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    Professional Speakers Radio- Author Special!

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    Tonight we'll be chatting with several authors about their most recent projects including Kytka Hilmar-Jezek about her book called 'Book Power, A Platform for Writing, Branding, Positioning, and Publishing," a step-by-step guide to getting your book successfully finished and on the market right away. We'll also be speaking with Dennis Francis, noted graphic artist behind a variety of famous titles at DC and Marvel who has launched a new series of graphic novels bringing back the legendary character Street Wolf, and the cathartic work the stories have had in exposing the real-life horrors of modern crime and serial abuse through characters of fantasy.

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    A Book and a Chat with Halli Lilburn

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    Halli was born in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. She currently resides on a small farm somewhere in southern Alberta with her mountain man husband and three genius children. She enjoys painting, singing, sewing and working at the local library.
    Halli Lilburn always dreamed of being a published author and SHIFTERS is her first novel.
    Reality shifting could destroy Lina's life—or help her overthrow a government conspiracy…

    While coping with classes and crushes at an elite private school that has a 'big brother' approach to surveillance and implants strange I.D. tags under each student's skin, Lina Pawlak discovers that students are disappearing. A government agency, Special Force, is creating a superior race of humans by weeding out those with “corrupt” DNA.

    Lina yearns to be a normal teenage girl, though she's anything but "normal." She's a shifter, and her realities are about to multiply. Shifting from one reality to the next, she clings to sanity, tries to prevent a mass genocide and deals with a reoccurring dilemma—she can’t save everyone in every reality.

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    Fabtasy Football Facts with Tony Cincotta and Rhett Oldham

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    No need to hit 911 and bother the Police because you have not done your homework. You want to talk Runnning Backs, Wide Recievers, Qb's, TE's and Defensive players. This is the place where the experts get there information !!!

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