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    Girls On Top

    in Women

    She's Daring, Influential, Vigorous, and Assertive, but you can Call Her DIVA. So many women nowadays have adopted glossy monikers like Diva, Fabulous, Super Woman, Boss Lady, and Fierce; just to name a few. But I wonder how many of those women are Girls On Top. It is so easy to get caught up with the flashy and somewhat boastful labels, but when it comes down to it what qualifies a woman as successful in 2010? Essentially what makes a "Girl On Top?" This Friday on The Diva Hour, We're focusing in on the top 10 traits found in truly successful women, otherwise known as "Girls On Top"!

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    How Much Does True Love Cost?

    in Entertainment

    She's Daring, Influencial, Vigorous, and Assertive, but you can Call Her DIVA. Tonight Philly Diva tackles Finances and the stress they can place on families and relationships. She gives you her take, then mixes it up with a special guest who will offer a male's perspective on the topic. She also gets into Michael Jackson's $230 million dollar recording deal, and much more.