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    Fantasy Hockey X: Let The Trades Begin!

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    Yes...ladies and gentlemen....come one and all to the unofficial start of the 2015 NHL Trade Deadline. Tonight on the show, me, Cliffy, and Pacheco break down the Jiri Sekac for Devante Smith-Pelly deal, more rumors, an extension, and then lots of DFS debate and banter!

    Then there will be a dive back into the short slate pools just for a bit of fun, a lot of injury news, and again your questions and tweets. The best part of this show is that it is nothing without our fantasy hockey fans firing away and not holding back! That is what we have come to expect!

    The show begins at 9:00 pm ET and goes a full hour plus a little bonus time to hammer a little more hockey in there. Let's get this started. The phone number is 1-347-826-7358 and thanks for listening.

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    Fantasy Hockey X

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    Join Michael Clifford (@SlimCliffy), Chris Wassel (@ChrisWasselTHW), and Chris Pacheco (@TheNumbers_guy) as they kick off the fantasy hockey campaign with the season premiere of Fantasy Hockey X!

    The guys will be talking rankings, training camp injuries/battles, and anything else related to fantasy hockey. 

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    Fantasy Hockey X - The DFS Never Rests!

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    The Fantasy Hockey guys you trust are back as Michael Clifford makes his triumphant return. Pacheco and myself will join him and we have lots to talk about in this hour. It is hard to believe but we are less than three weeks from the NHL Trade Deadline. 

    The daily fantasy hockey landscape is always changing. However, there is nothing like a Tuesday, Thursday, or Saturday night for DFS'ers. Yes it leads to the lowest of lows sometimes but there are also the nights of the highest of highs too. It does really create a level of excitement that few formats can ever match. 

    So come join us at 9pm ET. The phone number is always 1-347-826-7358. Bring us your questions and we will give you the answers. Do not forget to subscribe to us via The Program Returns and comments and rate the site. Thank you so much!

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    Fantasy Hockey X -- DFS Survivor Week!

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    Tonight the three DFS hockey amigos -- Wassel, Clifford, and Pacheco explore the Tuesday slate and preview the rest of the week. As always it will be spirited and full of references praising the best and agonizing over the worst of decisions made. 

    The best part is you get expert advice and experts that are not afraid to admit when they are wrong. That fun starts all at 9pm ET with the usual hour edition and a little bit of bonus archive for the listeners. As always you can subscribe to us on iTunes simply by searching for podcasts and then "The Program Returns".

    The phone number is 1-347-826-7358 and the action again begins at 9 ET.....let's rock!!!

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    Fantasy Hockey X: DFS And The Busy Tuesday

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    Pacheco, Clifford, and myself disect the 11 game schedule then look ahead to the rest of the week. We live DFS hockey like you would want to hear it -- all the joy and agony wrapped into one show. 

    We will talk about some recent injuries including the tough one to Kevin Shattenkirk and then maybe even sneak in a little bit about our interview with Bernie Nicholls and a new way to play fantasy. 

    Lastly, we start the process of slowly tying in more statistics into the DFS lexicon. This should be a fun show and it all begins at 9:00pm ET. We go one full hour plus a bit more. The phone number is 1-347-826-7358.

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    Fantasy Hockey X -- Winter Wonderland

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    There are only two weeks until Christmas so like a good Christmas shopper, we try to help you with your Fantasy Hockey league -- both DFS and dynasty. Also, the show is back here on The Program and I wanted to thank the folks at ProjectRoto for being able to use their platform the first couple months. 

    Tonight, we take a look at some of the daily stories that have rocked the fantasy world, injuries, and yes the mumps and the flu. These are not easy topics but we take them on head on. 


    -- Intro

    -- Scoring Updates

    -- Some show times and notes

    -- Experimenting with lineups

    -- The Brodeur Effect? 

    -- Looking Ahead

    -- Those "Wassel Hunches"

    -- The Not So Great Chicago Stack

    -- Parting Shots

    -- Aloha means GTFO!


    The phone number is now 1-347-826-7358 and yes the show will be here every Tuesday normally unless I am on assignment. Thanks for listening and bring those fantasy hockey questions to the table....we are ready!

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    Fantasy Hockey X: Just Toss This Lineup?

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    The All Star Break is nearly here but that will not stop Clifford, Pacheco, and myself from talking fantasy hockey. We take a look at a wild Tuesday and what happened earlier in the week as well. Then a turn goes to Wednesday, a night where monitoring injury and game reports may be more important than anything else. 

    Did I mention there's a measles outbreak? Ah crap! Thankfully this is not among NHL players but if any of those vaccines failed or didn't take, woo boy! Either way, this shapres up to be an entertaining show and do not forget our rant about "lineups for sale". That alone should be worth the price of admission which is free. 

    The phone number is 1-347-826-7358. After all, for sixty minutes starting at 9 pm ET, we bring you the fantasy hockey world the way it should be -- no filter and in your face! Come take a listen!


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    Fantasy Hockey X -- Daily Goes To The Dogs?

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    On tonight's show, Clifford, Pacheco, and myself talk about DFS fantasy hockey as always and we will also have good friend Neil Parker of The Fake Hockey on with us to join in the fun. This will be a packed hour plus show as the All Star break beckons later next week. Schedules will be tested as well as patience.

    Tonight we are all going to try and explain the bizarre nature of Jay Beagle's scoring habits. Also, apparently there are new illnesses as mono has entered the hockey lexicon once again. You cannot win your leagues without this show and we will answer ALL your questions so what are you waiting for? 

    The action begins at 9:00pm ET and the phone number as always is 1-347-826-7358. Are you ready? Let's roll!

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    Fantasy Hockey X: Welcome Back NHL!

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    Hey DFS hockey fans, we are back! Pacheco, Clifford, and myself take you through the 11 game Tuesday slate and get reacclimated in a crash course tour de force. We will even talk about Martin Brodeur briefly and of course the ever growing disdain with Paul Maurice platooning Michael Hutchinson and Ondrej Pavelec. 

    There are always lots of questions. 

    Who will fill Kyle Okposo's spot during his absence?
    Will Carey Price manage to keep it together in the 2nd half?
    Do we see more of Anton Forsberg while Bobrovsky recovers?
    How many more injuries do we see?
    Does anyone top 50 goals? 100 points?
    What DFS surprises lie ahead for the second half?


    As always, we take your questions and more via Twitter. The phone number is 1-347-826-7358. The fun starts promptly at 9:00 pm ET. See you then!

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    Fantasy Hockey X: A Damned Arctic Chill

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    In most places, this is just the norm but damn it is pretty cold outside! On tonight's show, Michael Clifford, Chris Pacheco, and myself try to make sense of the fantasy hockey world while trying to stay warm. The fun part is there is a few weeks until the All Star Break

    In the meantime, starting at 9:00 pm ET, we delve into DFS hockey and fantasy hockey like no other. If you should feel the draft, during the show, do not be surprised at all. It is just the mere fact that winter and some cold fantasy realities have hit. 


    The phone number is 1-347-826-7358 and you can always download the show via the iTunes link. Do not forget to subscribe and enjoy a special Wednesday night edition of the show. Thanks for listening!

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    Fantasy Hockey Tonight - Old Time Hockey Show

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    Fantasy Hockey Tonight Starring CC "the Statman" Colin Critch who is the best in the business. Get all your hockey news and fantasy help every Wednesday at 9pm est with your host Aj Pelletier of the #1 football show on blog talk Fantasy Football Tonight.

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