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    John Carver - Bob Farrell - Give em the Pickle

    in Self Help

    I heard this talk years ago and want to share it with you today.

    Born in beautiful Brooklyn, New York, in 1927, a bouncing baby boy named Bobby Farrell was introduced to the world. His grandfather, Patrick Farrell, owned a successful auto parts company and life was good in "the old neighborhood." When the stock market crashed in 1929, it took its toll on the business and the family. Bob Farrell's father took his own life when Bob was only four years old. His mother couldn't cope and placed him and his sister in an orphanage. It was a safe place run by loving people. "I remember crying when I arrived and crying when I left," Bob would later recall, "I'm sure I gave those poor people a harder time than they gave me." His mother remarried five years later and got her children back.

    In 1973, Bob Farrell sold his fifty-five store chain of ice cream parlors to the Marriot Corporation. He remained as its spokesperson and they added nearly a hundred more stores. It was during this time that he developed a speech for new employees called, "Give 'em the Pickle!", based on a letter he received from a disappointed customer. This speech began the third chapter of his career as a highly sought-after motivational speaker and author.

    You can get more info on Bob at http://www.giveemthepickle.com/bob.htm and http://www.giveemthepickle.com/

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    Author2Author with Mary Cronk Farrell

    in Writing

    Bill welcomes novelist Mary Cronk Farrell to the show. Join Bill and Mary as they discuss the books we write and the lives we lead. Don't miss it!

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    Countdown to PHA Forum: Meet Dr. David Nash & Betsy Farrell

    in Health

    On a special edition of This Week in Health Innovation on November 18th, 2014 at 12 Noon Eastern and 9AM Pacific we continue the series 'Countdown to the PHA Forum' with David Nash, MD, MBA and Betsy Farrell, RN.

    Dr. David Nash is the Dr. Raymond C. and Doris N. Grandon Professor of Health Policy and a board-certified internist who is internationally recognized for his work in outcomes management, medical staff development and quality-of-care improvement appointed as the Founding Dean of the Jefferson School of Population Health in 2008.  The Jefferson School of Population Health (JSPH) provides innovative educational programming designed to develop healthcare leaders for the future. Its offerings include Masters Programs in Public Health, Healthcare Quality and Safety, Health Policy and Applied Health Economics and Outcomes Research. JSPH also offers a doctoral program in Population Health Science.

    Betsy A. Farrell, RN is Director of Performance Management at Aetna where she oversees teams of professionals who deliver strategic development for care management programs, process excellence, and change management. She also holds a Bachelor of Science from Charter Oak State College and a Master Black Belt in Six Sigma and Lean from Villanova University.

    Join PHA Board Chair and Executive Director Fred Goldstein and me for an informative chat and preview of the PHA Forum 2014.



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    Democratic Energy with John Farrell

    in Energy

    John Farrell is the Director of Democratic Energy at the Institute for Local Self-Reliance. John is best known for his vivid illustrations of the economic and environmental benefits of local ownership of decentralized renewable energy.

    He’s the author of Energy Self-Reliant States, a state-by-state atlas of renewable energy potential highlighted in the New York Times,  showing that most states don’t need to look outside their borders to meet their electricity needs.  He’s also written extensively on the economic advantages of Democratizing the Electricity System, published a rich interactive map on solar grid parity, and polished the policies (like Minnesota’s solar energy standard) necessary to support locally owned renewable energy development.

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    Consider This… 5th Annual Global Oneness Day! Guest, Steve Farrell

    in Spirituality

    5th Annual GLOBAL ONENESS DAY! Returning honored guest, Steve Farrell, worldwide director of Humanitysteam.org (HT) shares global celebration plans for October 24, 2014. Devoted HT worldwide leaders round-out this inspiring show. Learn of a Oneness Movement founded by Neale Donald Walsch and join thousands registered: FREE All-Day Tele-summit http://GlobalOneness2014.org/

    Mondays ~ Rev. Drs. Linda Marie Nelson and Nancy Ash offer spiritual evolutionary dialog from the heart uniting our world in Oneness honoring ALL perspectives in sacred traditions. Enjoy cutting-edge, timely discussion with veteran trans-denominational minister co-hosts, Linda Marie and Nancy. Raise your vibration in Doing a 360 meditations with beautiful music to re-calibrate consciousness. Since 2010, CONSIDER THIS... programs have inspired and motivated learning, opening hearts to multiple ways that integral minds are transforming the world. Enjoy! We Love You ~ Thank You

    Nancy: http://www.Doinga360.com

    Linda Marie: http://www.shekinahruha.org

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    A Conversation With Bob Farrell

    in Comedy

    Bob Farrell began his stand-up career just three years ago and is well known on the Christian comedy circuit. His jokes have been featured picks on Dailycomedy.com. He can be found on Facebook under comedianbobfarrell or Twitter, under @weirdbobfarrell, or you can find him at www.comedianbobfarrell.com

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    EQUALITY UPDATES 75: Colin Farrell Pleads, NJ Good News, Ireland, Mr. SMITH!

    in Culture

    Good morning!  On today's broadcast:  

    Equality of outcome: an ethical imperative; Colin Farrell pleads for marriage equality in Ireland; A commitment to marriage equality wins two local girls a Caesars dream wedding; Ohio is making progress on LGBT equality, but still has far to go Pittsburgh actor, director, spoken word artist, writer, acting coach, Leslie Ezra Smith, and so much more!

    JOIN US!  

