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    "Empire Is Winning With Ratings, But Is Empire Failing The Black Community?"

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    Tune In Thursday March 12, 2015 @ 8/7 PM EST, As Spices Of Life Discuss The Hit TV Series "Empire."            Is Empire Failing The Black Community? "Numbers Do Not Lie, "Empire" Is Indeed The Hottest New Drama On TV! "Empire" Is Winning With Ratings As The Number Of Viewers Increase Weekly! The "Empire" pilot earned 14 million viewers during its first week across all platforms. For its latest episode, 14.2 million people watched in one day. "Empire's" audience has been growing since the minute it premiered — literally. Viewership increased from beginning to end of the pilot episode and ratings have risen every week. However Many People Believe That "Empire" Is Yet Another Sterotypical Drama Highlighting Black People In A Negative Fashion! Do the Black IMAGES we see and support every day in media affect how we’re treated by and in society? Or Is "Empire" Simply Raising Issues That The Black Community Would Rather Be Left Unspoken Of Such As Gay Rights And Mental Illness? In The Past These Topics Have Been Taboo In The Black Community! Is Cookie Too Much Or She The Strong Black Woman That Most Women Are Identifying With Today? Is Lucious A Sociopath Or A Real Man Simply Trying To Leave A Legacy For His Family? Tune In As We Discuss These Questions And Many More! Call 914 803 4501 And Press 1 To Add Your Spice!


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    Why Your Business Strategies Are Failing on SM Help Not Hype with Janice Clark

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    If you are looking for "Help NOT Hype" with your social media strategies - you found it!  Janice Clark is here - celebrating 3 years of sharing strategies that WORK in our Tuesday Business Spotlight - 10amPT/1pmET and anytime in archive, as #WoMMarch continues.

    On this show, Janice asks, "Are you skipping stones" when it comes to you business - in other words - she shares the reason why your business strategies are failing.  Stop wasting your time and sit down for a 30 minute lunch and learn with Janice, owner of BizMSolutions, and create strategies that make networking work.

    WoMRadio is sponsored by Safety...it's in the Bag! Today our Business Spotlight sponsors is Sane Spaces. Meet them and all of our sponsors in our Mompreneur Marketplace on our website.

    Connect with us on Facebook and Twitter and email dori@wordofmomradio.com with your questions, comments and info on how you can become a guest on one of our shows.

    WoMRadio - the show for mompreneurs, the new business woman!



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    Western Economies Are Failing So They're Desperate For War!

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    We will analyze the truth behind Yemen, Iraq, Syria,Ukraine, and the economic collapse of the Western world. This is Armageddon. The Entire world of the white world is dying out and we will tell you why!

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    sunday on monday

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    Obama lives in his own world, Iran deal falling apart, Economy failing, Stock Market Crash Coming, 

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    TONIGHT, APRIL 23, 2015…10:30p C/ 11:30 p E…Call/Chat/Listen ~ 347-637-3074

     Today the senate confirmed Loretta Lynching as U. S. Atty. Gen.

    L. Lynching saved the BIG BANKS from failing & being prosecuted for their crimes and has approved the continued systematic killings of Black & Brown people. Is this why Obama selected her?

    The NAACP, AL “ Alice Cahrlatan” Sharpton, & other Niggah  preachers supported her and encouraged uninformed Black folks to support her nomination.

    Call in to share your thoughts

    Join in the lively discussions that always take place at THE LOTUS PLACE!               







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    Mason Stokes, Author of "Saving Julian" Thursday, April 23, 9PM EST

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    Saving Julian is a darkly comic journey into the sad, strange world of ex-gay ministry.  The novel tells the story of Paul Drucker, a 58-year-old psychology professor and part-time preacher.  Author of Saving Our Boys from the Gay Menace, Paul is much in demand on the ex-gay lecture circuit, sharing the heterosexual gospel with those in need.  As he tells his audiences, “there’s no such thing as a gay man.  There are only men with unmet homoemotional love needs.  And this can be fixed.” But when Paul is caught with Julian, a 21-year-old “escort” he found online, he knows his world is about to fall apart. 

    At the age of twelve, Mason Stokes thought he was a New York Jewish intellectual.  Turns out he was just a gay southerner with a fondness for early-period Woody Allen.  But since both options would have gotten him beaten up, he made other choices, devoting himself to quiet study, courtly manners, and non-threatening outfits. 

