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    The False Prophet

    in Christianity

    This is part of our Living In The Final Chapter series, and is our lesson on the False Prophet. This special teaching will go into deep study like you have never heard before. Learn the details of this man's ministry, life and how he will cause the entire world to worship the Anti-Christ. If you have never really studied prophecy, this teaching is for you, as we show that this man is living on the earth now, and will soon make his grand entrance. Tune in today to another addition of The Voice Of The Prophetic.

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    False Prophet Pope Francis and Obummer are ushering us straight into Revelation!

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     In this episode I will discuss the pope's visit to the US and his role as the false prophet and how he will be pointing others to worshipping the first beast Obama the anti-christ! He is going to split the land of Israel with the anti-christ and when they do judgment will come like a sword fallling on this land!  False Prophet Francis has already wrought one ''miracle'' from the pits of hell and now it sounds like he has wrought another one! The players are ready the stage is set all we waiting on is God to say GO and get my children!  This and much more where ever the Lord leads in this broadcast Amen!!

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    The Evangelical False Gospel of Salvation by “Abiding in the Ship”

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    Evangelicalism in general is theologically illiterate and totally confused about salvation. The home fellowship movement should grasp the following reality: Catholicism and Protestantism are both vast mission fields. In addition, I think thousands attending the institutional church would leave tomorrow if they had an alternative.

    This particular program was inspired by Andy Young's Tuesday night Bible study out of Acts, specifically his notation on Acts 27:31, “Paul said to the centurion and to the soldiers, Except these abide in the ship, ye cannot be saved.” Really, when it gets right down to it, the way this passage is often used denotes the official doctrine of the Protestant Reformation and its perseverance of the saints; the idea that one must abide in something to keep themselves saved. Evangelicals either proclaim this outwardly, our unwittingly function that way.

    The message I am going to cite tonight from a Reformed blog is a prime example.


    I have chosen it because this pastor cites many, many Bible verses that indeed seem to bolster the official Protestant doctrine of perseverance. I want to take the opportunity to address these verses one by one. 

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    True or False....You are a Prophet or a Profit....Regeneration X

    in Religion

    Join Regeneration X this Saturday 3/28/15 at 9am EST. We'll be discussing "What Is A True Prophet." Many call themselves prophet but what are the signs of a true or false prophet? Join us for this episode.

    Please check out our website @Remnantxradio.com, follow us on twitter and send me a friend request on facebook!

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    Biblical Prophecy: False Prophet-Pope Francis

    in Christianity

    Today we will be discussing biblical prophecy; the false prophet that Revelation speaks of. We will see what the scriptures say about the false prophet that will help usher in the antichrist. I will reveal what the Lord has spoken to me regarding Pope Francis and President Obama. In our teaching we will also discuss operating in the Spirit. God desires that we be like him. The only way to truly get close to the Lord is to move by His Spirit. His Spirit is what will lead and guide you into all truth. Please test all things as the Word of the Lord commands us to. We are in the last days, the days of deceit! Take heed to the Lord's warning and wake up church. We will be at war soon!

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    The Prophetic Zone Of The Prophet

    in Spirituality

    You have just tune into The Prophetic Zone of the Prophet, The Queen Bee Show with Prophetess Ellen Bynum. Topic: The Prophet & Prophecy.

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    The Prophet

    in Spirituality

    What does it mean to receive a prophet in the name of the Prophet, and what is the Prophet reward?

  • False Prophet Pope Francis is here to meet with anti-christ obama

    in Christianity

    In this episode I will discuss the pope's visit to this country and how the prophetic clock is getting closer and closer to midnight. All the players are set on the prophetic stage for the book of Revelation to start playing out its just a matter of time before everything becomes reality its not slowing down for no-one but speeding up!  The judgment of this coming comet is near but it could happen this month or it might happen later either way we must stay ready spiritually and in the natural prepared also either way staying close to Jesus! God does do a thing without warning His people first and the warnings have been ringing out for awhile now judgment is soon and so is the rapture!

  • Lets Talk About The Office of The Prophet

    in Religion

    What the Prophet has to say as person in position of a Prophet.

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    Wednesday Noon Day Prayer With Prophet Laron Matthews

    in Christianity

    It' prayer time with Prophet Laron Matthews. Wednesday Noon Day Prayer 12:00 Noon CST call in with your prayer request and let us agree with you. And may all of you have a very safe and Happy Thanksgiving.