday evenings from 6:30PM -8:30PM (est) .Call In and Join Us!

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    religion means alive

    in Religion

    spreading an message to african americans

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    This Show is strictly for the Listeners who want Real Dialogue,Important Topix mixed along with great Music.

    This topic; is a great misconception that we all have been lead to believe is that righteousness is completely and divinely connected to a specific body or  community of religious faith, and this being the only way to acquire that spiritual connection with 'THE MOST HIGH' so off to the races we go to try to receive the truth,the true religion,and the spiritual guidence promised to humanity,but what is the true walk of righteousness?,what is the true religion?,where do we begin to find what is from the creator and what is from man?,CAN RIGHTEOUSNESS BE FOUND IN A BUILDING?,ON A SPECIFIC DAY?, ,AT A SPECIFIC TIME?, ONLY WITH A SPECIFIC GROUP OR COMMUNITY?.......lets discuss it welcome to another edition of FMW LIVE IN THE STUDIO,,,,,,

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    Transforming the Synchronicity of Fate into Synchronicity of Destiny

    in Self Help

    Many of us say, ‘Everything happens for a reason’, but how does synchronicity really work? Tune into this paradigm shattering show as Robert explains why there are actually two different kinds of ‘synchronicity’ and how you can identify them in your life. Activate the ‘Synchronicity of Destiny’ through this game changing show! To speak to Robert dial 818.495.6927. 

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    TRUE HUMAN RADIO! sponsored by New Day 4 al Islam Community Radio

    in Current Events

    As-Salaam 'alaykum: Peace be upon you all!

    TONIGHT! Sunday, January 25, 2015

    Join Instructor Benjamin Bilal for: TRUE HUMAN RADIO! from - 7:00 pm to 10:00 pm (EST).

    Tonight's Topics:

    1. Correspondent Levi A. Shabazz - "TRAVELING Through the Land"

    2. Instructor Douglas Abbas Kelly - "The HALAL, the HARAM and the UGLY of Life Insurance and Estate Planning" Pt. 2

    3. Instructress Kareema Medina Bilal - "DIABETES: The Mischief of Created Things" Pt. 2

    4. Instructor Benjamin Bilal - "IMPORTANT Words, Terms and Phrases in the Qur'an, (plus Qs & As) Pt. 4"

    Call in at: 213-816-0356 (press #1 for Qs & As)

    Announcer - Abdul-Kariem Akbar

    Producer - William Kareem

    Thank you for making TRUE HUMAN RADIO! one of the most listened to Muslim-hosted programs on Blog Talk Radio. Please continue to help TRUE HUMAN RADIO! put the "neighbor" back in the "hood"! Tune in, listen, learn and enjoy!

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    Religion Means Alive

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    discussingthe re-education of black people 

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    Religion Means Alive

    in Religion

    discussingthe re-education of black people 

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    religion means alive

    in Religion

    spreading an message to african americans

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