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    Trust and The Faker

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    This week we'll be talking about TRUST. This is a big one. There are a couple of components to trusting your child with potty training but the biggest one is how to spot a faker. Some kids fake they have to pee (often to stall) and other kids fake they DO NOT have to pee (and then pee on your floor).  Making the leap to trust can be the scariest leap of all.  Join us for tips and tricks and get your questions answered.

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    Happy Father's Day, MOTHER. Black Pools, Black Fools, and Wigga Tools

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    Angel Soft Ad Which Disparages Fathers Gets Huge Negative Backlash


    Ohio Family Accuses Police of Using Excessive Force in Fairfield Pool Incident 


    EXCLUSIVE: US race-faker Rachel Dolezal was in a SEX TAPE - her ex-husband forced her to perform 'sex acts' in front of the camera against her will, she claimed in court papers

    Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-3127173/Rachel-Dolezal-SEX-TAPE-ex-husband-forced-perform-sex-acts-camera-against-claimed-court-papers.html#ixzz3dMaecokT
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    Where was God? - Al Sharpton to the rescue?

    in Politics


    Hr1  Talking about the Charleston, SC church massacre killing 9.

    Obama:"This type of mass-violence does not happen in other advanced countries"
    Joe:"Yes it does! I'll go thru a list tonite."

    Pastor David Hegg answers the question, "Where was God in the Charleston, SC shootings?" It's the "problem of evil," either God allows us to have free will or He doesn't. There's no in between.

    Hr2   Running down mass shootings in recent history. Guess what? They're not all in the US (contrary to what Pres. Obama says!) Guess what else? Most were in areas with the strictest gun control regulation! Surprised? I'm not.

    Bradlee Dean with Sons of Liberty Media says the shooting is a condition of man's heart. It has nothing to do with gun control.


    Hr3   Evan Sayet's conservative comedy show is a big hit! Keep supporting conservatives. That's how we change things.

    Rachel Dolezal, the racial faker, is being offered reality show opportunities. And now she says there's no proof that her parents are her "biological" parents. Crazy!

    SCOTUS rules that Gilbert, AZ discriminated against churches with local sign ordinance.

    Frmr MA Gov. Deval Patrick diverted $37.5 million to a secret travel slush fund. Why did he need to hide it? Corruption? Does anyone care? Probably not. He's a Democrat.

    Rev. Al Sharpton is going to Charleston, SC to "fix" everything. Oh goody!

    Have you had your healthy dose of reality lately?

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    Are you a faker?

    in Romance

    On LucianosAfterDark we will be discussing a sensitive yet real topic. Have you ever had sexual relations with someone whether it was your partner or friend w/benefits etc and faked an orgasm?? Do you feel as though this is right/wrong? Call in to share your experience and let us know are you or have u been a faker!

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         The longest running weekday show on the network.  THIS IS KINGS IN THE MORNING, your daily dose of what you need, what you want, what you hate, what you LOVE, what you talk about, what you ignore, what what what what, what are you going to tell your friends when they find out you've been listening to this????  3247-205-9366 - KINGS IN THE MORNING - Darryl L (he got fooled terribly by TERRENCE HOWARD faker) Williams, Johnny Davis, JAY KING MUTE MASTER KNOW IT ALL FOR SHO - and me, figure that out.  Guess who isn't mentioned here... yeah a lot of people - singers, dancers, actors politicians FOR SHO!  Ha ha ha!

                This man has seen the world through the eyes of a man of confidence.  In other words, he's been around and has Godly and worldly knowledge that will benefit the men of today.  These are important elements in life to learn and grow on.  Rosebudd is open to a lot of things and is willing to share his techniques of overcoming the fear of rejection with you. You've seen him in American PimP and now you can speak directly with him via the askrosebudd show. Knowing him will expand your knowledge and increase your confidence in yourself. His methods teaches you to search the one place you haven't ever looked to gain confidence . . . inside yourself.  Yes there is no confidence in this product or that product. Your confidence comes from within and the askrosebudd show will help you reach it. Isn't the game of life about learning and living life to the fullest? Call in to the show 347-205-9366 is all you need to do to get in touch with him. Rosebudd is an author with over 20 books to his credit. And now let me introduce you to the one and only Rosebudd Bitterdose


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    Two Bionic Men

    in Comedy

    Celebrity Siri and fakers...

    Episode 194 “Two Bionic Men” John’s selling real estate with Lifesavers, a faker with a cane, Marc’s hearing voices, the guys are both bionic, food stamp debates, a stealth Facebook posting, little known science facts, a fish in the dark, Celebrity Siri, and the Howard Cosell Game!

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    Eps 43: Raymond Bally's 'Faker'

    in Music

    A brief look at the new 2012 album "Faker" by former guest Raymond Bally & his band the Renegades, New Jersey songwriter/singer/guitarist.

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    Are You Smarter Than Your Pastor: Jack Van-Impe Prophet or Faker

    in Religion

    In these difficult days and times we often look to spiritual leaders for guidance and instruction in our lives. As Christians (followers of Christ) should these leaders speak from their mind, or from what is written based on the word of God? This show will examine things said by men and woman claiming to be Gods ministers to reveal whether or not they are speaking Gods word and doing his will. 1Pet 4: 11 If any man speak, let him speak as the oracles of God; if any man minister, let him do it as of the ability which God giveth: that God in all things may be glorified through JesusChrist, to whom be praise and dominion for ever and ever. Amen.We hope you tune in and listen to our show. We air programs on Blog Talk Radio at the following times: Sun 2:00pm, Tue 8:00pm, Wed 7:00pm, Fri 7:00pm & Sat 9:00am all eastern time.

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    Watson minus Watson Radio Show

    in Entertainment

    The summer podcast offshoot of the Watson n Watson show keeps climbing up the charts..Listen in as we do a quick hour of fun and arguing!! great laughs for everyone!!

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    Stop Listening to the Faker

    in Radio

    This episode is designed to help people find and realize their true selves and divert their fake selves.

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