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    Fact or Faked with Ben Hansen

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    Inspired by TV shows like The X-Files which were popular while he was in high school, Ben cemented an interest in both a desire to work in public service for an investigative agency and an insatiable desire to explore mysteries of the unknown.  After graduating college, he worked for several private and public agencies, including investigating child sex crimes and severe physical abuse on the Utah County Sex Crimes Task Force.  His training and work later brought him to work in the position of Special Agent for the FBI.  His time serving at the state and federal levels gave him over six years of formal experience in investigating a wide range of crimes and national security details.  Feeling as though he might someday return to public service, Ben also felt compelled to seize an opportunity presented to him to assist in forming a new investigative reality TV show.  Departing from the mainstream paranormal shows prevalent at the time, this new show would not only conduct observation-based field investigations; it would focus primarily on alleged evidence already at hand.  The age of the Internet has brought with it the sharing of thousands of allegedly paranormal viral videos and photographs.
    Having been with Fact or Faked from the beginning, Ben leads a team of five specialists who travel the world looking for answers to these mysteries.  Confronting the relationship of seeing and believing, the team has witnessed and documented dozens of unbelievable events.  Many people recite the phrase, "I'll believe it when I see it."  Balancing an innate human longing for rational explanation with the acceptance of witnessing undeniably strange events- Aliquandro videre non est satis- Sometimes seeing is not enough.

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    Ben Hansen "Explain That" Radio SyFy's Fact or Faked

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    You can chat LIVE with Ben and other like minded people directly at www.liveparanormal.com
    Explain THAT is hosted by Ben Hansen, lead investigator and host of SyFy Channel's Fact or Faked: Paranormal Files. Explain THAT is an hour long radio show with guest experts, witnesses, and celebrities from various fields of research.  When dealing with the unexplained, Hansen cautions others, "Don't believe everything you hear, but don't disbelieve something just because you haven't heard it before."  Incredible stories and evidence are presented to the audience with insightful commentary.  Most shows include live caller participation.  Hansen can be reached on Twitter @benhansen00, on Facebook, or at www.benhansen.com Special Guest is Mitch Waite

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    Bill Murphy From TV's Fact or Faked Paranormal Files

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    Join us as we welcome our special guest Bill Murphy from TV's Fact or Faked Paranormal Files.

    Bill P Murphy of Fact or Faked Paranormal Files
    Bill Murphy began his decades long quest to record evidence of
    the paranormal as a result of his families interest researching world cultures
    and lost civilizations. He has traveled to many parts of the world in search of
    answers to mysterious events caught on camera and to interview eyewitnesses.
    Using custom technology and an assortment of investigation methods, Bill strives
    to discern what is truth versus folklore.

    As the co-lead host of Fact or
    Faked: Paranormal Files appearing on the SyFy Network, Bill brings knowledge of
    cryptids, reported hauntings, sightings of UFOs, and ancient legends to the
    team. Using critical thinking to rule out plausible explanations for anomalous
    images recorded by witnesses of sightings that defy conventional explanation,
    Bill also attempts to record his own evidence to validate the eye witness

    Bill has released a series of dvds that explore locations
    that are reported to be haunted. For more information visit his website at: www.ghosttown.tv

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    Debunking with "Fact or Faked" Austin Porter

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    Austin Porter joins co-Host Nina DeSanto and I on Renee "LIVE"! Austin is a stunt expert, investigator and a host of SyFy's "Fact or Faked"! Phone lines will be open (909)265-9116 Press 1 to speak with us at any time during the show! Follow the Renee "LIVE" ParaFamily Team on Twitter: @ReneeLIVERadio @EPPS_Nina @MrNY291 @DrSpectre The #Go with the Flow Paranormal Radio Show that is geared towards your entertainment!
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    Paranormal Happy Hour Ben Hansen SyFy Fact or Faked

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    Paranormal Happy hour 7pm est on LiveParanormal.com History FM Radio.
    CHAT LIVE with the host and guest on www.liveparanormal.com/chatroom.html
    Tonight's guest is Ben Hansen from SyFy's Fact or Faked

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    AMH Welcomes FACT or FAKED Star Ben Hansen

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    Ben Hansen grew up in a large family in Utah with parents who encouraged him to pursue his interests in athletics, music, the outdoors, and any other subject that piqued his curiosity.
    He developed a passion for trying new things and earned various certifications in such things as SCUBA and amateur radio operation. He is also a licensed falconer, an airplane pilot, and even a search and rescue dog handler.
    His interest in the paranormal began at an early age. Inspired by TV shows such as The X-Files, Ben developed an interest in public service and an insatiable desire to explore mysteries of the unknown.
    After graduating from college he worked for several public and private agencies honing the skills he would use in his future endeavors. His work as a special agent for the FBI and an investigator of child sex crimes helped Ben develop the tools and experience needed to delve deeper into the fascinating world of UFO's, ghosts, cryptids, and other unexplained phenomenon.
    The Fact or Faked team scours the Internet for videos and cases they can "put to the test" with experimentation and observation. They take their investigative methods to the next level to discover is it real or is it a hoax?
    With Ben at the helm, the dedicated ensemble of specialists bring their unique talents together and travel the world looking for answers to these mysteries, because "sometimes seeing is not enough."
    America's Most Haunted welcomes SyFy star Ben Hansen to the show Tuesday October 9th at 10pm EST.

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    The Return of Fact or Faked Alum, Larry Caughlan

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    ParaAbnormal Radio welcomes the return of Fact or Faked: Paranormal Files Alum Larry Caughlan, Jr.. Catch up with Larry and find out about the 48 hour film projects that Larry has been a part of. Review his time on Fact or Faked and see what's next!
    Keep up with Larry on twitter at @larrycaughlan: https://twitter.com/larrycaughlan

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    Truth or Fact

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    Do you know the difference ? Do you live a truth or something else...? Where is the Grey people get ?

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    Fact Analysis

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    Rhianna.  Chris Brown.  Jay Z.  And TI.  Drama. Drama. Drama.  Tune in to hear the scoop.

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    Conspiracy Theory? Or Conspiracy Fact?

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    Is your police department,state police or sheriff office controlled by Freemasons working for Homeland Security? Think this is a conspiracy theory? Listen and find out it is a conspiracy fact!

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    Life After Death – Fact Or Fantasy? Beverly Nadler

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    Beverly Nadler examines Life After Death – Is it Fact Or Fantasy?
    Most Westerners believe that our human experience on the Earth is all there is to our life. Meanwhile, a team in the UK spent the last four years analyzing the experiences of cardiac arrest patients who survived after being declared clinically dead.  Almost 40% of these survivors described having some form of awareness during their death. This is the largest medical study ever carried out on the subject of “life after death,” and the scientific evidence suggests life can continue after death. While this may be startling news to many people, there are 3700 near death experiences (NDE) in 23 different languages on the website of Near Death Experience Research Foundation, the largest website in the world on this subject. Join us today as Beverly takes us on a fascinating journey.
    There are many books written by people who died, visited the afterlife and came back to tell us about it. One of the latest is a NY Times #1 best seller, written by a neurosurgeon, Eben Alexander.
    Before his experience, this western trained doctor did not believe in the existence of a non-physical spirit. In his book, Dr. Alexander says life on planet Earth is a “test” of personal growth and we progress by spreading love and compassion.  He also says that the afterlife was so “real” and expansive that the experience of living as a human on Earth seemed like an artificial dream by comparison.  We will be having Dr. Alexander as our guest on this show on November 25.  Mark your calendar.

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