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    Fake Naturals

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    You won't want to miss this rant!!! All TALK

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    Fake Naturals

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    Tune in now!!! Her hairrants are to die darling... 

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    #potfs4women Status Correction Scams, and Declaration of Nationality Schemes

    in Moms and Family

    How to get put on a home grown terorrist secret watch list and Endanger every one around you, and every one you may have encountered in life.


    By Umbrella crop

    You have successful completed any of the above processes you are welcoiomed to call in, and detail your experiences, and how you life changed for the better or worse.

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    Is There Noway Out? Study of Revelation

    in Politics Conservative

                                                        Hosted by Dave "noway" Barker 
     This show is based in Gods word as God had intended it to be We have been commissioned to bring his word to the world as explained in Mark 16:14-16
    14 Afterward he appeared unto the eleven as they sat at meat, and upbraided them with their unbelief and hardness of heart, because they believed not them which had seen him after he was risen.
    15 And he said unto them, Go ye into all the world, and preach the gospel to every creature.
    16 He that believeth and is baptized shall be saved; but he that believeth not shall be damned.
    and warned  Matthew 24:24  For there shall arise false Christs, and false prophets, and shall shew great signs and wonders; insomuch that, if it were possible, they shall deceive the very elect. 
                                     "Faith alone can not lead one to Salvation without the truth"
                              Dave "Noway" Barker

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    Don't Fake It If You Want To Make It - Part 3

    in Real Estate

    Have you ever been un-friended on Facebook or alienated because of your politics, religion, diet, habits, or other personal reasons that you posted?  Have you evern been uncomfortable in conversation with a prospect, client, friend, foe or family member?  Do you know deep down that yo're leaving money on the table because you avoid speaking with people? You mightbe conversationally incompetent! 

    Fact:  No skill is more important than your ability to speak competently face to face. 

    Not being able to do so is costing you big bucks in your business and maybe even some valuable personal relationships too? Check yourself against these warning signs and then apply these simple rules so you can make it - without being seen as fake!

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    Prez the fake politican and friend

    in Sports

    Address all the slick talking from UE player

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    ParanormalHooD Live W/ JiGGY & HooDeez ; FAME ,What's The Price?

    in Paranormal

    Welcome to ParanormalHooD Live Radio , 

    Join us every Thursday night  from 8-11pm Est and the HooDeeZ ( JiGGY, Smoke King , Ghost , Buddy Greenberg , AstroNot , ET, Styck ,and more take you on a Paranormal ride threw the HooD . Every week we present a live show with either a special guest(s) or topic nights . We cover all things paranormal and our brand of crazy talk where nothing is off limits . come experience the HooD side of the Paranormal and our personal experiences and beliefs . Everything from cryptozoology , ufology , religion , ghost , aliens , NASA , Near Death Experiences and more ! you can call in when the show goes live too listen at 646-929-2384 or press 1 to talk live with host(s) or guest(s). Or you can Listen/Chat/Sykpe into live call que and show via www.paranormalhood.com 


    We Are The Paranormal Voice Of The HooD

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    EQUIPPING THE SAINTS: Making Disciples of All Nations

    in Religion

    The first part of the show is the final segment this month on reading and Listening.  Jeff will also review the show's purpose and format, then will describe what it means to be "Equipping the Saints."  Can we spend too much time on the basics of The Faith? When we graduate from the "milk" to the "meat" of the Word, do we just stay in the deeper meanings or is there benefit to look back at the basics and the foundations?

    The second part of the program we will explore a hot topic we hear a lot about today in "preparedness" or "prepping." Is it biblical and if so, to what degree should we prepare and what should we prepare for? We will examine what the bible says about this topic. Other questions we will study in light of scripture are:

    What is short term and long term preparedness?
    What is a three day pack and do I need one?
    How do we build a personal three day pack?

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    Bat Girl Radio- Brandon Kreitzer & RFA- Cash Jordon

    in Paranormal

    Bat Girl Radio- Join Amy Jo and Alex as they interview Brandon Kreitzer. Brandon Kreitzer "The Paranormal Road Warrior" * Paranormal Investigator/EVP Specialist (290+ Investigations) * PAST of Illinois: Founder/Team Lead Jan 2010-Oct 2011 * PAST of Tennessee: Founder Oct 2011-Present * PAST Family Network: Founder/President (77 Teams/Continental US) Aug 2010-Present • * Phoenix Rising Productions/Talent Agency: Founder/Owner/Agent Aug 2011- Present * Former TV Host PAST PTS (Paranormal Talk/Music Show): * Former Founder/Owner of PTVN: PAST TV Network/Cable Box Network 55 Channels & Over 700 Programs Per Week July 2011-Dec 2012 * Former Director of Operations (TV) at True Psychic Network Oct 2011-Dec 2012 • * Former Manteno State Hospital Board Member (Haunted Location) June 2011-March 2013

    Rising From the Ashes Radio- Join Holly as she interviews Monster and Bigfoot Hunter Cash Jordon. Cash is the founder of Indiana Bigfoot Research Team and Founder of the Monster Hunters Group on Fbook. " I have been looking for monsters since I was 19 and now am 36 I have seen things that would make you pee your pants I have had experiences with bigfoots and the devil dog. I live in Kokomo Indiana am married have no kids and in joy being in the woods am also trying to get my group out there so people can join to learn from the true from the fake. We are a fun learning group and I have a  story that would give you the chills."

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    staph/mrsa, sepsis etc

    in Prayer

    Cawse these mfs been fckin with me when i was handed over by the covert malignant narc im now 31 and just when ive really been through it, this is what could happen now in what im facing. I aint manfestoed none of this bs and i still aint. Honor thy mother and father my ass cawse them aint love theres been nah true care and nurture at all, all these fake mfs since day one gonna be held accountable. No fear!