    At the age of twelve, Mason Stokes thought he was a New York Jewish intellectual.  Turns out he was just a gay southerner with a fondness for early-period Woody Allen.  But since both options would have gotten him beaten up, he made other choices, devoting himself to quiet study, courtly manners, and non-threatening outfits. 

    This led naturally to an English major (the last refuge of scoundrels), where he found himself obsessed with Russian literature, an obsession he abandoned after failing, on repeated tries, to make it more than halfway through The Brothers Karamazov. 

    Mason teaches at Skidmore College in Saratoga Springs, New York.  Saving Julian is his first novel.

    For more information please go to www.masonstokes.com



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    Don't Be Part of the 92% Failing NY Resolutions...

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    Listen in as Dr. Vic explains the reasons why many people, 92% to be exact, end up failing their New Year Resolutions.  Dr. Vic will share 4 secrets on how to be part of the 8%.  

    Majority of people want to change their lives when it comes to a new year and this is great but when it comes to actually doing the work, only 8% do it.  But, it doesn't mean it is hard, just means you need to have a strategy and know how to create an execution plan.

    Tune in and share with friends that you know who are trying to truly make 2015 the best year ever!

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    "An Apology Goes A Long Way" - The LADY JAZ LIVE Show on KLJN 107.7

    in Relationships

    The old saying that "an apology goes a long way" means it's effective and yields a positive result. When a company apologizes for selling a defective product or failing to live up to their promise, it usually wins back customer trust. The apology may require rectifying the problem by fixing the defective product or by other kinds of restitution. When our mate has spoken hurtful words or otherwise dogged us, a sincere apology usually wins our respect and forgiveness.

    Apologizing can be a hard thing to do. Our human nature fights against admitting we've done wrong. Emotions and pride can get in the way. Sometimes we fear that apologizing shows weakness or will bring a consequences.

     An apology should admit a mistake and express regret. It's an important remedy for healing a damaged relationship. It tells the offended party that the relationship is important. An apology helps resolve disputes and conflicts.

     An apology has a number of positive effects. It doesn't erase past actions or the harm done, but it can erase the negative effects of those actions. A sincere apology brings relief by releasing the emotions, anger, resentment and bitterness. The apology soothes the wound and begins to heal the hurt. It allows the mending of the relationship to begin.

    By apologizing, we humble ourselves and are able to unload the guilt for our wrong action and the hurt we have caused another person. It restores self-respect because we take responsibility for our actions. We regain the love, respect and intimacy we once had with our mate.

    KLJN 107.7

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    IT Life: An Alternative to University IT Programs

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    Ashu Desai, our latest guest on IT Life Radio thinks college computer science programs are failing their students. He's founded a new kind of school to make the next generation of software developers that he thinks is more cost effective, faster, and most importantly, makes better developers than traditional IT programs from four year universities.

    Ashu thinks that developers aren't getting enough hands on experience or managing enough projects in college, and that the teachers they get are more interested in research than teaching. Desai knows first-hand. He dropped out of a college program himself when he realized he had learned far more from designing his own app than he was learning in school. After a few successful years as an IT pro, he decided to fix the problems he has seen. He founded Make School.

    According to Desai, Make School is designed to work more like a startup than a school. The "campus" looks like any office of a San Francisco startup. And the students spend part of their day in lectures and part of the day working on projects of their own. In other words, they get the startup experience. They've only had one class so far, but most of those folks are working and some are making well above the average salary for developers coming out of college and they're doing it in less time.

    The kicker? There is no tuition. Make School has a different business plan. Instead of taking money from you before you've made any they defer the tuition and then take a percentage of your salary in your first years after they get you a job. No job? No tuition.

    Ashu Desai is one of the founders of Make School, a university replacement for computer science. He attended UCLA to study computer science before dropping out to join Y Combinator and found Make School in hopes of improving computer science education.

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    T.R.U. SKOOL #ShangoBlake 323.927.2913

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    The Hip Hop Principal, Shango Blake.  AGalyze what are some of the issues within public education. (Specifically School environment and culture). What is wrong and are the best practices they will turning the American failing educational system.

    Parent Teacher Engagement – Children – School Systems – Best Practices – Classrooms – Students – Scholarship – Expectations – Teachers – School’s Culture – Educational Self Determination – Guidance – Saving Black & Latino Minds