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  • Author, Miranda Parker

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    Author of The Evangeline Hunter Bounty Series, Miranda Parker, discusses her novel, "A Good Excuse to Be Bad".

  • Family Court

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    We discuss the current issues with family court and the seemigly anti male bias that takes place.

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    The Deadly Consequences of Family Court - Special Guest: Michael Volpe

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    Special Guest:  Michael Volpe, Investigative reporter and Author will be on tonight to discuss his upcoming book,  "Bullied to Death: The Chris Mackney story".   Hear how a loving father was bullied by the family court system, until he couldn't take the pain any longer and ultimately took his own life.  With the money and influence from his ex-father-in-law and Virginia-based real estate developer, Pete T. Scamardo, Chris Mackney was jailed four times, homeless, pennyless and was given no visitation rights to his children.

    This is an on-going trend in the family courts . . . Who ever has the most money wins!

    Also, Mr. Volpe will discuss the revalation of NJ Gov. Chris Christy named in two lawsuits alleging violations by Family Courts.

    Tune in every weeknight at 8:00pm to 10:00pm to hear The Captain unlock his treasure chest of opinions and ideas, facing all matters of Constitutional Freedom.

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    Special Guest: Ted Taupier - Victim of False Accusations and Family Court

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    Tonight, hear how your life can be destroyed with just one false accusation.  Ted Taupier Explains his horrifying case and offers evidence of how cruel and unusual our law enforcement combined with our family court system can be.

    Feel free to call in and ask Ted a question.

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    Tune in every weeknight at 8:00pm to 10:00pm to hear The Captain unlock his treasure chest of opinions and ideas, facing all matters of Constitutional Freedom.

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    Women and Family Court

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    If you’ve ever experienced family court, you know how wrenching it can be.  In difficult cases it’s hard to find a lawyer to tackle the issues, and if you’re broke, good luck getting legal advice.  In the brotherhood/sisterhood of lawyers, one particular woman stands out – REALLY stands out.  Elizabeth Kates has practice law for 34 years with impressive qualifications like a J.D. and LLM degrees from University of Florida, plus psychology training.  She has practiced in the areas of finance, taxation and gender issues affecting women in the IRS and other federal laws.  But she is so much more.

    Liz founded lizlibrary.org to focus on women’s issues and history, which is probably the most comprehensive site about divorce, custody, news, and so much more.  She believes that there is an abrogation of the rule of law in family law that has led to more and more problems for women in divorce and child custody, even as the changes in the laws in other areas have purported to equalize women's rights.

    And to top it off, Liz is outspoken and controversial even among her peers.  One lawyer wrote on his website that people should “stay away” from her as an attorney.  She can be just as fierce in her opinions as she can be supportive of the issues she supports.

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    Family Court and the Right to Informed Consent

    in Health

    Walter Davis, Andrew Thibaud and Laurie Anspach (Executive Director of CCHR Florida) 8 Feb. 5 PM Eastern, 2 PM Pacific

    No parent could ever imagine the horror of not being able to raise their own child.  Yet, in today’s family court system, we are finding that more and more divorced parents are losing their rights to see their child and to act as their parent.  The reasoning behind this growing movement is equally horrific.  Divorced parents are disputing over the administration of psychotropic drugs to their children. One parent wants to drug the child and the other one does not. Mental health has become insinuated into today’s Family Court and the right to Informed Consent is surpassed by vested interests.  Hear one parents tale and how he continues to fight for the right to say “NO” to mind-altering drugs for his child. 

    CCHR Florida

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    Angels Over Aidan, Aidan was kidnapped, abuducted, denied his right to tender years of living with his mom and awesome two brothers. COURT RECORDES PROVE HIS MOM & SIBLINGS HAVE BEEN UNWARRANDELY, ILLIEGALLY, INTENTIONALLY DENIED THEIR DUE PROCESS RIGHTS, 14 AND 5TH  AMEDMENTS  RIGHTS VIOLATED. ETC.

    Unity is the key to success for everyone. Whether it is a nation, an organization, a family, or friends, remaining united and working together like a team is always MORE fruitful then working alone. UNITIED WE WILL STAND, divided we fall and loose.

    ANGELS OVER AIDAN, pleading the case of Ann Marie Baxter and her son Aidan, asking all BLOGTALKRADIO LISTERNERS & friends, family and associates to join forces in helping Ann Marie Baxter recover her son Aiden and expose the unconstitutional actions, practices and procedures of Broward County Family Court Judges and Guardian Ad Litem. ANGEL'S OVER AIDEN.  Become an Angel's Over Aiden, SIGN OUR PETITION TO THE UNITED STATES SUPREME COURT.

