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    Pastor Grant Scams: How Pastors Are Still Cashing In On Faith Based Initiative $

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    Today we will talk about how Pastors are still cashing in on Grants and Faith Based Initiative Funding. Has your community improved over the pass 10 years as a result of grant money Awarded to pastors?

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    World Rise Above on Faith Based Purpose

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    Friday Aug 9 @ 7pm CDT call in to 718/305-6798 "World Rise Above" a Mother and Daughter team will be our guest.   MegaFest has just added the Mother-Daughter combo WORLD RISE ABOVE to its conference which already includes BISHOP T.D. JAKES, JOEL OSTEEN, CREFLO DOLLAR, MARVIN SAPP, SMOKIE NORFUL and many others – August 29-31 in Dallas, Texas.

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    Guest is faith-based Parables.TV executive Isaac Hernandez

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    Guest is Isaac Hernandez, television executive at Parables.TV, an online faith-based, 24/7 streaming television network. (Think HBO or Starz for Chrstians).

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    Role of Faith Based Organizations and Community Leaders on Counteracting Interge

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    Research has shown that the Church is the center for the Black/African American community and plays a great role in many lives.  From the teachings in the faith ministry, healing and awareness offerings are conveyed to the community.  As Children Learn From their Elders, it is imperative that trained and professional Educators, Guidance Counselors, Youth Leaders, Therapists, and Victim Advocates provide domestic violence education and awareness.  Our discussion will center around approaches to provide training in the faith based community and address the how to make this happen. 

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    Relationships are difficult; even the best relationships need a little help.  We cover all of the hot topics and we give you a chance to have input as well.  Tune in to our show, make us a weekly habit and watch your relationships grow!


    This week's episode is about:



    Dating can be difficult and rewarding at the same time.  Knowing who you are and what you bring to the table is half the battle; the other half is knowing what type of person  you want to be with and what qualities you are looking for in a mate.  What have your relationships been based on?  Does faith play a role in it?  Does Faith help or hinder a relationship?  #Faithbased relationships

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    Faith Based Disaster Relief

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    Guests: Rhea Posey from The Joseph's Network and Karl Hoerz from the American Red Cross
    In recent years we have seen many disasters in our country. Everything from hurricanes, tornados, floods, fires and even earthquakes. No part of this nation is without the challenge of some kind of natural disaster. Even houses of worship are have been affected.
    The Joseph's Network, in collaboration with the American Red Cross is offering a free Disaster Preparedness Summit for Leaders in Faith-based communities. In the Atlanta area, the upcoming training will be Thursday, April 11 from 8 am - 4 pm. 
    From this program you will learn to help your faith community to be prepared. First to help others. Second to be prepared if it is your community in need of help.

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    Ep88: Faith-Based Filmmaking with Audrey Thomas

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    The Yvonne Pierre Show welcomes Ms. Audrey T. Thomas, the Founder and CEO of “Kingdomwood Christian Film Festival” (KCFF), based in Atlanta, GA.  KCFF made its debut in 2008, to serve as non-profit enterprise designed to showcase films and filmmakers that promote, educate and inspire faith-based values.  When Ms. Thomas started this venture her primary goal for KCFF was to encourage filmmakers, as well as those aspiring to hold this distinction, to write, produce and direct Christian films that minister to families and communities.  In addition to cinematic showcases, she saw an avenue for developing the talent of aspiring filmmakers.  Her vision for KCFF is to offer films of faith workshops, editing instructions, and distribution opportunities for aspiring filmmakers who would normally not have the opportunity to acquire this valuable insight into the industry of making films.  For more information about Ms. Audrey T. Thomas and Kingdomwood Christian Film Festival, visit www.Kingdomwood.com

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    Minister M Jordan, Evangelist P Williams & Rev R Williams

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    6:30pm CDT Monday July 15, 2013
    Minister Melvin Jordan, speaks on; 'Keeps Your Eyes on God When the Obstacles Seem Great'
    Evangelist Pat Williams, speaks on; God's Word.'
    Reverend Roosevelt Williams, 'What to do in your midnight.'
    Question and comment session will follow
    Join us in the Chatroom by clicking the Show title above or
    Listener dial-in number: (718) 305-6798

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    Rejection = Redirection! Overcoming REJECTION!!!

    in Motivation

    Join New Dawn Live tonight at 7pm ET, as we discuss Overcoming Rejection. We will have a panel discusion as to the various ways people respond to and overcome rejection.  

    Lines will be open for Q&A.

    Please call the studio at 267-521-0178 or click on http://blogtalkradio.com/newdawnministriesllc

    New Dawn Live is Created by                                                                                                               New Dawn Ministries, LLC.                                                                                                                LIGHT For Overcoming Even The Darkest Of Nights


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    Faith-Based Branding for Entrepreneurs with Marlee Ward

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    In this week's Launch Talk conversation, coach and speaker Marlee Ward drops by for a heart to heart about the importance of developing a sticky and authentic brand. We'll, specifically discuss the issue of incorporating your faith and spirituality into your business branding.
    Our Guest: Marlee Ward empowers solo entrepreneurs make more money and serve more people by teaching them how to leverage high-level marketing principles, online tools, multiple income streams, and a success mindset, through personalized coaching programs, online training workshops, and live training seminars.
    After practicing law for nearly five years, Marlee left her career as a lawyer to pursue her passion – seeing individuals succeed as entrepreneurs.
    With over 10 years experience in marketing, public relations, and new media technologies, Marlee speaks to a variety of industry specific small business in the US.
    She’s served as Business Editor of the popular woman’s blog BizChickBlog.com, co-authored Engagement from Scratch! How super-community builders create a loyal audience, and how you can do the same, and was voted “Top 40 under 40” by a Central Florida Magazine.
    Your Host: Tai Goodwin is is editor of Launch While Working.com, the official resource for professionals launching a business while working full-time. An intuitive life and business coach, she guides clients in owning their brilliance and getting their message out so they can have more impact and income. You can learn more about her services at TaiGoodwin.com.

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    Inclusion in Faith-Based Schools

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    Lisa Friedman is the Education Co-Director at Temple Beth-El in Hillsborough, N.J. This position includes overseeing an extensive special needs program within the religious school, with programs designed to help students successfully learn Hebrew, learn about their Jewish heritage and feel connected to their Jewish community. Lisa also works to facilitate inclusion within the synagogue community at large.
    We will be talking to Lisa about inclusion in faith-based schools.  For more information, go to www.theinclusiveclass.com.

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