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    The Clouded Christianity: False Teachings of today.

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    Join us for a in depth weekly discussion of the current heresies and heritics we face in our present day. Topics will be in series format starting with the Word of Faith Movement or prosperity gospel then moving to other false gospels and doctrines.

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    Catholicism and Protestantism: Why are Both False Gospels?

    in Christianity

    This is the homework to prepare for the show: watch this video -  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=L14UNjaZJm8  JOIN THE DISCUSSION!

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    America is Infiltrated with False-Flags & Corruption

    in Politics

    Why are the American people allowing ourselves to be continuiously duped into believing everything our govt. and media tells us?

    This latest shooting in Roseberg, Or. could or could not be a false-flag.  The problem is, we have been lied to so many times its hard to believe anything.  The father of this alleged shooter was interviewd by CNN recently,  we will cover that fiasco tonight.

    More corruption within police and justice depts.

    Wake up America before the sun goes down!

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    The Differences between a False Prophet and a False Person

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    In order to truly understand my purpose in penning this article is to first understand my definition of what a false prophet and a false person is.  A false prophet is one who claims to be all about religion and the lessons of the New Testament while doing nothing but providing those who wish to be atheists the best evidence in the world to never believe.  A false person is one who goes about their daily lives looking to be whatever the situation calls for in order to avoid being detected as false.  Now before we go any further, you need to know that my definition of these types of people may not be yours and that is alright because we all must be left to choose our own destiny and make our own choices.  All that I ask are you learning to respect another person’s truth even if it is and may never be yours.  Nothing says you ever have to agree with it nor do you have to support it but only an unsure person will refuse to respect it.

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    How to identify false flag events

    in Entertainment

    In this episode we discuss how to identify a false flag shootings. We will be specifically  discussing the christopher dorner and vester lee flanagan shootings.
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    The False Prophet

    in Christianity

    This is part of our Living In The Final Chapter series, and is our lesson on the False Prophet. This special teaching will go into deep study like you have never heard before. Learn the details of this man's ministry, life and how he will cause the entire world to worship the Anti-Christ. If you have never really studied prophecy, this teaching is for you, as we show that this man is living on the earth now, and will soon make his grand entrance. Tune in today to another addition of The Voice Of The Prophetic.

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    Awareness within The False Matrix with Rene Hamilton

    in Spirituality

    This will be a segment with a special guest Rene Hamilton to discuss The False Matrix. Its been said that we live in a holographic universe and most things are not real but rather figments of the collective dream? Tune in to find out what Rene has to say about the False matrix, the collective dream that we Ive in, living in the moment, the six scenes and so on. Rene is an empowering advocate in the Spiritual community and has been doing this work well over 30 years. Please join us and lets enhance our awareness.


    Rene's Website: http://innersoultech.com/


    If you have any questions, what to talk with the host, or any featured guests, maybe you have suggestions, please email the show at enhancingawarenessradio@gmail.com

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    Pope and and Blood moons:Why we shouldn't be fooled by false signs

    in Christianity

    With the visit of Pope Francis and the last blood moon of the year, there were many who were proclaiming the rapture would happen and that Jesus' return was imminent. These people have been proven wrong, but most will not retract their false prophecies and many will never face rebuke or correction. How can the church guard against those proclaiming false end time prophecies and how should the church be positively expecting the return of the Lord for His beloved bride? Join Pastor Neal for this and other topics of the day

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    False Prophet Pope Francis and Obummer are ushering us straight into Revelation!

    in Christianity

     In this episode I will discuss the pope's visit to the US and his role as the false prophet and how he will be pointing others to worshipping the first beast Obama the anti-christ! He is going to split the land of Israel with the anti-christ and when they do judgment will come like a sword fallling on this land!  False Prophet Francis has already wrought one ''miracle'' from the pits of hell and now it sounds like he has wrought another one! The players are ready the stage is set all we waiting on is God to say GO and get my children!  This and much more where ever the Lord leads in this broadcast Amen!!

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    The MOST HIGH must be wroshipped in ALL THINGS AS HE IS!   NOT as MEN have diversely imagined!   It will by and large be a SHOCK to all the whole world to realize WHAT has been the OBSTACLE to ALL!   For humanity by and large has NOT discerned the truth of the Great Commission nor understand what was is the dispensation of the gospel! The true Messiah came not for the preservation of any manner of worldly deceit; not will He!   In fact, that unto YAH every knee shall bow and every tongue confess unto HIM allegiance, He comes to declare THE STANDARD that will EXPOSE as having been NO COVENANT ATA ALL, every manner of worldly misconceit and defender of the Pretender!    The wisest soul discerns that this world has created a FALSE CHURCH to PRESERVE LAWLESSNESS rather than DESTROY IT!  Indeed!    Rulers of this world have perversely MISadministered the scriptures than men be beguiled to worship SIN! (2Thessolonians 2:1-<7-11 .. Isaiah 11:1-4>-12, 14:1-5)

    So as to preserve every manner of worldliness, world rulers murderously persecuted the believers of the early church.   After having infiltrated to corrupted the knowledge of the faith, a world has been beguiled to preserve mass illusions ever since.  Protestant reformers protested that the Roman Church was a deliberate pretense against the truth, a mystery of iniquity, a strong delusion causing the masses to believe lies, mass status quo worldly misrepresentations.    Nevertheless, the protestant reformation has NOT resulted in a world made true as reconciled wholly untto the will of the One Most High!    A multitude of diverse denominational doctrines whether protestant or Catholic, cannot possibly be the pure and perfect will of the ONE!      MISrepresentation for being NOT true to the Holy Name, is BABYLON!

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    Spiritual Enlightment:Topic False Prophets ...False Prophecies....

    in Dreams

    Host is Pastor Thea Patterson will enlighten you on how to identify False Prophets!