    We need Pro Bono Attorneys, Retired and fired attorneys and judges, internet volunteers, legal researchers, social networks, funds raisers, email angels, honest politician, supporters, prayer warriors, court watchers, reporters, civil liberty activist, seniors in high school, former prisoners etc

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            You’ve heard it - “My wife is crazy, but the courts are so prejudiced against men, she got full custody.” “He was abusing me in front of the children, but the judge didn’t even pay attention to me- he got full custody.”  “We have shared custody – how can I ever get him/her to be reasonable when it comes to the decisions about the kids?”

    Oh, the horror stories we hear.  It seems like men’s groups and women’s groups are becoming more active about the sad state our family courts are in.  Anyone who’s been in front of a judge knows the fear, the devastation and the lifelong impact of their decisions regarding divorce and child custody.  It seems like everyone is let asking, “What was that judge thinking?”

    Now is your chance to find out.  Join us Saturday to hear A Colorado family court judge explain how judges think, assess, and make decisions, and what laws they have to consider when making those decisions.

    Angela R. Arkin has been a District Court Judge in the 18th Judicial District since 2002. She’s a graduate of Emory Law School, and is licensed in Colorado, Georgia and the District of Columbia. She began her judicial career by serving two years as a District Court Magistrate in Arapahoe County with a domestic and juvenile docket. She is currently handling a 100% domestic docket in Douglas County. Prior to her current assignment, Judge Arkin has served as a District Judge in all four counties in the District, with mixed dockets including criminal, civil, probate, mental health, juvenile and domestic cases.

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    A ENTERPRISE CONSPIRACY OR bathtub conspiracy is a conspiracy between, two subsidiaries, parts, or any other division of the same enterprise or firm. It is a conspiracy between related companies. Under a bathtub conspiracy, a parent corporation and its wholly-owned subsidiary were considered two separate parties capable of conspiring. 

    TODAY, in family court many law abiding citizens are victims of enterprise and bathtub conspiracy. HOW? THE PARTIES WITH THE MOST MONEY WIN ALWAYS. Tune in as you receive knowledge from Heaven "Manna" regarding Family Court violations.

    The person with the most money has legal rights and the opposing loses all his or her rights, mind and soul.

    Children are being denied the right to visit their sibllings yet, sibling bond is supported by Federal legislation and child welfare best practices that emphasize keeping siblings together whenever possible. 

    In conclusion, since 1963, there were only 163,000 reports of alleged child abuse or neglect, to 1995 when there were over 3.2 million reports of alleged child abuse or neglect, we've witnessed an approximate 2,000 percent increase in the number of reports of alleged child abuse or neglect in America. 

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    The complications from domestic violence are far and wide, and we’ve talked with experts on physical assault, the children who witness violence, and even professionals who work with the offenders.  Now it’s time we talk with someone who has lived the nightmare. 

    Maralee McLean is a mother who faced the family justice courts to battle for the safety and custody of her children.  The trauma, ignorance and failure of the family court and justice system led her to write, “Prosecuted But Not Silenced,” a book that has become a reference for not only judges and lawyers, but for other mothers fighting for their children.  Maralee will be with us Saturday to talk not only about her personal struggles, but about the situation rampant in our family court system where the officials and decision makers are placing  children in danger.

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    Untold Horror Stories of Family Court/CPS The New Holocaust with Aleah HollandRN

    in Women

    Aleah HollandRN is a vibrant, vivacious New York City nurse and founder of HEAL Network Inc and a Brooklyn NY mom. Aleah HollandRN never imagined that her family would be lynched inside of a domestic violence family court where she thought she would finally get help. And, she was stunned after hundreds of hours of investigation illustrated this stealing children from good moms was a national judge ordered norm. 

    Holland's findings proved that New York's, ACS (Administration for Children's Services) and CPS were turning their backs on children who were being raped, tortured, and killed by the psychotic parent, while the loving nurturing parent usually the mom was being abused by the system and tormented. Innocent mothers were losing all rights to their child and as in Aleah's case with no contact to their child at all. 

    Aleah discovered judges, psychologists and lawyers are "selling out" the very children they are sworn to protect and serve in family court. They sell out you and your children in exchange for financial kickbacks, and in some cases just the sick kicks. Innocent children continue to be stolen from moms to be put at risk, and even killed.