    That's Sunday, November 16th, 2014 at 11:30AM (ET)/8:30 (PT)! on Equality Updates with Marcinho Savant !  I find it baffling that human beings are unable, and unwilling, to remember to love one another, and to "do unto others, as we would have them do unto us", in today's world. and, as usual, we welcome your calls, thoughts, and opinions!  Be sure to call in at : (760) 283-5125!!!

    Join us!  That's today, 11/16/14, at 11:30AM (ET)/8:30 (PT)!  Exclusively on #blogtalkradio! 

    DISCLAIMER: The views expressed by the guests on this broadcast are theirs alone, and do not, necessarily, reflect those of the Equality Updates with Marcinho Savant broadcast, its host, staff, sponsors or any other person or party, directly, or peripherally, involved with this program.

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    A Special Hour of Transformation With Sarah-Jane Farrell

    in Self Help

    Todays Magnificent Show with Sarah-Jane Farrell is entitled

    "Ending the weight of judgement - how to go from doubt and fear to courage and confidence by claiming your potency and stepping in to you as your most valuable asset!"

    Today's guest, Sarah-Jane Farrell is a phenomenal representation of what is possible.  She joins us from her home in South Africa.  She is a transformational life coach & bodyworker who specializes in bringing balance, wealth and wellbeing beyond the limitations of what you think is possible in every aspect of life and living!

    Join Sarah Jane on her upcoming F R E E telesummit series. Click here: http://couageousconfidentinspiredwoman.com/




    You Tube http://www.youtube.com/channel/UC0AJvw_z39AQPw6NYcUn3mg

    Sarah-Jane wishes you - "May all of life come to you with ease, joy and glory !"


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    Empower America Hour with Nick Farrell

    in Goals

    Nick Farrell typical young man who went through life with one foot in Christianity and the other foot in the World. Although I had success in sports and organizations by being picked as a leader I never found fulfillment. I was living on the promise that Jesus was my Lord and Savior, but I didn’t live my life like a Christian. I tried to make it in the world by myself and lived the life of a wild man partying and drinking a lot. I was never happy with my life and was trying to find my way to happiness. Then my world got turned upside down when I was in an accident that confined me to a wheelchair for the rest of my life. Since the accident I have found what I was missing and changed my life to serve God.

    I have a bachelor’s degree in Business Management from McMurry College in Abilene, Texas. I have managed several retail stores and owned my own business and been a member of several organizations. By the world standards I was pretty successful. Married active in different organizations and a leader in business. This is the story of the mistakes I have made and the ways God has saved me from harm and even myself. By learning more about God and what he wants for my life I have found a way to live in joy and peace even though I’m confined to a wheelchair. I felt compelled to write this book to show others that it doesn’t matter what you have done so far in your life. There is time to turn to God and seek His guidance. He is there waiting for you to ask Him into your life.

    For more information , please visit https://www.tatepublishing.com/bookstore/book.php?w=978-1-62902-124-9

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    Chris Farrell (of Marketplace): "Un-Retirement," Musician, Judith Miller & MORE

    in Self Help

    Author of the new book, "Un-Retirement:  How Baby Boomers Are Changing the Way We Think About Work, Community, And The Good Life," Chris Farrell will join us for an interview.

    Chris Farrell is a senior economics contributor at Marketplace, American Public Media’s nationally syndicated public radio business and personal finance programs.  He is also an economics commentator for Minnesota Public Radio, author of several regular columns on economics and public policy for Bloomberg Businessweek and on personal finance for the Minneapolis Star Tribune.  He's written for a number of media outlets, including Kiplinger’s, Next Avenue, Yahoo, Pioneer Press, Frontline, Street.com, and Investment Advisor, and he was  economics correspondent for American Public Media’s documentary unit, American Radio Works. Among the documentaries he's worked on were After the Projects,Pueblo USA, and Japan’s Pop Power he was host and executive editor of Right on the Money, a nationally syndicated personal finance series produced for 5 years by Twin Cities Public Television.

    Judith Miller will be our guest artist and will talk about what she will be doing during the Holiday Season.

    The recipient of the Service to Mankind Award for all of North America, veteran, MSG Will Williams will be BACK to talk about some of the many community organizations he is involved with and how you might join in and help for the holidays.

    Betty Streckfuss of the Texas Silver Haired Legislature will also be back to join us to talk about seniors volunteering to help others through the holiday season!

    AND...Why we need to follow our dreams...at ANY AGE!


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    in Entertainment

    Born Sharon Forsmoe, now Sharon Farrell, made her acting debut in the 1959 film Kiss Her Goodbye. From the 1960s through the 1980s, Sharon appeared in such films as The Reivers, Marlowe, It's Alive, Night of the Comet, The Stunt Man, Out of the Blue, and Can't Buy Me Love.

    In addition to film work, Sharon also appeared in guest starring roles on various television shows including, Death Valley Days, The Fugitive, Gunsmoke, Wagon Train, Ben Casy, Doctor Kildare, and Hawaii Five-O.

    Sharon's career was interrupted when her heart stopped beating for four minutes during childbirth. She incurred brain damage, and was virtually unable to read, write, walk or talk. After extensive sessions of re-learning, Sharon returned to acting in the early 1970s, her work load increasing as her recovery progressed. In 1991, she joined the cast of the long-running soap, The Young and the Restless, to prove to Hollywood that she could memorize, hit her marks and show up on time! She remained with the show until 1996. Sharon's most recent role was on a 1999 episode of JAG.

    Sharon just released her memoir: "Sharon Farrell, Hollywood Princess From Sioux City, Iowa" 

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