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    Elder Law Clinic - Reverse Mortgages Weapons Of Mass Detruction

    in Real Estate

    Reverse Mortages are W.M.D., weapons of mass destruction to families, legacies, and homesteads.

    There is a saying "If it sounds too good to be true it probally is" and that is the case with a Reverse Mortgage.

    Television advertisments make Reverse Mortgages sound good. Just call on the phone and someone will come out and give you money that you never have to pay back and hey................you can still live in your home.  The operative word here is MORTGAGE and with any mortgage "someone" has to pay off that loan !  It might not be the orginal borrower, but if there are children or grandchildren involved THEY have to pay for that debt PLUS any interest that is added on.

    Reverse Mortgages is a tool of "Weaponized Banking".  

    We shall discuss what Weaponized Banking is, how it a form of "House Hijacking", how it can tear a family apart, and what you can do by being educated via our Elder Law Clinic.

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    Elevate Radio: Fears, Faith and Possible Foreclosure

    in Women

    Join Marlia Cochran and Terilee Harrison for Elevate Radio - where our focus is to elevate women to live a life that matters! 
    This week as we end our series on "Faith and Finances," we will share how several Christian famiilies faced their fears and increased their faith when facing loan modification, short sale, and foreclosure.   
    You can find archives of Elevate Radio online here.

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