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    Home vs Get Hard, how hiding black people equals success.

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    This weekend had it's own ironic twist. 

    in the face of a UCLA study claiming that diverse casting actually sells movies more there were two movies opening with two very different advertising campaigns. 

    Get hard, a movie Staring Kevin Hart and Will Farrel maketed their movies showing both, in fact selling the movie solely on both actors star power. Home, a movie with a diverse cast sold it's movie primarly on a fat cat and a purple alien. 

    the result? Home brought in 54 million dollars domestically and and another 26 internationally where as Get hard opened to 34 million dollars. 

    which begs the question does diversity really sell? or are people just tired of Kevin Hart. 

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    The Devil Demands His Pound of Flesh: Talking Dare Devil and MCU.

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    if you've been living under a rock you might not have heard about just how awesome Marve's Daredevil is. 

    which is completely understandable because you have better things to worry about being that you live under a rock. 

    for everyone else though you really need to evaluate your life and get yourself to your preferred streaming device. that being said, this week we're gonna go over al the news and tidbits that have been floating around this week. there will be curse words and onomatopoeias. 

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    Marvel gets the movie rights to X-Men back!! Plus all the dumb shit you fell for

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    This week we're gonna recap our favorite all fools day stories and bemoan the ones that just won't die. 

    Plus David Lynch leaves the revival of twin peaks over a money dispute leaving the entire project in limbo. 

    And Ryan Reynolds and fox finally do the right thing and make Deadpool an R rated feature! 

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    Oscar Recap: How Patty Arquette won her last Oscar. Plus: Aquaman is a bum.

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    It's Oscar Night!! I know many of you are upset that Kai and myself won no awards, nor were we nominated...but there were a lot of other people who won and much like Kanye West we have opinion we believe that are greater than anyone else's. 

    Politics are BIG deal when it comes to Oscars and one thing that seems to constant is that breaking decorum in any fashion almost always has backlash from Hollywood and the Academy itself. Tonight Patricia Arquette made a brilliant speach about wage equality and women's rights and it will be intersting to see how this impacts her career. 

    also we have more BATMAN v SUPERMAN news to discuss as Zach Synder tweeted an image of Jason Mamoa in full Aquaman costume, sparking a shit load of memes and harsh criticism, per usual. 


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    Artist Responsibility vs. Artistic Freedom. Plus Nintendo announcements!!

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    Going all the way back to the Attacks on Charlie Hebdo and before people have been hooping and hollering about censorship and artistic freedom, and when in Rome, you scream at Romans until you're arrested for charges you need to be translated 

    so Kai and myself will be throwing our two cents in tbe bucket regarding this concept as it has recently become an issue (big surprise) in the comic book world. A variant cover showing a batgirl being victimized by the Joker, which brough fresh to readers mind's " The Killing Joke" arc in which batgirl was brutally attacked and left for dead. 

    we'll discuss this and some pretty cool videogame news about Nintendo, and some intrgrigue @ Konami. 

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    2 years later: Was Microsoft right? plus: Wonder Woman gets fully clothed!!

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    in 2012 Microsoft unveiled, rather clumisly their plans for their next gen console. Discless, Online all the time, Media Hub. Then the gaming world took a shit all over them. 

    Since then Sony has been thrust into the #1 spot in the hearts and minds of games for doing nothing more than being the opposite of what Microsoft wanted to be. So, Sony won right? 

    The battle may've been won but Microsoft may've been ahead of the curve. With video games sales proving not to be bullet proof and more hardcore gamers going for PCs and Mobile options the question has to be asked: Are gaming consoles fading away? 

    Plus the internet loses its shit over Wonder Woman covering up her boobs and legs for the first time i bajillion years.... take a quick guess on which topic we'll spend the most time talking about! 

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    The Valiance of Valiant Ent.: Super Hero Movie Orgy in the near future.

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    This weekend Valiant Comics, publisher of comics like Manowar, Shadowman and Bloodshot, annouced a 9 figure deal with Chinese Film company DMG to bring their properties to Big and Small screen in both America and Asia.

    What does thaat mean? it means this is no longer a coke and pepsi game and the Superhero genre may get even more crowded if this deal sets a precedence for other Comic Book publishers in the independant realm. 

    we'll discuss this and talk about Super Girl's costume...because...well...what else is there really? 

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    Power Rangers: Mighty Morphin' Ban Hammer Plus: Michelle Rodriguez. foot. mouth.

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    This week we were blessed with a short fan film about the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers from the production company that brought us " Dirty Laundry" and " Truth in Journalism"  

    unlike the aforementioned shorts POWER/RANGERS was met with with both praise and heavy critcism from both fans and Saban Ent. the guys who own the rights to Power Rangers here in the states. The director of the short  Joseph Kahn, was almost immediately assailed by Saban's legal team demanding that the short be taken down...and for a while it was. 

    we'll give y'all the whole story, plus: 

    Michelle Rodriguez, famous for playing the token tough girl in countless movies (and very well I might add) came under fire for saying minorites need to stop stealing white superheroes and make their own. Then she went on to apologize and elaborate on her comment only to reaffirm what she was apologizing for in the first place. 

    we'll parse it out, insult will likely be hurled. 

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    Spider Swap! and 50 shades of who gives a f**K?!

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    The Internets blew up, as it is wont to do when big news happens. Spider-Man will appear in Marvel Cinematic Universe. We'll go over the fine details of the news and discuss the bigger controversy that has been brewing the days since the announcement: Should Marvel and Sony go with Miles Morales or Peter Parker? comic geeks around the country have been dbeating the avidly and obvously our opion is better than everyone else's so of course we'll weigh in (sarcasm.) 


    Plus a big surprise: 50 shades of grey has a nearly 100 million dollar openning over a 4 day weekend. prompting defenders and offenders of the book to argue of the subject matter and raising the question " does fiction really matter?" 

    we'll talk about it all, and hopefully without the use of a bal gag! 

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    Fantastic Four! and the practicality of a Zelda live action TV show.

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    This past week Josh Trank and Fox realsed the first teaser trailer for their new iteration into the Fantastic Four cinematic history. The trailer, however, did more to upset waiting fans that it did to quiet doubters. Josh Trank along Simon Kinberg gave an hour long interview discussing the film, the process of making it and the decision to be extremely silent about the film. 

    we'll discuss all this, plus: The internet went bat shit when IGN and a bugh of other news sites reported a rumor as fact. That rumor being that Netflix is working on live action series based upon The Legend of Zelda. we'll talk about all the latest news on this story but don't worry, the latest news on could fill that space between your teeth where corn gets stuck and it's equally annoying.   

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    Baby Boy Belcher: What Bob's Burgers gets right about modern parenting.

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    Hello folks! 

    This ep we're gonna be talking about a beloved television treasure that's fast becoming an instant classic: Bob's Burgers. The show definitely draws heavy influence from predecessors like the Simpsons and Home Movies, yet at the same time it modernizes the themes of those that came before it by showing us how to parent kids in an ever changing information saturated world. 

    but before we get there we'll talk briefly about Tyrese, Green Lantern, X-men next class and hiliarity is sure to ensue. 

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